Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beautiful and Comforting Words.

Today I got a really great Facebook message from one of my friends that I grew up with. Our dads are the best of friends and have worked together for years. Jessica is older than me and I just looked up to her so much and thought she was way cool...even if we didn't see each other very much.

I realized today how much more "cool" of a girl she has become. She is an amazing woman of courage. What a great example of an incredible mother of faith who has a child that has been dealt a difficult hand. I am so impressed with her and her husband's attitude and strength through a very hard time.

I know that my health has not been a walk in the park throughout my life and it has been really hard and challenging. But I can barely imagine watching my child go through it. It gives me so much respect for parents like her, my parents included.

This is her baby Aili:

Poor little thing has been through so much with her heart and open heart surgery. I was in tears as I caught up and read her entire blog today about her experiences.

After my post yesterday explaining how nervous I was for recovery and how much I didn't want a big scar afterwards, Jessica sent me this message and I just bawled. It made me feel a lot of comfort and peace and meant so much to me. Sheesh, I am crying so hard right now just thinking about it. Her message said:

Hey Chelsea,

I am so sorry to hear that you will most likely be having open heart surgery. As much as that sucks, it will be great to have your heart fixed! You mentioned that you aren't too thrilled about having a massive scar down your chest...seriously who would be? No one wants that! I just wanted to share a blog post I did a little while back about my baby's scar from open heart surgery. Hopefully the quote I share in it will give you strength and peace like it did for me.

Good luck with everything! We will be praying for you! 

Then to quote her blog:

"My birthday was just a couple days before we left to go to California, I asked for a Kindle, so I could read while we were there in the hospital. I got my Kindle. The first book I bought was "Heaven is Here" by Stephanie Nielson from the blog Nie Nie Dialogues. Most of you are probably familiar with her and her blog. She was in a plane crash and was burned severely. This book is about her story of getting through that experience. It's amazing, I highly recommend it. I read it within the first couple days of being in California, before Aili had her surgery.

There was one passage in the book that really stood out to me. It's exactly what I needed to hear/read. Stephanie met with Elder Holland (a general authority for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). She wrote about a conversation they had:

"As we talked he told me to be proud of my scars. 'We look for Christ's scars because they are evidence of what He did for us. They'll be the first things He shows us when we see Him again. Your scars tell a story too. Although they may not make you feel attractive, they are a witness of a miracle, that God blessed you to live, and that you have accomplished very difficult things.'"

How true is that for Stephanie, but also for everyone who has scars, like my sweet, beautiful baby. That quote brought me such peace, because that is exactly what that her scar is, witness of a miracle, an AMAZING miracle, and it totally shows the really hard things she has/will accomplish at such a young age. God blessed her to live! What a wonderful blessing!

My baby is amazing, when she is old enough I will share that quote with her, and I will always teach her to be proud of her scar, and I hope she is. She is truly the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world, and because of her I'm becoming a stronger, and better person."

I just loved this so much. It gave me so much hope and strength because sometimes I felt less-than because of all of the surgeries and problems I have had to face. If I am going to be honest, I have even wondered how even just in dating and meeting people how someone will be able to see past my medical history. It has been lengthy and this will be my 10th surgery and one of many hospital stays. I have been embarrassed and sometimes self-conscious about what kinds of problems I have had. Now that one of my scars will be so visible I felt like, "oh great, now this will always be a topic of conversation." 

But this quote helps me to remember that many people have things much worse than I can even imagine. That I have been able to overcome many of the issues I have personally been dealt. To not dwell on the past. That more importantly, our Savior has overcome everything, including the pain and emotional roller coaster I have been through. The miracle of modern medicine. That I have an amazing mother and father who have been through so much right along with me to help me get better.

Thank you Jessica for reminding me of this.

Her blog is found HERE if you want to read more...it really is amazing.


Anonymous said...

SO very beautiful, Chelsea!! This made me cry. You are such a strong, inspirational woman who has been faced with challenges--but still has a smile on your face! I look up to you immensely for your strength and example. This story touched me-- i never thought of looking at scars like that....what a beautiful thing. I love you Chelsea and think the world of you!!!

