Thursday, March 31, 2011

My ALL better list.

Something that is really therapeutic for me when I have ended up in bed sick for long periods of time is to make an "ALL better list". It is a way for me to make goals in the future, and then make a gratitude book for the progress I make.

 There was a time when things were pretty bad when my list was really simple and looked like this:
1. Shower myself
2. Walk to the end of the cul-de-sac
3. Do my own hair
4. Get out of the wheel chair AKA stop having so many seizures

Gratefully now my "ALL better list" I am not quite so debilitated and not in a wheel chair so it is a little bit longer and not so sad. This has been hard in its own way, but I have a new list this time and I can't wait to check them off one by one:

1. Enjoy the sun without it hurting my head.
2. NOT watch TV.
3. Read a book without getting a migraine.
4. Be able to drive again.
5. Go for a walk.
6. Wakeboard.
7. Hike
8. Not get nauseated before, during, and after I eat.
9. Travel stop: South America?? Argentina?? I don't know! Time will tell. 
10. Run.
11. Not be tired all the time.
12. Not have muscle hurts.
13. Boating and Lake Powell
14. Go to the mall.
15. Listen to music REALLY LOUD and not have it hurt my heady.
16. Not get sick at the temple.
17. Go to Hawaii
18. Be able to go to ALL 3 hours of church EVERY Sunday.
19. Hula again.
20. Be able to think clearly enough to scrapbook again.

Many, many more things could go on this list....but that's good for now! I can't wait to feel better again.

April 14th couldn't come fast enough.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Scuddles (my dog) has a rubber lip.

Sonny really does have a rubber lip that looks like an inner tube.

I don't know why, but my mom and I get such a kick out of him and his rubber lip...we think it is so funny.

See photo here:

No...actually, let me give you a better look here:

Even better, here is an up close view of the lip itself:

Do you see what I mean? Sometimes it sticks out even more and he gets this little smile that gets stuck on his snaggle tooth and that cracks me up so bad. I can't EVEN handle it.

Many times I just like to come up and flip his rubber lip down to expose his very crooked bottom teeth, all while making the noise "doink". This really bugs him, and really makes me laugh.

Speaking of teeth, we have doggy toothpaste (liver-flavored...EW!) and this really funny looking doggy toothbrush. I thought while I had nothing to do I would try brushing his teeth...I couldn't bring myself to use the toothpaste because I thought it would just make his breath smell worse, but I tried brushing...IT WAS SO FUNNY...but he hated me. So I stopped. I will never be a dental hygienist...especially not a DOG dental hygienist. I will leave all of that up to Cami, Lindsey and Vayla, thank you very much.

What a crazy headed pooper scoops! Gosh I just love him sa-much. He looks so nutsy when he doesn't have a hair cut. Ha!
More later.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

LOVING this group.

Have you heard of the band Fictionist?? 

Admittedly I had not until a few days ago. I am real sad I am late in the game because they are seriously FANTASTIC. That's right, all caps. My long lost student government buddy from high school Liz emailed me and asked me if I had heard of them...wondered if I could do a post to help spread the word on them. When I heard them A) thought OF course I would and B) have been plugged into their music non-stop while I have been trying to write all these dang essays for college application (Sidenote: it is no fun to write essays when your brain is at half mass. My friends now call me "strokey"...first I was seizure girl now I am strokey. REAL funny! Ok enough of that).

I am hooked on Fictionist.

And now we need to try and help them win this big competition!

It is a Rolling Stones competition all based on popular votes. With over 6,000 votes they have already made it into round two out of four! It goes until April 14th and the winners are chosen over the summer. If they win they will be on cover of Rolling Stones, go on Jimmy Fallon, play in a major music festival, and get a major record deal. Whew.

Annnndd if I might add they are all returned missionaries and studied jazz at BYU. Go Mormons!

I asked Liz, "So do you happen to know these guys?" Stuart, Fictionist's Singer is her husband's brother, and Robbie the electric guitarist is married to her husband's sister. No big deal.

Sooo, all you gotta do to show these guys some love is listen and watch the most excellent of videos below and then follow the instructions on this link. It takes two seconds and we can help them win! Also when you vote you get to download FOR FREE 4 of their when I mean I have been plugged into their music non-stop, I mean I have been plugged into their music non-stop.


