Sunday, November 29, 2009

I hate relationship whisper-ers.

The relationship whisper: this is what I call it when boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances, husbands, wives, and lovers whisper....not in the ear, but in that annoying "we're in love so we're going to talk in a whiney, high-pitched, whisper in the room and make kissy faces at each other and smile and giggle because we think no one can hear us" whisper. I don't know why you don't think we can't hear you, because we totally can. At least whisper DIRECTLY into the ear if you want know one to listen. Or gosh, just say it out loud because even if it is lovey dovey or mushy, you're already acting it out by touching each other more than is necessariy.

I don't like it. Today, this couple that makes me want to stick a ski pole down my throat so I gag was doing the whisper in church. They were talking intimately during the lesson and I was bugged. Real bugged. I can definitely hear every detail.

I think I am just edgy because I have no motivation to end this semester.

More later....
Thursday, November 26, 2009

Must blog.

Now that I have started blogging, every time something funny, sad, exciting, or random happens I find myself (and so do my friends) exclaim, "that is definitely a blog moment." Well, I saw this movie:

and I found myself thinking, "Wow. That was freakin' blog-worthy."
I bawlled through 90 percent of it....not because it was "sad" or that his circumstances were rough, but that i just wanted to jump and squeeze his big teddy-bear self and love him like she did.

For some reason I have always had this burning desire to take in those children who have potential, and are hurting, and don't have a chance because of choices of their parents. So, dear readers, I'll tell you....I'm going to adopt. Not just one, but a few. Seriously. Here is one little boy I would do anything to be able to take him in if was possible....

This is Mwang from Kenyai:

He is slightly disabled and I picked him out the first few days I was there and knew I would love him dearly. So naturally, because I adored him, I would meet and play with his sweet little self every morning. He would sit on my lab, his little eyes would cross in and out, laugh, and then give me the most genuine big hug ever. I still think of him daily and was surprised when I got an e-mail from Kenya a few months ago and they told me he still waits for me in the same spot every day....5 years later. I wish I had him with me and that I could take care of him and love him (considering he has no family) and listen to his cute little laugh, and help him be able to have a good life with people to care for him. I hate thinking of him all alone on the streets of the slums of Kenya, confused and no one to hold him.

So when I can, I hope to visit that sweet boy again, and later to adopt a few in his same situation. Oh and also, I would like a multi-cultural family please. I'll take some from here, from Asia, Africa, doesn't matter. I have enough room in my heart for all of them.

So, dear Mr. Future Husband- man. Be ready...ready to adopt, and adopt plenty.

ANYWAY, back to my original must go see the movie. And when you do, think of me. I'm no Sandra Bullock and certainly don't look like her (she looks dang skippy in that movie. please give me her legs one day. please.), and I am definitely not that up front with people, but I love her (or the lady she plays rather) and the way she loves that boy.

Here are the real people.

Definitely blog worthy.
Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I am loving:

These songs:

This man who is beautiful:

That I am home with these crazies in Orem til friday:

That I get to spoon every night with this guy:

- My clean car

- Christmas lights when I drove into Provo....St. George isn't very good at being festive.

- That I get to sleep in past 6:30 AM tomorrow. I will miss my patients though...I do love old people.

- That THIS lady that I LOVE is going to be on the Today show tomorrow at 8 AM

Happy Thanks Day!
Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best birthday ever.

I did, I really did. First off, my good friends:

took me out to dinner at Iggy's. Got my FAVORITE coconut shrimp...YUM!

Then they surprised me with a huge "club" (since I have always wanted to go clubbin, and I am 21 now, they brought one to me...big surprise...I had no idea). It had red and black lights, "drinking" (virgin margarita shots...since none of us ACTUALLY drink), a bouncer who asked me for my I.D., and plenty of rap. Here is a picture of my first "drink" and getting cheered on:

Then they had an ice cream cake, we had a big dinner, and WII today. it was so fun! Oh yeah, and Real Salt Lake won to top off my bpday.

Thanks to all my friends for making a hilarious, genuine, mormon 21st b-day. I had a blast

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cardboard Cabanas

Well, it was a crazy, crazy last week. We had the first annual Dixie Poverty Awareness Week! It went so well I don't even know what to do! Just a quick recap of what happened:

All week we had a food drive for our new student pantry (there are a lot of students starving on campus so we started a no questions asked pantry this year). We got over 8,000 cans! Wahoo! Went great.

We had 8th graders on campus Tuesday who cut fleece blankets for us and we made over 45 for the homeless.

Wednesday was our campus to community and we put Christmas lights up at Tuahcan Theater.

Thursday was a John Schmidt benefit concert to put H1N1 emergency classroom kits in Washington County School District and we had 900 people there.

