Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remember that one time?

Remember that one time when I for reals had no life??

...Well, ok, that has happened on multiple occasions mostly for health reasons. But this time because school was so incredibly ridiculous.

Or when I complained 800 billion times more than normal in a single semester?

Or cried my head off after my finals were done....not just because of the sure difficulty of it. Or the fact that I worked so hard to only get in there and feel completely confident on MAYBE 5 of the questions he asked (luckily, pretty sure everyone felt that way) for lecture. But just because I had been so anxiety ridden over this week for 3 plus months, that after all was said and done I just was so emotional. Dumb, I know, but it is that big let down after all the stress.

Or when I got an iPhone 4S and I talk to Siri like she's my mom? Also, it changed my life. It's true, I know it is a "thing", but it is a pretty awesome "thing". And I love it so much. 

Or when I got myself into a lot of awkward dating situations?

Or what about getting an awesome promotion as Alzheimer's Activity Director at my work? Ha! So excited.

Or what about realizing I would normally be coming home from my mission at this time? How weird is that?

Or when I didn't update my blog for a month?

Or being the biggest grumpy head of all during this Christmas season?

Or the best of all, that I am FINISHED with my swear word finals! 

So much has happened. I feel like a semester in young adult life equals 5 years in normal life. So many changes, so many ups and downs, so many crazy situations.

And honestly...if I had the time or motivation I would write down all of the freaky situations that I was in over the last month. They are honestly so funny, and I just feel like I am a magnet for just the weirdest things. So great. I am glad crazy things wouldn't be fun if they didn't.

Here are some pictures of the last month or so. Sorry if you are on my've probably already seen them.

Hope you have a happy finals week everyone. If you can even use the word "happy" and "finals" in the same sentence. Finals really cramp my style.

Now for picture over-haul.

Had a great birthday! Thanks for all the birthday love. It was a great day. 

Got to spend a day and go to the SLC temple with these great gals (and Cam's hubby) over Thanksgiving (yes, that was a while ago). I had never been through Salt Lake and I loved it! SO good to see my long lost sister as well. Don't we look so Asian-ly similar?? Good thing she is Asian and I am not...even though most people would argue I am. 

Life on the activities end of things. Just setting up decorations with my best crazy in the whole world! I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "My two front teeth back of course!" Haha, I was dying laughing. I don't want her to get them though...her one toothed grin is much too good to make me feel better about life. 

Old companion reunion from the mish. Always good to reminisce and remember how wonderful the mission was.