Thanks Liz for making my life better because I now know Fictionist. 

Friday, March 25, 2011

Vayla Moo-say Mitchell

Ohhh boy. Where do I even start with this girl? Well, today surely is her day of birth...the day, as Michael Scott would say "she emerged from her mother's..." never mind. Ha! If you know Michael Scott from The Office you know just right exactly where that is headed (pun completely intended! WOW! I am funny today! HA!).

Well, Vayla and I haven't been friends since we were kids, but it feels like it! I just love the girl and I don't know if there are too many people who could make me laugh much harder. Majority of our HILARIOUS experiences could never touch this blog, but trust me when I say they are for the record books.

Some of my favorite and funny memories would have to be going to Thailand last summer with Baby V. This was not only Vayla's first time out of the country, but her first time on a plane! That is very brave to bear the 16 hours for your first time. Let me say she did well, she did REALLY, really well. I have flown a lot and that was a MISERABLE flight. Also, I just love to tease her because she brought her entire food storage with her and we are glad she did. I was jealous because unlike her I was up puking literally 26 times in one night while she slept soundly with her applesauce and peaches.

The best moment of the entire trip (and I will tell this story til the day I die) was walking into our third world hotel room to find her on one of the hottest days dripping wet, buck naked standing arms out in front of the cooler yelling "I CAN'T, I CAN'T, I CAN'T!" I shut the door, stopped dead in my tracks, fell to the ground and laughed until I couldn't breathe. I promise it was the funniest thing I have ever seen...mostly because of the most prominent tan line I have ever seen, and the most distressed look I have ever witnessed.

She was such a champion and was so amazing with the kids. What a heart of pure gold! One of the kids especially, Bownui just absolutely melted for her and she is going back this summer! They are going to die when they see her.  I could not be more jealous!

Vayla has overcome so much in her life and I am so proud of the life she has lived! She just found out she got into the dental hygiene program at Dixie and she deserves it so much. No one has better grades than that girl, and let me tell you, she works for it. I just love her so much and she has been such a great friend to me! I could tell stories about her til I am blue in the face, but I am just so glad she is one of my best friends. The boys love her and I can see why! With those eyes and that infectious laugh...see ya later! Sorry to tell you boys, she is taken! She has been there for me with a lot that has gone on in the last while and has been such a great shoulder to cry on. Thanks for being a friend for me Vay and always helping me through the rough times!

Happy birthday Baby V...On to the next one ;)
Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today I was trying to do this dang entrance for the Oprah contest (which literally I think I might actually have a shot at...I know it's funny, but only 81 people have entered as of today and there are only 4 days left of the competition! I ree-heally want to win.) and so I was going back through some of the essays I have written. 

I found one that brought back a lot of memories of my trip and the HUGE impact it made on me as a 16 year old. People always tease me, especially when I got home, because I was such a fanatic when I about everything; talked about it all the time, how I ate, what I threw away, how I slept, material possessions etc. Even the other day my mom said, "Come on Chels, we can laugh about it now, it was kind of funny!" But the fact is that changes a person, ESPECIALLY a 16 year old. It was a ton to take in as a young girl because not only did I just see difficult things and then go back to my hotel room, but I lived without running water and spotty electricity in the slums for six weeks with the people.  Essentially I learned what is like to live that life and I knew what I had waiting for me at can't know that kind of weight held on me. 

Soooo, everyone can tease me all the want about being fanatical, but it changes you. I have since learned Kenya has their set of problems and we have ours and me being fanatical is not going to take that away...but it still changed me. It has propelled my life to become a life-long humanitarian and do all that I can to help here in our own country or abroad. Essentially I plan to get a degree just so I can work in the non-profit world and hopefully dedicate my life to that work. I just love it so much!

Anyway, when I was not loaded on Topamax having strokes and such, I wrote clearly hahah. Here is an essay I wrote on my feelings of my experiences there. I miss it so much....

* August 20, 2005 at 10 PM, I waited anxiously for the flight to take off. I was so excited to be able to go to Kenya, and had dreamed of it my whole life. With our luggage stuffed full of supplies and clothing, I could not wait to meet all of the people, especially the children. After an extremely long flight with many stops we finally landed in Nairobi, Kenya. I could hardly control myself, trying to take in everything. The sights, the smells, and the people…I was actually living my life long dream.

