Monday, April 25, 2011

I have officially named my heart device.

Dun dun dun dun DAH! (that is in my royal drums because of royal wedding week!)

And the name of my heart device shall forever be known as.......


In honor of the man who couldn't knock me out after the 8 doses of Versed and made me witness my own heart surgery. I will never get over it Gary, that's why I am naming my Amplatzer Septal Occluder after you.

It just feels so right...and it will be forever with me until the day my heart stops beating. Literally.

So the proof is in the pudding and I have the sweet photos of dear Gary scanned in:

That is so freaking sweet. I am so know why? Because they even gave me a card I have to carry in my wallet that says that I have a device. Uhhhh...that is so cool.

Gary provided me with YET ANOTHER headache free day. I am SO grateful. 2 days for Gary!! I unfortunately have an upper respiratory infection to spoil the joy because I have the immune system of that of a...well, someone who has been laying in bed for 5 months, been on 4 antibiotics and been through trauma. My body hates me and I don't blame it. 

But good news for Cheltz and Gary, we are happy as clams to not have a migraine. Or seizures. How cool are you Gary? Way cool...way, way cool. I would go as far as to say I love you more than anything I have ever owned. I love you too Dr. Sorenson for putting Gary in me. Life is so good.

Have a good day everyone and do something to celebrate :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aye caramba.

Those are all the words I have for my boredom.

This is the 5th month of my couch/TV slump and it is getting to the eyeball scratching out point of restlessness. Seriously I can't take it anymore! I would just love to read or do something ELSE. Bah. I know I have talked about it a lot...because that is ALL I have to talk about. This is me complaining.

 I know I am getting to the crazy point when I watch two days straight of this:

Ahhhhh. I know...I am shaking my head right along with you. Tyra, you're killing me.

 I am SO grateful for the sweethearts that have come to visit in the last few days! If you knew what it does to my spirits and my just can't. Finals ended and it was like POOF! I have a million was so sweet and made me feel so loved and pulled me out of the depths of "hating my life" mode...seriously. Thank you so much and I love you.

If I am going to be happy about being able to have time to watch SOMETHING I will say I am excited about this:

Don't ask me why I am so excited about it, I just am. It just seems so awesome all of the royalness, and trust me when I say there is PLENTY of coverage to go around starting like a million days ago. I think I will be watching much of it and it is so regal. How would that be?? To be little Miss Middleton?? Intense...

I am sure people are coming out of the woodwork saying that they know her...especially like Ellen haha. She has been cracking me up because she says she is Kate's 17th cousin and is ticked because she is not invited to the wedding. I always like to show things that crack me up on here and here is a quick video of Ellen that had me laughing:

Funny right? I just love her. 
And now an update on recovery:

I had a WONDEFUL headache free day! Thank you heart device. I want to name it...hmmm. I will have to think about that. If you have any ideas feel free to comment!

It was so wonderful that day and it was a day I had visitors which was great. The next two days came back with vengeance and I have had a rougher time, but my leg is healing up pretty good so that is positive! I feel like I am doing better! I was telling my mom I don't know what I am going to do when I feel better...I don't know how to do that hahah. Meaning I really don't know how to feel good! It really has been years since I woke up and said, "Gosh! I feel good today..." how dumb is that? I am sure I will figure that out fast :)

More later!
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mike William Webb really misses I guess should post.

This is Michael William Webb:

Mike is super funny.
Mike likes to give me a hard time which is also super funny.
Mike and our friends have a lot of inside jokes that can never be repeated on this blog.
Mike is's BIGGEST fan. Don't believe me? 

He posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday:
"I don't want to sound needy but it's been like 25 hours since you posted something on your blog..."

That seriously meant SO much Mike. 

I then replied:

"I know I am like your personal Oprah (which holds a lot more weight than you know because Mike LOVES, seriously loves Oprah.), but Mike it is hard to be that inspirational to one person every single day. My apologies and I will try really hard to step up my game. All my love, the writers of "

Then he tried to make it look like some "joke" HA, by posting this:

"I realize that you need to recuperate. I'll cut you some slack." I am sure he was embarrassed. Silly nilly.

And like I said I answered with this, "Well, that means a lot coming from my biggest fan and frequent reader!"

So I just feel bad Mike, it has been a while for me. Because you know, I do have A LOT of time of my hands so I usually post MUCH more often than not. So I tried to at least think of SOMETHING that I could at least put on here for my biggest fan...

