Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm pretty sure I'm a cadaver...

because I am so DEAD tired.

And is anyone having a good semester? Because I am pretty sure I haven't found anyone yet. And I talked to about 6 people on the brink of a nervous breakdown this week. What is going on?? However, that may be because most of the people I talk to are also turning into cadavers as well because we are in the lab so much. And we hate life a little right now.

And THAT may be because the average on one of the tests this week was so incredibly bad that our crazy professor wouldn't even tell us what it was....but when I was looking through I'm pretty sure the highest was a 65% and average was around 20% ( and someone should  REALLY tell him when he has TWO questions with options A-J and there is no right answer in any of those options...there is probably a problem with the test).  When you have 200 people in a class all freaking out all at the same time....all of the time, it can get a little intense.

Because this semester is so stressful (and it TRULY was never meant to be...I thought 7 credits would be so easy) I find myself super grumpy and I get agitated over the littlest things. Like for example:

1. This kid who probably sniffled 465 times in the half hour while I was taking my test in the testing center. Blow your nose, I can't concentrate.
2. That seriously, every single road I have to drive on all the time is being worked on.
3. Dealing with dumb doctors who don't listen.
4. When I blow out my tires on the freeway because there is a huge block of wood (a railroad tie) in the middle of the road. I don't know how I didn't die.
5. When I do blow out my tires and the nice highway patrolman change them, my car falls of the jack.
6. Having 3-4 tests a one class.
7. Finding out I have to work my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve...and possibly final's week.
8. Having really bad insomnia.
9. A full moon AND time change in the Alzheimer's has been more nuts than you can imagine.
10. People who argue, just to argue. And compare your life to theirs. Why are you comparing? Drives me nuts. 

Oh my gosh, I feel so much better.

Good things are happening in my life too...I am not grumpy ALL of the time.

1. I am officially going back to Dixie...and I seriously am SO excited.
2. Although that class is insane, I am doing pretty good....I have no idea how.
3. I am feeling soooo much better. And nothing is like getting your health back.
4. It is almost the break.
5. I have a weekend off!
6. I at least LIKE my job...even if I work a ton.
7. I am more than half way done with this ridiculous class.
8. I can finally apply for the nursing program :)
9. I didn't die on the freeway.
10. I have THE most incredible friends and family.

Also here are some things that make me happy:

If you haven't seen these girls...whoa. They are SERIOUSLY hilarious. Kids with English accents are so much cooler. Also, I would love if she gave me just a quarter of her energy...I wouldn't feel like a cadaver anymore, I am sure.

Here is the follow up... so funny.

Also, I am not a huge Twilight fan, but I might be if Ellen was in the movie.

Happy weekend everyone!