We gathered our luggage, and our dear friends were there to pick us up. They handed me the schedule of the many projects and places we would be working, telling us that many people were anxious to meet us. We piled into the van and started our drive  to my new home. I watched out the window looking at everything that surrounded me. For most of the drive there were endless fields and small villages, but as soon as we got into the city it was almost too much to take in. Tears filled my eyes as I looked outside seeing the most poverty I had ever witnessed. I had always been aware that there were places like this, but seeing it on TV was nothing like actually being there. I saw children on their own, small shacks made out of anything and everything. It broke my heart to know that people lived like this. This huge culture shock and seeing how impoverished these people were was so difficult for me. I felt so guilty that I lived the way that I did, and that I had ever complained. It was so hard for me to understand why I had been blessed with so much “stuff”, and they had so little.

The first day was hard, but the second was even more difficult then I could even imagine. As I walked into Upako Orphanage, my heart sank as I saw how many orphans there were. These kids had absolutely nothing; no family, no money, no education, no health care, and no one to love them. As I looked into their eyes I saw children who were not children. They were kids who had to grow up so fast, learning how to live on their own, and how to survive on the rough streets. As I stood up to introduce myself, I choked on my words and tears filled my eyes. As soon as I started to cry, one little girl came up and wrapped her arms around my waist, and at that point I could not hold my emotions in. It was all so new, and it was so difficult to compare my life with theirs. I was extremely guilt stricken, and I wished at that point that every material possession I ever had I could give away. I looked at the world around me at the point, feeling so small and insignificant. There were so many people who were suffering and poor, and I would never be able to even make a dent in these people’s lives in the short six weeks I was there.

After that day quickly my attitude changed. I started to not see the poverty, but simply the people and their amazing lives. As I played with the children, I finally saw the hopelessness in their eyes fade away…they were being kids. There was one little girl that followed me around endlessly that was about three years old. She had no shoes and her little toes were freezing. I picked her up, wrapped my jacket around her and rocked her. She was asleep in literally five minutes. Her older sister, with tears in her eyes hugged me and said, “Thank you so much Sista Chelsea. I am the only one who has ever held my sister and told her I love her. You don’t know how much it means to have someone else care for her.” Tears ran down my cheek. I finally realized why I was there and the impact one person can make. Mother Teresa’s quote ran through my head, “The hunger for love and appreciation in this world is much greater than the hunger for bread”.

As the weeks ran on I realized that no amount of money, clothing, or food, would ever mean as much as the words ‘I love you’. That the greatest impact I could ever make in the world was to tell each person those words and sincerely put my interest in them. Each disabled child, each person dying with AIDS, each drug addict, each single mother trying to survive with their family was different, special, and deserved to hear the words ‘I love you’.  I realized that the materialistic things were not what I was blessed with, but blessed with love, opportunity, and education. These were the true things that my life was so full of. The hardest day of my life was having to look at those children that I had grown such a special love for, and tell them good bye. I looked at their tears streaming down their cheeks as I tried to hold back mine as much as possible, I told them how much I would miss them, and how special and unique each one of them is. I hugged and kissed every single one of those children before I left and told them how much I loved them. From that moment on I knew how I could essentially “change the world”, it was through those simple words and caring for each and every person in Kenya, and at home.

More later :)
Monday, March 21, 2011

The big long explanation of the heart situation.

Ok, here it goes pals...I will do my best to explain how the appointment went today.

First off it was easily one of the longest days of my life. We were at the doctor for 4 hours for sure, if not longer.

I had the bubble test slash echo first with the tech and once again it was the same old news...medium sized hole in the heart. I was so bummed and they made it seem like I was most likely not going to get my way with the surgery and that was what I was gearing up for.

Well...we waited and waited, and waited....and waited hours more. They put us in a room with a TV and I was so anxiety ridden and just tired of being there that I couldn't pay attention to anything. My poor mother was also dying of hunger and we just really needed some answers.

I finally figured out why we were there so long! Because A) the guy has great bed side manner B) he listens C) he knows his stuff and D) he has done over 4,000 of these PFO surgeries in his he sees a lot of people.