Kayla said...

I used to dance with Jessica and Tyler is friends with her husband Chris. they are way nice and I have been following her blog for about a month and all the things they have been through I sat at work and got teary-eyed at every post I read. They are strong people and so are you! You are amazing and have a wonderful family to support you. I know i've said it before but you sure do have such a positive outlook on life (even when life is crappy) and I really admire that about you! thanks for posting this!

Sarah Buck said...

such a sad and sweet story! That baby is beautiful! I'm so sorry for all of the health complications over the years and I wish you so much luck with the next surgery and a quick recovery. Love you Chels!!

Double handle handbags said...

This little kids looks really lovely and I even watch the future of her, wearing nice dress and zipper front leather jacket with her, the best scenery I ever meet!

mark said...

Hey there, I don't know if anyone is still monitoring this post. But someone has stolen the picture of that brave little girl and turned it into a facebook scam. That sort of thing really irritates me.

dar said...

See Marks comment above. some sicko has stolen Baby Aili's picture & is trying to scam money from people.this is the facebook site that posted it, https://www.facebook.com/OficialPageTeensOnly

Unknown said...

the sad thing is now this picture is now doing the rounds on social media sites with the message

"Please help this little guy, his parents can't afford surgery so Facebook is helping him out.
For every like, Facebook donated $1
For every comment, Facebook donates $10,
For every share Facebook donates $100"

what a shame... hope youre surgery went well and hope the wee lass is fighting fit


Anonymous said...

There is a pathetic dude of facebook using what I think to be your daughter's picture to get attention for himself. I found you doing a reverse image search on google. Thought you might want to know. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197033147173125&set=a.110597015816739.1073741827.100005993232757&type=1&theater

K said...

I also found this blog by using a Google Image search. They're saying something along the lines of "This baby boy needs open heart surgery and his parents can't afford it so Facebook and CNN are agreeing to pay half the costs". Then it claims that a like will donate $1, a comment $10, and a share $100. Of course none of this is true, but it's annoying that people believe it.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I also found this blog via reverse image search.

I know this pic has been used in spam before. and I know it really sucks balls. If the mother of the child in question happens to read- there are quite a few people more than willing to hurt the guy who's decided to attach "fb will pay them" instead of "1 like=1 prayer"

"fb will pay them" feels like it's a whole lot worse.

Though I do hope no-one actually hurts him and he just get's a little cricket to follow him around and tell him right from wrong, I'm part of the "here to support you and your kid through all this spam nonsense" crowd too.

So many kids are used like this it wouldn't surprise me if they formed a support group. lol.

Anonymous said...

As like everyone else, I found this story on a reverse image search after someone called Ben Burgess posted the picture from a like farming hoax...despicable scum! But your childs picture is on youtube too. I dont think its your profile. Heres the link if you want to complain and have it removed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXWp374p6sk

On the subject of your child, Im due for a heart transplant myself and I will look upon my scar as proof that you CAN beat the odds! To wear at with pride as a badge against adversity. Your story has given me hope and your little sweethearts smile gives me encouragement. Best wishes to you and your munchkin!

amdaman said...

Regarding Abi's picture, I noticed her mother has made her blog private (viewed by invitation only). Yet, you chose to make her baby's picture public, and available to other to exploit it for Likes and Shares. I would suggest you remove this picture and save her mother the aggravation of seeing her picture, in this state, plastered all over the Web and exploited for financial gain of others. Someone already advised you on how to get the images removed from YouTube. To do it on Facebook, go to the photo page and report it to Facebook. When you do, it's not enough to just say "I think it shouldn't be on Facebook." To have it removed (along with the more that 500,000 shares), you have to report it as "legal rights infringement" (or perhaps her parents need to do that). Here's the link to the photo published on Facebook by a moron named Ben Burgess:


Anonymous said...

Yup, please report that Ben Burgess guy: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=197033147173125&set=a.110597015816739.1073741827.100005993232757&type=1

He's posted the picture saying that CNN and facebook will pay per like and share. This has been shared 100,000's of times already!

Joanne said...


Is ALSO using this picture for money.