Monday, June 30, 2008


This is my roommate and one of my bestest best friends Camille "Shmille" Brown.

It's her BIRFDAY today! I am SO so sad that I can't be down there in St. George to Celebrate! But here is things I love about Shmille:

1. When she get's really really hyper. It's kinda scary...but kind of makes me excited.
2. That she tastes blood in her mouth (literally) when she is going to be late.
3. That she stands at the door twenty...k maybe 15 (Cam, I'm not budgin'! Linnea will back me up! haha) minutes before class is going to start, ready to go, and it is probably 2 maybe 3 minutes away (literally).

4. That she is ALWAYS there for me, and has heard me cry more than one person should have to hear another person cry.
5. That she love Scuddles (my puppy) almost or maybe as much as I do.
6. That she doesn't really ever cry...and I never understand how she can do that! I can't even get through stupid Bambi! I have seen her cry once though, and I didn't like it, but I kinda did cuz it made me feel a little more normal.
7. That she love, love, LOVES chocolate. And popcorn. It's really funny, and she may kill me for letting out her secret, but she has what is called a "half cup". She literally hides under her bed chocolate chips and a half cup, and when she has a moment or just needs a fix she goes to that like she is hiding her flask under her bed.
8. She saves ALL of her "Dove Promises". It's like fortunes on chocolate wrappers. She tapes them in her food cupboard. Promise.

9. That she doesn't like bubble baths. I know right?! She gets bored. HA! That's the best part.
10. She's a big chick flick enthusiast, and I am totally ok with that! It makes for good fridays....actually every day in apt. 11.
11. That she doesn't think Nick Stokes on CSI Is hot. WHAT THE?!
12. That she is WAY too fast at Excell. And I am really slow. And bad words come out of my mouth at 11 0 Clock at night when we are at the stupid computer center and I can't finish stupid CIS, and she just laughs and is calm, and I freak out.
13. That she is secretly REALLY really good at Violin and won't let anyone see.
14. That a lot of men are interested in her, and we all know it, but she is really good at being "hard to get". I'm not good at that. But she is.
15. That she is such a great girl who is an example of what it means to be a true friend. She is a really great roommate too! I guess I just got super lucky (*coughs* you know what I mean, sweet spirit!), and I ended up with great roomies.

I love your guts Cam-shmille! Thanks for putting up with all my insane illnesses and weird things that happen to me, and forwarding my mail, and running to get my prescriptions, and listening to me cry, and laughing with me, and watching 6000 episodes of CSI even if you do remember all of them, and helping me stay on top of my life, and listening to every story in the book about me and Tyface, and being an example! And just all of it! HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish I was there! :)

Sad DAY!

Bah. My macbook is broken. And I am saddened. I dunno why but it just froze! And now it won't get past the gray screen with the apple and the little spinny thingy. Why don't things just work all the time?? Psh, oh well it is gonna be just fine.
Saturday, June 28, 2008

If I wasn't a poor college student.....

Yes. If I wasn't poor I would totally buy this outfit...and many more just like it. Don't you ever just wanna throw out all your clothes and start all over?! I would. And I really want to right now! But....THAT'S not gonna happen at this point in my life. Because I am SO out of money....and actually I don't make a bad income. The question is where does it all go?? Oh I remember! Text books I don't wanna read, rent I don't wanna pay, gas prices that are RIDIC., groceries that are just making me gain weight anyway....and the list would go on for so long....and I am sure you are all very aware. So yes. One many, MANY, many years, I will be able to look and actually buy...we hope. That's the plan. :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pray for Kenya!

For you who know know how much I adore Africa, and more specifically Kenya. This article was in the Daily Herald yesterday, and it broke my heart. Read this.
violence in kenya: Children endure captivity, torture from both sides
Katharine Houreld

BUNGOMA, Kenya -- Dozens of scared children filed silently into the bare room, their eyes on the cracks in the floor.

One by one, in low voices, they told of being tortured by the Kenyan army because they were suspected of aiding rebels. They told of being beaten and made to shake hands with corpses. They told of being forced to crawl through barbed wire tunnels and of genitals squeezed by pliers.
Then the children took off their shirts. White scars crisscrossed the dark skin on their backs like grains of rice. Some were still bleeding.