Well, to make a really long story short when I came home from my mission I had an MRI done and there was a small white spot that they deemed unusual but nothing of concern. First things first Dr. Sorensen says that is most definitely a concern and was a mini stroke. He said neurologists don't think those spots are a concern in young women until many start showing up or a massive stroke occurs. This is much more likely in women taking a hormone replacement therapy or birth control because of the rise of blood clots. But many studies have been done that those spots are in fact strokes and he said I am just lucky we only see one. The only thing that concerns me is that MRI was done a while ago and I have had A LOT of migraines since then. That's ok, I don't want to know, let's just get it fixed.

In my case because I have had such a history of neurological issues as well, this is more of a concern he says. Even though hole is medium, this is a stroke prevention rather than a migraine/seizure/sleep apnea/fatigue prevention (hahaha wow, I have been such an issue). However, if we can get rid of all of it in one surgery which is possible...that would be amazing.

He said after the surgery 40% of people that have it  feel like a completely new person, 40% have lessened migraines and have other migraines are coming from another source, and 20% it doesn't do anything for (which is really rare but he has to tell me that anyway).

The important thing, he reminds me, is that he can 100% guarantee I will not be having a stroke after the surgery...and that is the good news - actually the best news. So if I do have a migraine with stroke-like symptoms, at least I am not worried that I am having a stroke.

So April 14th is the day I will go in for surgery!

It is a conscious sedation and then you spend a night there in the hospital. It is pretty quick recovery and then takes about 6 months for your heart to fully heal over the device so your have to take it easy....

I finally feel validated after 6 years of feeling like a nutsy.

I already know I am gonna be in the 40% of feeling amazing...don't even worry about it :)
Sunday, March 20, 2011

Left my mind, be back later.

So I wanted to write a little disclaimer:

sometimes I go back and read my blogs and realize that there are lot of grammatical errors and some don't always make a ton of sense.

Now I don't want to make a lot of excuses, but I totally want to make excuses here: I am literally not always in my right mind at the present moment hahah! For reals.

Because of my meds and the migraines and all this weird stuff, just wanted to let you know...sometimes my brain gets left behind.

Just bear with me here :)

PS. Tomorrow is the appointment! I have good feelings.

More later.
Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creeper number one.

You cannot legitimately watch this and not be freaked out.

I have been freaked out about it for weeks because it comes on every other commercial on Hulu...and I watch a lot of Hulu. 

The guy in it looks like a serial killer and like he is planning to murder his fiance.
Annnnddd...the cat looks fake and disgusting.
Plus who proposes with with a cat??
Just watch it and you will see...

See what I mean?

The way he gets that face with that creepy idea...
and then he starts making plans in the night!
And then covering her eyes and just....I duno, it's disturbing.

Good luck with your fake marriage and your fake cat!

I hope you don't end up dead.

I just have really strong feelings about it because it really freaks me out....

Plus the music belongs in a funeral home where her funeral might be.

The end.
Friday, March 18, 2011

I just love great news!

Today was great because I finally feel like I am starting to healing up from this junk that I have had this last week.

Annnnd....the best news of all is that the Cardiologist office called and said that I could come in on Monday instead of waiting clear til the 30th to get my heart looked at!

Oh we jumped around and did dances and said lots of thank you prayers.

We are being blessed in many ways and I think this was Heavenly Father's way of reminding me that he is watching out for me.

I have a lot of faith going into this appointment that this going to be the answers that I need.... but if it's not we are going to go out and find out how to stop what is making me sick.

So can I use your faith and prayers for just one more weekend?!

Thanks again for all the support.

More later :)
Monday, March 14, 2011

Remember that one time??

Remember that one time when I was super sick with possibly bronchitis and migraines and a fever all at the same time??

Now is that one time.

I could literally kill someone and myself with the misery....

March 30th couldn't come any faster.

But then the bigger picture sets in...

and I just tell myself it could ALWAYS be worse.

And I just keep praying for Japan and watching in horror at the destruction...and when I think I am miserable, I remember I am not that miserable. I hate being so powerless when these things happen, but all I can do is pray my little heart out for them and hope that they will be watched over.

And I think of going to Thailand and seeing the after math of the tsunami YEARS later...many years later and how they have had to rebuild their little country. I hate that Japan will have to do the same.

SO, I am not that miserable.

I thought I was, but I am not.
Darn that whole perspective thing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


I love me some jewelry.