Friday was our big Cardboard Campout! This was my favorite part of the week....we had about 157 students there who came and camped out in cardboard boxes for 5 bucks and all the money is going to the homeless. We also did a balloon launch with a hope, prayer, or a wish and that was sweet too! Here are some great pictures:

It went really well until about 4 in the morning when for the first time in 500 years it decided to POUR rain. It was so loud on our boxes and never have so many bad words gone through my head at once. People weren't too happy with me when I yelled out, "Well, I guess you all know what it is REALLY like to be homeless now!" hahaha.

We had to be off the field at 8:00 AM and I didn't know if we could get it done because most of the people left, everything was wet, and it was freezing. Here is the mess...ewww!'s almost my birthday! Wahoo, sunday I will be 21 which feels so weird to me. I never thought I would get that old. However, I got a gift certificate for Best Buy so I got myself a little gift that I have wanted for a long, long time. I couldn't be more happy with the calendar, notes, and awesome apps that are on this sweet little piece of machinery.

I also got a HILARIOUS book from Lia dear a little early. It is such a good one, especially since little kids helped write it. I guess maybe since I am a girl in Utah who will be 21 and not married....I should get on it....just kidding but seriously.

WELP! That's about all the updates I've got! More later...
Saturday, November 7, 2009

The best ten bucks I ever spent....

So, for those who don't know me that well, don't know that I have one wicked case of insomnia. Because of this issue (that honestly is one of THE most frustrating issues of my life) the last however many years of my life have been spent falling asleep on a various number of couches in front of the T.V. For some reason the blabbering of the tube creates mindlessness and lets me relax from my generally much too over-scheduled day.

My roommates I am sure have wanted to kill me when up to find me asleep on the love sac AGAIN, and I think my lonely room misses my sleeping in there. I finally headed over to D.I. and picked myself up this ten dollar piece of wonderfulness:

Now I can fall asleep in my beddy rather than the couch.

It even has a controller.
Friday, November 6, 2009

Udderly fantastic.

Yesterday we had our Second Annual "COW PIES FOR KENYA" fundraiser with the Ambassadors. It was an extremely long day babysitting "Socks" the cow for 11 hours, but a real good time. I had this crazy to keep me entertained while we sat there all day:

And we sure did have a few good laughs...espcially when the cow got loose (3 times).

If you don't know how it works, this fundraiser's is a great one. You can buy a ticket to the carnival which is also a square. The field is then gridded off 25 x 25 yards and that day we let the cow go. That night wherever that cow poops, the person's square wins an iPod. Pretty sweet right?? We raised money to put water wells in Kenya (which I love.) and did great this year with over $1,000 big ones.

We played games like Udder Destruction (darts), Pin the Udder on the Cow, Cow Pie Eating Contest, Cow Pie Your Professor, Cow Pie Walk...etc.

It was intense when the cow decided to jump the fence AT the event. Bout scared the poop outta me, and then we would have gotten double the prize I'm afraid. I thought for sure it was going to gauge someone and I would be responsible. I seem to have that kind of awesome luck.

The other intense part was when we had to be OFF the field at 7:00 for intramurals, and the cow still had not pooed at 6:50. Well, we scared the poop right outta her by chasing her around. She pooed at about 6:55. Right on time Socks!

Good times, good times.

Please enjoy this smattering of pictures:

This is my "I am stressed about an event" face:

Josh I think is who kept me sane the whole night by acting like a dork all of the time:

Thanks to Angie on the right, this whole thing went as well as it did. She has to be the most organized, smart, and go get em' kind of girl that I know. Also thanks to Crystal (on the left) for ropin' the dang thing when it got loose.

And well, this takes no explaining at all for how funny it is:

Phew. I'm pooped out. No pun intended. Ok, it really was intended and I hope you laugh, because I did.
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I dislike...

doing laundry very much.

Don't get me wrong, when I have my own
washer and dryer, like at my dear house in Orem, I don't
mind so much -- as long as it is just mine and not the Brother's,
Sister's, Mom's, Dad's, and sheets...and towels...and placemats,
and random judd.
I just like mine to be all by itself so I don't get my socks mixed up.

And I really hate when I can't just pull out MY stuff only and
it gets all kerbobled with everyone else's stuff.

I like putting an extra dryer sheet in.
I am also very picky with clean clothes smells.
They have to smell just right.
In fact I am quite fond of Downy Lavender Simple Pleasures. drives me CRAZY that it is $1.25 for just one load
in a small washer at my apartment complex.
Not only that, but it is $0.75 for one dry in a dryer that doesn't completely
dry your load all of the way.
So, my clothes sit for way too long until I decide to go home
where I can wash them in my own little Orem house.

Today I caved, and did 3 loads.
6 bucks later I finally have clean clothes.

Bah. I hate that.

And I am missing a sock.