Well, today I was watching Ellen, another of Mike's favorite show...she's no Oprah, you know why Mike, but I saw this really awesome rapper.

She's pretty fly for a white girl Mike...this screams YOU!

Pretty amazing right? 

This post is for you Mike hahah. We will always be in a battle won't we?

A note on the recovery is it is still a little rocky. What was crazy is today my blood pressure went down to 77/ yes how am I still alive?? I have no idea! But they put me on some medication to try and bring that up because that is a little crazy and kind of freaks me out. I am also extremely dizzy so that is no good. Still pretty sore still and the migraines are still just as awful as ever...but Dr. Sorenson says that is a good indication that it worked! So I will go on that...

I am bored and miserable as ever if I am going to be 100% honest but just trying to get through it!

More later.
Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recovery = Not what I expected

First off I just want to say SO sorry for that totally incoherent last couple of paragraphs of that previous post. Super embarrassing and super funny. I didn't even realize it until today and so I will go back and fix that right now....meds and migraines will do that to a person.

And just a quick update for today: I guess this recovery was maybe not as simple as I expected. I was maybe thinking that this was just a quick in quick out type of deal because I think it usually is.

However, I don't think usually they have to poke you twice so I am SO sore! I really didn't expect that. Very bruised and very sore.

My blood pressure is still pretty low so I am pretty dizzy. Dizzy + migraines = really icky.

My migraines are 2 times as bad as they were before. I know they told me this, but I don't think I fully comprehended this.

I guess what I am saying is I am just SO glad that I had the surgery and I feel so blessed, I just really didn't have any idea that the recovery would be like this. Once again the nurse said I would feel like a train hit me for the next month and to be patient, but I just had no idea.

So this is me re-evaluating.

More later!
Saturday, April 16, 2011

And the surgery went a little somethin' like this....

Well, it is finished! I had the surgery I am so happy it is done. It all went down in a place that looks just exactly like this, the cath lab:

Looks kind of sci-fi and freaky huh? That's because it kind of was...well, when you are awake for the whole procedure it is. I am going to do my best to explain all of it to those who have been so sweet to even take an interest in and love me. Once again, please excuse any and all grammar mistakes, I am on pain killers and am sporting one very large migraine at the moment.

So I do LOVE any and all medical junk and I think generally would jump at the chance to watch any and ALL surgical procedures. However, I guess being awake during my own heart surgery I was not jumping at! They did video tape it and I was totally psyched to watch it AFTER...listen when I say I was not really anxious at all about having this procedure done which can sometimes reject the meds. But my body for SOME dumb reason does take a lot of meds to knock me out....A LOT and we all know I have a history of this. 8 doses of Versed and they could not do it! So I watched the entire procedure and commented as well. Obviously if I was a drinker I would be a heavy weight.

They got a kick out of me and would say things like:

"Hey Chels....we are beginning to think the whole goody Mormon mission thing was a cover. We think you are pusher because we just gave you enough drugs to kill a horse. So why don't you come clean with us huh?"

Also at one point Dr. Sorenson said, "Well team, let's take a vote here. What size of device do you think we should use??" I then said, "Well hey, don't I get a vote?" They forgot I was awake and thought that was pretty funny.

I didn't mind being awake for most of it and I thought that it was pretty cool except for when they gave me the 6 shots in my groin...ya, that was not so cool...that hurt really, really, bad and I thought I should get a prize for being brave and for not punching someone. Also when they decided to go ahead and yank on the device pretty dang hard to make sure it was in there good...massive, massive chest pains. Didn't love that either. 

They also had to go in twice with a catheder because I guess I had a pocket in my heart that was holding clots of blood which is not so good. Good thing we found it! I am so incredibly blessed and really this whole thing has been so amazing and such a miracle. He covered the pocket with the device  and the hole and also punctured through part of the septum making room for part of the device...hopefully I am explaining this all right. 

Regardless, we got it fixed! Because they had to jab me twice in the groin I am pretty dang sore and bruised which I totally and completely did not expect at all. The doctor said because he jabbed me twice and and because I am on a lot of blood thinners to expect to have a bit of a recovery. Amazingly enough I am much more sore with this than when I had an ovarian cyst removal and I did not expect that at all! 

I also had kind of a rough night at the hospital when my blood pressure went really low to 82/51. This really freaked me out and I had a crappy best friends are nurses.... and I get the worst nurse ever. What's up with that? Anyway, in the end it just because I was dehydrated and on pain killer and blood thinners.