Etsy has some great stuff. Not as good as flea markets and their prices....but definitely good. Nothing says great like fake Tiffany's for 10 bucks (that is real sterling silver by the way!) like Thailand does. But Etsy will do.

Here are some of my finds for the day:

Did I mention I like turquoise and silver?? I realized how much I actually liked it when the majority of the jewelry I picked was just that...

More later :)
Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scuddles is my bestie.

They say (who are "they"? Really, I want to know when you find out.) dogs are a man's best friend.

Well, I am a woman and Scuddles (Sonny) is mine.

I mean look at this mug:

You cannot deny that that little munchie mug is so sweet and angelic. 
I know what you are thinking if you don't like dogs..."I don't like dogs, AND especially I don't like little dogs."

Well, I hate to break it to you, but once Scuddles weasels his way into your heart with his tricks, little scuddley personality, and rubber's a little too much for people to handle and you end up liking him just a little.

He can right now:

Play dead when you make your hand into a gun and say, "bang"
Slow dances with you
Can give you high five
Polka Dance
Twirl around with his arms out
Roll over
Ring a bell when he needs to go outside to go potty
Play hide and go seek
And play soccer with an ice cube....all thanks to the master trainer Mister Gould (aka the Mother)

Well, his tricks are beside the point...they are phenomenal, but Scuddles just has so much more depth. We were besties before, but our friendship has been taken to a whole new level...

I mean we go EVERYWHERE together and we share EVERYTHING (meaning food, home, family and the couch in which a sleep). I love the little pup. And he knows it. 

He knows now that I can't look into that little face without sharing whatever it is I am eating (unless of course it would be a hazard to him) without giving him just a little taste....I just can't bare it anymore. 

So every night we have the same thing happen....

I have to make myself eat something small - like maybe a bagel or a yogurt or something - (I hate eating now by the way...who ever thought that would happen to me? I am a POLYNESIAN girl.) so I can take my meds. I get it and take it down to the hole (AKA the basement couch....where I have resided for almost 4 months...shoot me) and Sonny rushes down and hops on the couch before I even get there.

Because he knows....he knows that I always let him lick the lid from the yogurt.

And I always say...."Ohhhhh, Scuddles! You wants some O-gurts???" 

And he get's sooooo excited. That little muffin get's SO excited and I love it. 

And I love Scuddles and Scuddles loves me. We're BFF's forever because no matter what happens he's always happy to see me and always there to snuggle me when I have a rough day.

When I used to have seizures he always knew. He would always get anxious and sit on top of me....and when I am sick he is always worried. That's because we are besties...

So I can share o-gurts and pieces of bagel with my bestie for sure...just not pieces of chicken because you are allergic.

Happy Saturday!

Love you my little Scuddley Wuddley.

And between me and the rest of everyone who loves you, I think you may be the most loved dog in the world...but I think I love you the most.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm a sucker.

I'm a sucker for these...


I always have the itch to switch them around when I have a room.

Some people love shoes, shirts, jeans...I happen to love comforters.

I just wish they were a little cheaper.

Here are some cute ones I found today


Love these. So much. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

The last few days...

I have been overly weak and tired with these migraines.

I'm not really sure why more this week than others....if it is just all the stress of what has been going on in the house or what???

Poor dad from his surgery....well he is MISER-ABLE. All in caps. And hyphenated. I just wouldn't wish that upon anyone....especially him. So we just lay upstairs and be miserable together and well poor mom just has to listen to me whine the last few days. My dad doesn't whine, just me.

So I have been doing a lot of this:

and this:

all the day long. I just soak until I am too pruney to believe and then sleep until I am too slept out. Then I go to bed and do it all again.

In the mean time I wait for people to post something interesting on their facebook (please give me something good people!) and then look for insanely hilarious Youtube videos that I make all of my friends and family watch with me.

Here are some of my favorites:

And this one I have to really explain first.

Well, my brother knows the kid and he is fine now.

He also laughed while showing my brother the video....which gives like everyone else the go ahead to laugh as well.

It really is funny if you know that he is ok....also it is 9 minutes long...but it is worth it.

And there are millions more where that came from....

some I just don't know if I feel super comfortable posting on here. But if you have the same sense of humor as I do, then ask me for some other good ones.

More later :)