Sunday, September 25, 2011

Have you seen this??

I pretty much die every great.

There are a bunch more...a few different spins but the same ladies.

Happy Sunday!
Thursday, September 22, 2011

Old Folks say the darndest things :)

It's never know what will come next. It is so great.

Here are some of my favorite things that were said in the last couple weeks at work...

1. While I was getting someone in bed for the night:

Me: "Man, I am just so tired I might have to steal your little beddy!"
Resident: "Oh you don't have to steal it! Just jump in here and get sniggly and snoogly and snogly and close those little Asian eyes."

2. Me: "Are you tired? Do you want me to help get you in your jamies and to bed?"
Resident: "Oh! Yes, yes, yes...I old and I'm ugly and I'm tired and I'm even pregnant!"

3. Me: "Oh my word, you just look so pretty! You got your hair all snazzied up!"

Patient with a sweet Southern Belle accent/the most sarcastic attitude in all the world:
"Oh yes, I am SO pretty. And I have lot's of money, and plenty of boyfriends, and the most beautiful wardrobe in all the world...and I have no wrinkles and I am not old at all! You want me to keep going??"

She is THE cutest 98 year old I have ever seen.

4. A lady came to sing (so sweet), but our little Alzheimer's side was just little more agitated than usual.
This is how my conversation went..
Resident: "How long is this going to go on?"
Me: "Just for a half an hour."
Resident: "Well, I don't want to listen to this! Where are the rest of the people that live here??"
Me: "They are taking a nap."
Resident: "Lucky Ba*t$%ds, don't have to listen to this all day."

5. One resident thought we were in a cemetery and that dead people were on top of live people.
They insisted that I called the caretaker RIGHT THIS SECOND and get the back hoe and dig them up.
This meant a 5 min fake phone call to the "care taker".

6. One resident LOVES hot chocolate. In fact, they won't eat or drink anything (for the most part) but hot chocolate. I say by 95 you have earned the right to do nothing but drink hot chocolate all day if you want to (we put Ensure instead of milk so that there is at least a LITTLE nutrients in it). I call them "Swiss Miss" and told them if I had to take her blood I don't think we would find blood, but just hot chocolate!

7. Me: "I am so sorry sweetheart, but we are going to have to take you to the hospital...the ambulance will be right here to get you."
Resident: "Ohhhhh no! I am just fine! Tell them I don't want to...and I'm afraid of the big bad wolf."

8. I got called a hornynick because I wouldn't give a sugar free resident a chocolate...what the judd is a hornynick? I don't know but I was dying laughing.

Oh dear...I love these kids.

More later. 
Friday, September 16, 2011

I may or may not be dead....

because I am so tired. And my brain hurts.

No one would know if I am dead or alive though because I see no one anymore...not even my roommates hardly because I am never home. 

I just stay in my car driving back and forth from work, to school, back to work, back to the library.

Then I wake up and do it all again....

Blog?? What is a blog? I don't even know anymore because I haven't been on this thing in forever.


Anyway, I am working WAY too much (aka 55 hours plus a me I am trying to get less) and my class load is much harder than I expected...but I am going to live. Maybe.

And one day I just might be a nurse. But sometimes I seriously have my doubts.

Either way, I paid for this experience (can you believe we pay tons of money to put ourselves through this hell called college??) and I can tell you I am working my little bum off to do well.

On a good note, it is amazing how much better I can think after this heart surgery. is crazy.

Well, I had been waiting to post this but I have also been so busy like a bee trying to get together a surprise 50th birthday party for this pretty lady:

It worked so great too! She seriously had no idea at all and the best surprise was flying in this other pretty lady...
Her Sister (or Stisto as they call each other) from Seattle. I wish I had her reaction on film because it was amazing and made me cry so much!

I will post pictures later of how it turned out...I was pretty happy with it.

Can you believe she is 50? Ya, me neither. Her cake was a bonfire because she is so old ;).

Anyway, life is good and I am happy to not be laying on the couch dying...even if sometimes I do feel like laying around all day.

Hope everyone has a happy day and a great top 10 lines from the good ol' old folks coming soon....
Friday, September 2, 2011

A whole lotta crazy.

Well, everything has been nuts lately. A few updates:

1. I moved into my little house and I love it! (pictures to come)

2. I started school and it is nutso. Remember how I was wanting to be busy?? Well, tad-dah! Almost too busy.

3. I am working a ton and I still love it oh, so much! Even if I am so worn out by the end of the night my eye-balls feel like they are going to fall out and my back hurts sa-bad.

4. I am going back to being a nurse. Don't worry I have changed my major 600 times. Now that I feel good I realize how much I love it.  Maybe one day I will have a bachelor's? One day. Work hard now so you can work even harder later right?

5. I miss my little fam. I love being on my own again but I do miss my house too!

Well, on a random note I was looking at my friend's video that went viral...they are so nuts, but it is a pretty cool video. Don't worry, he is the one in the green frog suit, naturally.

And then it reminded me of this other crazy man....

Why are people so nuts? I am not brave, that is for sure.

Happy Friday!