These children are among hundreds in western Kenya who have been terrorized, many twice over, first by a militia in their villages and then by the army sent to fight it. The militia forced children as young as 10 to become soldiers. In a widespread crackdown, the army then rounded up the children and thousands of adults and tortured them, human rights groups say.

The Associated Press interviewed some of the children in a detention center, brought in by a human rights advocate without the knowledge of government officials or the military. The children have been held since April on charges of promoting warlike activities. Their identities and location are withheld to protect them from reprisals.

In March, the Kenyan government sent its army to crack down on the Sabaot Land Defense Force militia, which is named after the Sabaot region. But instead of hunting down militia fighters where they hide in the forests of Mount Elgon, the army swept up thousands of men and boys from the surrounding villages.

Since then, so many reports of murder and torture have emerged that Kenya's state-run human rights commission is calling for the prosecution of the defense minister and top army and police officials. There are also calls for the United States and Britain to suspend millions of dollars in aid and training to the Kenyan army.

The U.S. has asked for $7.45 million for "peace and security" purposes for Kenya in 2009. Britain is providing more than $1.96 million this year to fight terrorism and has allocated $7.83 million for regional security initiatives based in Kenya.

Representatives of both governments in Kenya told The Associated Press they are deeply concerned over the reports of abuses and are calling on the Kenyan government to investigate. But the Kenyan government says the army has received no complaints.

The militia in Mount Elgon formed because of land conflicts, the same issue that fueled violence in Kenya after disputed elections in December. Squatters who had farmed the same fields since they were children were evicted in a government land scheme, and the rich grabbed plots set aside for the landless.

The militia flourished in the thick forests of Mount Elgon, where 166,000 people live in poor villages next to a dormant volcano. Some families encouraged children to join in the hope of securing land in the 370-square-mile district. Others were given a stark choice: pay the militia up to 50,000 Kenyan shillings ($830) -- far beyond the reach of most -- donate their son or die.

One 15-year-old joined last year to protect his family after the militia killed his uncle.

"They shot him in front of me," the boy said. "He was begging for his life on his knees."

He spent two months in the forests and learned to shoot alongside eight other children. He saw a boy forced to kill his own father. He fled with a 10-year-old when the militia began producing victims for reluctant recruits to kill.

Some children simply disappeared. One 17-year-old girl was abducted by four men armed with machetes on her way back from school. Her father dared go to their forest hideout and ask after his missing daughter, who sang in the school choir and dreamed of being a doctor.

"They threatened to slaughter me if I took it further," he said, his voice suddenly raw. "I could not protect her."

Her name joined a growing list of missing children in the battered notebook of Job Bwonya of the local Western Kenya Human Rights Watch.

The first kidnapping he recorded was of 17-year-old Joshua, seized in July 2006. When word spread that he was recording cases of disappeared children, 24 families rushed forward. But four weeks later, Joshua's parents, brother and 9-year-old sister were gunned down in the family's cornfield, and the flow of families reporting missing children slowed to a trickle.

So far Bwonya has recorded 42 cases of missing children likely seized by the militia, and has heard of many more. A partial survey of schools a year and a half ago found 650 children had disappeared. Grim newspaper clippings plaster the plywood walls of his windowless office, and anguished testimonies about murders spill from bulging files.

"Families are terrified to talk," he said. "No one can protect them."

Now Bwonya has another worn book with a new set of cases of missing children, this time ones who villagers report were taken by the Kenyan army. He said testimonies from those released by the military indicate at least 22 children have been tortured to death. Bwonya himself fled the country for a couple of weeks after the military came looking for him.

The military in Mount Elgon does not talk to reporters. But Bogita Ongeri, a spokesman for the defense department in Nairobi, denied all allegations of torturing children. He said the army has combed its ranks since claims of torture surfaced but has not found a single soldier guilty of misconduct. The army had treated more than 7,000 people for injuries, he added, but their injuries came at the hands of villagers who spontaneously attacked them as militia suspects.