Anyway I am going to have a rough month ahead they warned me, but I am just so blessed that they got the device in and that they caught that pocket which means no strokes for me! I really have good feelings that after I get through this recovery that the migraines will GO AWAY and leave me alone as well, I am just going to have be a little patient a little longer. Like they said in conference that is why we are called patients! 

Once again as I have said on facebook, thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to just send me a note of concern or love, or a phone call or anything. I can't tell you what it means to have support and love during this time of trial. 

More later!

P.S. This is the actual device they decided to use on me! Sweet action huh? When I actually feel up to it I will scan in the picture of my echo with the device in because it looks really cool...I am kind of nerdy like that. HA! They said without insurance that thing costs like as much as a I am worth a lot now-a days.  I guess I am like a 10 cow wife now....JKBS. Ha. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"The future will be better tomorrow" - Dan Quaylek

Why will it be better?

Well, the heart surgery is tomorrow. And kids, I have every ounce of faith in the world that I can muster that this is the answer we have been led to. This is what is going to help me get better, and I am no longer going to have the problems I have so long been plagued with: migraines, seizures, mini strokes and fatigue. I just know it.

I know angels will be with me when I have the operation and everything is going to be ok. So I am just so excited to have it done and feel better!

I go in tomorrow at 9 and the surgery is 10 at St. Marks hospital. After the surgery they said I would have to lay flat for 2 hours which does not sound fun to me...but hey there could be worse things. Also they said sometimes you can have a really bad migraine after, but what else is new?

Then they will keep me over night, and in the morning they will do another echo and send me on my merry way! Not too hard right? They said sometimes for like a month after migraines get worse before they get better, but then you can emerge into a new human being. YES. I am not too nervous...the only things I was nervous about are:

1) The fact that it is heart surgery. It isn't a BIG heart surgery or anything, but it is still MY heart and it is very vital to me. I am gonna need that thing in the future, just sayin'.

2) They put you out with conscious sedation. This kind of freaks me out. In some ways I would just like to be knocked out cold and intubated....I don't want to know anything that is going on thank you very much. But hey, they definitely know what they are doing so I will just not worry about it.

3) The nurse still made me worry that because the size of the hole is a 4 out of 5 there is a chance that they can't the device in. I know they have to tell me that, but I wish they wouldn't have because I know they are going to get it in but now I have to go in worrying anyway. The doc seemed super confident and I know that through blessings that everything is going to be fine...she just still had to plant that amount of worry in my head. Snitch.

Last things last, it will take about 6 months for my little broken heart to heal haha. That means I will be on Asprin, Coumadin, and Plavex for this time and will have to be careful about lifting anything over 25 lbs for 3 months and 50 lbs for 6. Also no wakboarding this Summer which really bums me out! But hey, I am so excited to get better and I have so much trust in this doctor, Dr. Sherman Sorensen. I was looking on his website and you should see how many times this guy has been published! SHEESH!

For those who were curious I will post a link about the surgery and also a video about how it works, and for any of those who want to send up some extra prayers for me, I totally wouldn't object :) See ya on the other side!

Here is what my surgery will be like:

Info on Sorensen Medical Group and PFO closures HERE

Check out my doc's background. No big deal. HERE
If you are ever thinking of getting checked out I would seriously recommend HIM. For reals.
Monday, April 11, 2011

Hau'oli lā hānau, a whole lotta food, and other thoughts.

Hau'oli lā hānau means happy birthday in Hawaiian I found out today.

Happy 19th birthday to this boy:


I know, it doesn't even feel right coming out of my own mouth. This is my "little" bro Ty very little bro who could take me down in two seconds. He generally doesn't have a problem reminding me of that on the daily when he shows me with his giant bear hug that smothers me and cracks my bones. 

I just love this boy so much and I am so glad he is my brother. Trust me when I am say he is the funniest person alive, most amazing writer of music, is a killer wake boarder, good at everything he tries (which has secretly made me mad since he left the womb), so good at rock climbing, can take apart and put together anything and everything, and is the ultimate at the best thing of all...BEING my brudder :) dat my nice. 

Well, yesterday my mom made him the MOST amazing Hawaiian feast...EVER. Are you ready for the menu?? You may just die. She really out-did her elf:

- Teriyaki Chicken (the best ever...Gould style. Can never be beat)
- Poi
- Rice
- Mac Salad

Annnnd a giant Reese's cake (Reese's are his fave) that was a double layered chocolate cake with a Reese's peanut butter cream filling....kill me. It was soooo good!!

