Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Things I can live without if I have to, but would rather not.

There are just some things in this life that if I had my rathers I would pick in a heart beat.

Don't get me wrong, I can definitely go without if I need to....but a girl DOES have preferences.

These are mine.

What really, REALLY gets my ticker ticking is when I have a favorite of something and then a company stops making it. That happens so often and it just makes me so this favorite:

Plumeria lotion by Bath and Body.
Lucky for them I can still buy it online and at their big sales...whew. Nothing says I just walked off my homeland of Hawaii like this does. I MUST have lotion after I shower or I literally will feel like I can peel my skin off. It's weird...and like I said if I had my rathers I would like to smell like my homeland. 

While I'm in the shower however I like to smell this because it is delish and I like the way it lathers.

and then while we are on the subject of showers I would take one of these...

because washrags legitimately give me the willeys. And if I was going to HAVE to use a rag I would have to get a new one every single time and even then I would question it....rags and sponges make me question everything about life. They are germy and nappy and just....I can't think about them.

Then before I would go to bed I would have to wash my face and use my favorite face cream:

And then use my most favorite toothpaste which is the cheapest and best flavor of all...Crest regular paste.

Lastly before I hit the sack I have to have lotion, chapstick, and ice water. So which chapstick do I choose? Well, because of Julie I pick my top fave:

But it is kind of pricey, so when that is not in the budget, I always stick to the cheap and the best:

Also (and I do not use this before bed so this is kind of off topic) because my eyes water a lot and I do tear up quite often I must have water proof mascara if I want to look like a human being by the end of the day. This one is my favorite:

I wouldn't say I am high maintenance, but I would say there are some luxuries I definitely enjoy. So if you didn't think I was weird already, now you know for sure.
Tomorrow, by the way, is my big day when I find out if I have my hole in my heart and my dad has his major surgery. I am pretty nervous and I feel like I am finding out if I made it on student government or if I got the big part in the show! That sounds so weird but I just really hope that we get some answers. I should have more faith and I SO appreciate all the of the fasting and prayers know that there are so many that are doing that for me and my family. I really do have a good feeling about tomorrow so I just need to not worry so much.

More later :)