"No military personnel has been involved in torture," he said. "We do not have any juveniles in military detention centers. They have not been there."

But the children interviewed by the AP said soldiers plucked them out of school or from the streets, tortured them and caged them for days without food or water. Some had to help load dead people onto helicopters that flew out in the direction of the forest and returned empty.

Martin Wanyonyi, another human rights advocate, has records of 70 children in detention, including some whose names were confirmed by the distraught parents of the missing. Wanyonyi said a recent visit to Bungoma prison revealed dozens of tortured children among the 1,400 inmates crammed into cells designed for 400. Some were as young as 11. The stench of sewage permeated the prison, he said, and moans and screams filled the blackness.

He also showed the AP records that documented the injuries of four boys tortured so badly that prison authorities refused to accept them, insisting they be sent to a hospital instead.

In the meantime, Kenya's land issues remain unresolved. And the powerful politicians that villagers and former fighters say lead the militia remain free.

"The conflict in Mount Elgon is but the worst example of the poisonous relationship between Kenyan politics, land grievances and violence," said Ben Rawlence of New York-based Human Rights Watch.

If the children are released, some can trace their families. Others have no parents left after murders by either the militia or the military.

Peace and justice are far beyond the hopes of most families. Mothers say their ears still strain beyond the drumbeat of rain on a tin roof or wind rustling through cornstalks for the sounds of a vanished child's voice.

Some scarred children will eventually limp home along the winding mountain trails. Others never will.

When I read this, tears filled my eyes. I love these people! And I especially love these children. It boggles my mind that one human being could ACTUALLY do these horrible things to another. It scares me to think that it may be some of the children I got to work with there. It is not far from where I was when I spent time there, and I saw thousands of children. Breaks my heart in a billion pieces! Please pray for these people.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Craziness in London South.

So funny story....well, Tyface AKA Elder Dunaway who is in London South, just got called as Zone Leader and his companion is Elder Cuisick from Orem in they were kinda friends in high school, which is just funny and ironic they would be called as companions. Shawn Gardner is also there, also from orem High.
Well, I got a call from one of the members there that I have kinda been in contact with named Utika Jikes who Tyler baptized.
Well...guess who is teaching HER now?? Cade Tueller! I can just imagine the look on his face when she said that she knew who I was. A new missionary gets out there and a member in Peckham knows one of your friends from home. I am sure that was weird. And then...I guess Tyler and Cuisick's whole roof caved in! Mmmmm...not good. Pictures are here posted. I duno! Just my funny story of the day. Loves!
Monday, June 23, 2008

SO much to see!

Ok. Can I just say that I LOVE traveling. I love everything about it. I love the weird smells of going somewhere new, jet lag, not knowing where to go or what to see, I love watching people in busy cities where no one gives you one glance or pays one thought to you, subways, taking buses, boats, big venues, new food, different art, histoical sites, gift shops, postcards, looking like a tourist, meeting people, werid cultural beliefs, the smell of the airport, and the list could go on! I love it all. The good and the bad of it.

I guess the only problem now is that is costs about 6 arms and 6 legs...LITERALLY to go anywhere. Still! I wanna go. One of my goals in life is to see every I better start makng some good casheesh! I love culture so much...and there is so much of it to see! Kenya was like my favorite thing in the word to see because it was so different and so foreign to what I was used to seeing...yet all of the people I came in contact with were just like I am...and it made me realize how many different people there really are. It blows my mind. I hope I can get my minor in African studies too so I can use my nursing degree also. But there are so many cultural issues and myths that in order to REALLY help, you have to understand those so that you can tackle the rest of the problems that are plaguing a continent. Gosh I just love it all. I guess that is my thought today! More later. :)
Sunday, June 22, 2008


Today I started just thinking about all the stuff I really miss....and gosh there is a long list. But I thought I would just post them on here.

I miss...