Look at these local boys faces. I am not sure who was happier, Tyler or Papa Gould!! 

Haha, nothing makes Papa happier than a good ol' plate lunch.
Well, Happy Birthday Ty Ty! We sure love you.

In other thoughts, I love when people come to visit me in my black hole of the basement. Brings me sure joy. Today some visitors from the mish trainer Sister Katelyn Griffiths (who actually comes other than today) and my friend Elder Chase Hessing!! LOVE THAT. 

Hessing made such a sacrifice to come when he got his car smashed in my cul-de-sac! Poor guy. So sorry Chase. Love you guys.
And my last thoughts of the day...I really love Saturday Night Live. I think that many of the sketches are just so funny and I have a few great gems for you that are my very favorite. The deal is I found out it is on Netflix, so I am sure in the near future I will be showing my funniest moments on here. Ple-hease watch them.. they are SO funny. Enjoy!


And this one isn't necessarily hilarious, but the impersonation of Denzel Washington is seriously AMAZING! I couldn't embed it so watch it HERE!

Have a great night :)
Thursday, April 7, 2011

4 8 15 16 23 42

If you've see Lost  you know exactly what those numbers mean, and if you haven't I would seriously consider watching it. It was so great!
The last week and a half of my ridiculous life have been spent watching all 6 seasons of this dang show. Well worth it I guess hahah...I mean, I had nothing better to do. I know, ridiculous...but I promise you when I am better I will be doing everything and anything but watching TV.

For every person who tried to tell me not to watch it because I would hate the end....I honestly liked the end. Seriously! Not what I would have expected...but I liked it. The writers of this show, freak... who thinks of these things?? 

Hate to say it, but I liked it way more than my previous favorite 24.  Sorry Jack Bauer. 

Well, the only problem now is that I am still going to be probably down on the couch for at least another month after surgery (which is a week from today....I'm a little nervous!). what do I watch? Ugghhhh I am so bored and sick of TV. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One thing I really love to do is hula and Tahitian dance...I love the costumes, the people, the music, and remembering my culture. I love being Polynesian and am always proud of that...even if I do LOOK haole (white), that is just why I will have to find me a nice brown man haha. Just kidding but seriously.

Anyway, I have always enjoyed it, but I ESPECIALLY love to Tahitian dance. That is the fast paced dance that I am sure many of you have seen. It is a great work out and whenever you perform it always gets the crowd the most excited. When I competed in the pageants (yes, I did) these were the outfits we picked:

My mom did a pretty good job of putting the outfits together and we wanted to make some really cool head pieces however, we ran out of time and it was just too hard to do with too many quick changes backstage.

I had so much fun doing the dances and performing and I can't wait to practice some more when I feel better! Hopefully whatever school I go to has a good Polynesian club with dancing where I can get involved and improve my shaking skills haha. My best memories are with the Pope's and Latu's from Orem back in Jr. High and Elementary dancing in my front yard...good times :).

Well, here are some cool clips I found on youtube...Aloha and enjoy!

She is insane and I love her costume!

Then on So You Think You Can Dance they did a Tahitian which surprised me so much! Annnd it was to the song I dance to all the time... find it HERE because I can't post it. They did a good job I thought! Especially for learning it in a week! Costumes were cool too.

And a last one I thought was cute is here...

More later! Have a great day :)
Saturday, April 2, 2011

Deluxe hugs for 2 bucks. Any takers?

I thought this was so funny.

People like this are so annoying and yet it is totally a prank I would pull. So, gotta hand it to the guy it was pretty funny. Obviously at the end that was totally scripted and totally lame...but the rest, pretty dang funny. Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

My favorite time.

Gosh, I just love General Conference so much! This weekend will be so great. 

I am sad though because I just know it will never be like it was watching it on my mission because you are on such a different level.

Also, my brain just doesn't work the same haha. But, I always look forward to April and October to see what the theme of the conference will be and what our dear Prophet will say to us on Saturday and Sunday.

I will look forward to some spiritual uplift-ment (is that a word?) as well and not Lost for a time...I have watched so much of that dang show. I have a feeling I am going to finish all 6 of those seasons a lot sooner than I planned.

More later :)

Happy Conference weekend!