Monday, March 14, 2011

Remember that one time??

Remember that one time when I was super sick with possibly bronchitis and migraines and a fever all at the same time??

Now is that one time.

I could literally kill someone and myself with the misery....

March 30th couldn't come any faster.

But then the bigger picture sets in...

and I just tell myself it could ALWAYS be worse.

And I just keep praying for Japan and watching in horror at the destruction...and when I think I am miserable, I remember I am not that miserable. I hate being so powerless when these things happen, but all I can do is pray my little heart out for them and hope that they will be watched over.

And I think of going to Thailand and seeing the after math of the tsunami YEARS later...many years later and how they have had to rebuild their little country. I hate that Japan will have to do the same.

SO, I am not that miserable.

I thought I was, but I am not.
Darn that whole perspective thing.