1. Being healthy and waking up NOT tired.

2. Cascade Elementary School


4.The magic of Christmas

5.My Roomies

6. High School craziness

7. Doing theater

8. Africa

9. The option to be immature ALL the time

10. Bear Lake trips with Ty Ty and Devan and the Fam

11. Losing teeth and getting money for it

12. Big neighborhood parties with all the kids in the summer

13. Late night talks with Jules and Ramen

And I could go on forever! Don't get me wrong I LOVE where I am at now....but don't you ever think about what you miss?



Well, I am not gonna lie. I woke up this morning in huge amounts of pain, and well, that makes me have faces like that little boy! When I got up to go potty I heard a rush of fluid, AKA swelling straight into my knee. NAT fun. I don't really like this game! More later. It is gonna be a long day, so who knows! I could post more than once even. EXCITING!
Saturday, June 21, 2008

My "Someday" House

So here I lay at 6:30 AM day after surgery, and I did not sleep a wink all night. So I am just here watching one of my faves, "Dan in Real Life", waiting til I can take my next dose of pain meds, and looking at my dream houses and dream things to put in that house. So here is what I came up with! And I REALLY want this one day.

This is the beautiful cottage I found. It could be a little smaller, but it is perfect!

Lovely! For the family room.

Master Bedroom

Gardening Room....ah! Love it.

For the porch

Beautiful for outside summer nights

The kitchen

I love this dining room

...And! I couldn't find a good picture, but I definitely want a legit. tree house. I just think it is necessary for my "someday" house. Now whether I get this house now...or in the afterlife, I will have it one day. Promise promise! Now I get more pain meds. Wahoo.
Friday, June 20, 2008

My Papa Gould

Last night Papa came over to give me a blessing before the surgery and stay the night at our house. I was just watching him and thinking about all the things I love about him. Here are just a few!

1. I love that he loves Sees dark chocolate more than life itself.
2. That he puts a piece of chocolate in each of the little pill compartments so that he can have his "chocolate fix" each morning, noon, dinner, and bedtime (those are what each of his compartments say). Even though he still eats chocolate in between each of those too!
3. That he loves to sing this song to me since I was little as loud as he can every time he sees me. The lyrics that go a little somethin' like this: "Oh Chelsea Gould! My Chelsea Gould!". Over and over again and it still never made sense REALLY why he was singing that, but I love it!
4.That no matter what outfit he is wearing, you can always find one chocolate stain.
5. How much he loves Hawaii and Honolulu, and his deep heritage.
6. How he frequently gets choked up just when he looks at one of his grandkids.
7. That he calls at least 4 times a day just to tell us what he ate at the Seville (which is like the worst bland food in the world!).
8. His pigeon accent.
9. How he frequently talks about "plate lunch" from Matiki's, L and L, and Patti's kitchen in Waikiki.
10. How you will always find him asking if we can listen to Hawaiian music wherever we go.
11. That he loves to tell the same stories over and over again.
12. That he loves to help other people.

This list could go on forever about the things I adore about my Papa Gould. Filled with quirks, and funny things he has said, and the best experiences I have been able to share with my grandpa. I am lucky he is MY Papa Gould. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So here I sit. My knee strategically elevated, and bored out of my mind. So! I decided to join this blogging insanity and make one of my own. My real inspiration: Julie Ann Garbutt, and my favoritest photographer Rebekah Westover. They have awesome blogs, and so I wanna blog too. So here goes nothin.

On my mind I gotta have surgery tomorrow on my knee and I am slightly nervous since last surgery was not the funnest thing ever and somewhat of a disaster. Yet at the same time when I think of the surgery I find myself laughing hysterically because I have ANOTHER malfunction with this body. And so I ask why? Why is it that I can't get better? I have no idea, but I am ready for the resurrection to come. HA! Here is what is up with my knee:

This is a normal knee and normal meniscus

The one on the left is a normal meniscus and the right is mine

And so...the story goes that since mine is not hollow like it is supposed to be I ripped it right down the middle. OUCH! And no it is not fun at all. And hopefully this doesn't gross you out...I thought it was pretty sweet! I wanna watch them do the surgery! But this is what it looks like:

Other than that, life is pretty fan-freakin-tastic! And I am very happy. EFY was this past week and I had a great time and I LOVE working with the youth. Here are some pictures: