Saturday, June 28, 2008

If I wasn't a poor college student.....

Yes. If I wasn't poor I would totally buy this outfit...and many more just like it. Don't you ever just wanna throw out all your clothes and start all over?! I would. And I really want to right now! But....THAT'S not gonna happen at this point in my life. Because I am SO out of money....and actually I don't make a bad income. The question is where does it all go?? Oh I remember! Text books I don't wanna read, rent I don't wanna pay, gas prices that are RIDIC., groceries that are just making me gain weight anyway....and the list would go on for so long....and I am sure you are all very aware. So yes. One many, MANY, many years, I will be able to look and actually buy...we hope. That's the plan. :)