About Me

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

I guess Iʻve now become one of those blogging house-wives, but I find writing and recording our journey to be therapeutic and a great way to keep people (who care) what we are up to.

I have had a lot happen in the last few years: five heart surgeries, serving an LDS (Mormon) mission, graduating, dating, humanitarian trips to Africa, working with very funny old folks, lot's of up's and downs...and finally finding the LOVE of my life. 

Moving forward I don't doubt that there is much more exciting things to come….

I document all of my foul-ups, joys, heartaches, and humorous goings-ons here along with things I think are funny, lovely, and inspiring.

I have an incredible hubby:

The best of friends:

Our "dog-ter" that we love and spoil too much:

And a job I really enjoy doing corporate fundraising at United Way of Utah County:

No matter what happens, I am pretty darn lucky.

Thanks for reading!