Sunday, January 24, 2010

WW...kind of like AA

So if you know me, you know that lately I have been trying to shed a few pounds. After being sick for a long time and knee issues... I had been so inactive against my will. Inactive=extra poundage, no matter how good you eat sometimes. Anyway, I decided I was going to do Weight Watchers. It is easily the most sensible, healthy, safe, and do-able. After an insanely busy week I actually had an hour to go to my first meeting.

Oh man, it was funny. It definitely reminds me of an Alcoholics Anonymous...or AA. So this is a WW meeting...or Weight Watchers. Let me explain how it works, or how my meeting went:

First off it was a room full of little pleasant, mainly older, ladies.
You walk in, and weigh in...not exactly fun.
Then the lady who was hosting the meeting had a little "activity".
She wrote the alphabet down and then asked us to name a physical activity for every letter of the alphabet. This was amusing to me, and well, felt a lot like elementary school.
By this time I was falling asleep because the night before had been our big fundraiser and I had been up since six seeing about 5 patients. I was pooped.

They startled me when they asked me to come up and introduce myself, my age, and what weight loss goals I had. Then they handed me a straw and said it represented my "last straw" of why I wanted to do this...haha.

Then they had their exciting accomplishments moment.
People raised their hand and would say things like, "I met my 5 pound goal!", "I was able to exercise a full hour every day!", "I successfully stayed on the plan for a month." I thought this was great, especially when they started handing out little star stickers to each one who met a goal to put in their book.

Also, I saw one of my professors there which was kind of funny.

Then you sit through a meeting with flip cards and ways to fit fitness into your everyday life.
Such as: using the milk gallon as a weight while you wait for the water to boil on your dinner.
Benching your child.
Running up and down the stairs holding your vacuum.
Parking your car extra far when you go to the store.
Leg lifts while you fold laundry.
(yes these were real suggestions)

I did feel a little young and out of place since I am childless and in school. And well, definitely didn't have to lose as much as most people in there, which made me feel better.
I guess whatever works!

Oh man, I don't know why I think it is funny, but I do. Don't get me wrong! It works, but it is just so comical.

Welp! Here's to gettin' in shape!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Funny ads from Craig's List....

I was looking online with Stef the other day at ads on Craig's List and KSL. Here are a few of our funny findings...most have to do with cats. We were laughing VERY may or may not get our humor.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Embarrassing #2

So this has been one crazy week. Seriously INSANE. And, well, I would write about it if I could sort it out, but I can't! It's too crazy. My mom got plenty of phone calls of me in tears this week. Here are some key hightlights:

* Backing into my roommates car
*Seeing eight patients a day before class
*Going back to student government and having SO much to do
*Starting classes again...blerk.
*Figuing out money....blerk times 2
*Having a REALLY hurty knee
*Having no time to breathe
*Having an INSANELY messy room and no time to clean it

Anyway, it was just one of those crappy weeks. On to the good stuff...what you have all been waiting for! Another embarrassing moment. This one happened to me when I was in either 4th or 5th grade, I can't really remember.

Well, I was over playing at my friend Makena's house with a whole bunch of friends one afternoon and I was feeling "left out", as most dramatic elementary school girls so often feel. Well, the thing to do (and everytime I tell this story I always have girls who totally know what I am talking about when I say this) was when you were feeling left out you would go and hide. You knew they cared about you if after you left you heard, "hey! Where did Chelsea go?"...that means you were important enough to notice you weren't there. Well, I decided I was going to go and hide.I secretly tip-toed out and carefully layed down in the shower. It was one of those curtains where I could see out and no one could see in. Well, Makena's dad owned a business that he ran from out of his home. He had one of his business partners over, and while I was in the shower he decided he needed to go to the bathroom. In walks this man and closes the door. Oh crap. I am laying there thinking, "Well, if he just stands up to go potty, I will be fine. I can just lay here and he will never know. But if he sits down I coukl be in here forever! And what if he opens the curtain?!" I started to feel some strong anxiety at this point of what I was going to do. Well, all of the sudden he sits down. Double crap. Well, in a moment of haste I yell "WAIT!!" and throw open the curtain. That poor guy. I scared him so bad he was in the corner covering himself in the corner with a look of fear mixed with confusion and surprise. I covered my eyes and muttered, "I am so sorry! We were playing hide and seek and well..." and ran out. Wow, I was super embarrassed. What was worse was that I had to go explain to my friends what I did! We laughed so hard. Unfortunately for that guy, I don't think was laughing too hard back.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Embarrassing seems to be my middle name...

Here I am, back with another fabulous childhood story. Now I apparently have the best embarrassing moments because they seem to just follow me wherever I go. This one, however, has to be the most classic.

There is a theme park called Lagoon in Utah. Now many would argue that it is not a good theme park and blah, blah, but that place was my childhood! And I love it. Every year my grandma Gould would take the whole family and it was a blast....every year it got better and better. Well, one of the traditions is to go on the ferris wheel. It is necessary and enjoyable. Well, we waited in line for a good hour this night to make sure we got the time we got to the front I realized, "man, I gotta tinkle!". Considering I am really good at holding it and there was a sign that said it was only a 20 min ride, I knew for sure I could hold it that long.  With ease.

Well, we got on the ride and I hardly thought about my bladder. After a while we started stopping a lot to let people off. By the time I got to the top of the ride we sat waiting for what I thought was a little longer than usual. Well, we didn't pay attention too much and went on aughing and joking around with all of my cousins. Eventually the announcer came on and said, "ladies and gentleman...we apologize, but there are some technical difficulties and it is going to be about an hour wait."

"Oh well", I thought.  We were having fun we didn't mind too much and I knew I could hold it for a lot longer than I already had. Well, time went on and over an hour went by. The laughter grew louder, and my bladder holding skills became less and less.

Not hard to guess that I wet my pants.

I could TOTALLY handle that experience, but apparently there are drain holes in the bottom of the seats. Yes, you did read that right...holes. Urine+holes+high up above people = urine dripping on people underneath. I can't describe to you the horror.

More stories to come...
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Makes me so mad.

I am not going to lie to you, I am super, super annoyed.
The knee that has been giving me so much grief and had 2 knee surgeries is
back to being an issue again...of course.
Well, it was super swollen and in so much pain with a wicked
loud snap every time I bend it.
It was decided I would go to the doctor again and get it looked at.
Let me say, it was not fun in the least bit.
I pretty much got a sucky picture painted about the future and my knee...
eventually my meniscus is going to tear again.
Because I have abnormally flexible joints, my meniscus continues to get caught and
inflamed making the rest of my knee really, really mad.
SO he decided in this visit that he would drain a lot of fluid off
and inject it with cortisone.
Luckily he numbed it....but that was the painful part.
I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but that shot pain clear to the hip.
He decided that if this helps then every time it gets swollen we will need to drain it again.
If it doesn't...another knee scope to see what is going on.
Lose - lose situation for sure.
What does that total kids?
Well, (drum roll please) a grand total of:
3 knee surgeries on the left knee
1 surgery on the right knee
Totaling 4 knee surgeries in less than a year and a half.
Also the awesome news is that pretty much nothing high impact.
That means no running, no hiking, no sports, no treadmill, no skiing/snowboarding:
biking or eliptical only.
Because apparently this will be an issue for life.

And that makes me really, really, REALLY mad. 

Monday, January 4, 2010


This is my insanely beautiful model/actress Lorey from Argentina.... yes I could have borrowed some of her good looks right?

Well, ready for the crazy part??? LOOK at how much she looks like the girl in weird, and a little freaky. Even her mouth and everything is EXACTLY the same. (This picture was taken way before Avatar existed...even weirder).
Sunday, January 3, 2010

One of the funniest things you've ever seen...

As you know, I love, love, LOVE pranks. I have officially found one of the best pranksters/jokester in the world. I will post one of his many videos, but please, I beg of you to go and and watch more....there are plenty and will make you cry tears of hilarity.
Keep in mind this video is just a regular joe blow on a normal every day bike ride:

I am sorry for the one profane part in advance on this one:

See the rest of his AMAZING pranks HERE