Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some days I want a child....

My friend just had a BEAUTIFUL baby boy.
 Seriously, I want to munch on his cheeks and it makes me want to have one my own self.
I've never met him, but his picture took my breath away.
Here he is:

Wait til you read his name:

Jack Kealaka'ika'olelo Ho'ikea'ola'i'oala'akea Uale.

I love being Polynesian.
I will have names like that!
Ok..maybe not THAT long.

More later. 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tick goes the clock!

Time is running out for me and it is starting to make me nervous! The other night I was looking through my mission hand-book and I got my first bout of real butterflies and the nerves.

I really am doing this....really, really.

My eyes get teary every time I think of saying good-bye for a year and a half.

I don't think I will really get homesick...too much work to be done, but I do get sad knowing that everything will be different when I get home.

Don't worry! I know it will all be worth it. I can't wait to be a missionary and to share those things that are so dear to my heart and make my life so complete!

One that is hard is that I feel so pointless right now! Waiting to leave is KILLING me. Literally cutting off my air supply.

My mom tells me to enjoy the boredom, but I usually have a purpose you know? A task list waiting to be checked off...a bazillion errands to run. Papers to write, people to call. But all my friendlies are gone and busy. The task lists have ceased for a time. And yes I am staying "busy" working at YouthLinc and the old folks home...but it sometimes doesn't cut it. I am ready to get this week out of the way because here is my schedule:

June 9th- July 3rd....THAILAND BABY
July 4-July 11th ...Cali with the fam for little Hannah's dance competition/DisneyLand
July 18th.... My farewell/Setting apart
July 21st ....Off to the MTC

So crazy.
More later.
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Real Life.

Well, I have been spending my days at a wonderful program call Youthlinc where I have been an intern. They are the ones sending me to Thailand in just a few short weeks :). Anyway! With my time there I have been working with a pretty fah-reaking amazing girl named Elham Nazzal...aka Ellie. She introduced me to the best thing in the whole world, her program "Real Life" which is to help refugee children. Not only do they teach them the every day skills necessary to be introduced into our society, but she also helps the children have a good time by learning things they have never swimming! Today I got to help take all of these beautiful children swimming. My only regret is that I didn't meet them sooner because I fell in love with them today just in time to leave for the mission. They are from countries all over...Somalia, KENYA :), THAILAND :), Cambodia, India...all over. Not exactly sure what a refugee is? Definition HERE.

Anyway, Ellie was telling me how cute it was because a lot of the little girls didn't have swimsuits and it was so funny trying to help the figure out how to even put one on! They didn't realize where the straps went and where each leg went. It took a lot of coaxing too for them coming out of the dressing room to even go swimming in a swim suit. (They left their little bras and underwear on! So funny)

While we swam and played they told me of how hard life was in the refugee camps from where they came from and how wonderful America is."America is so easy!" they said....and it's true in a lot of ways. Broke my heart to think of all they have had to see and  deal with at such a young age. From traveling the world you realize most of the world really lives like that....having to deal with so much terror at such a young age. I am glad they are here now and enjoying themselves, free from those terrible camps.

This is a great program to get involved in. The Catholic Community Services does a lot with refugees if you would like to get involved and find ways of volunteering to help these amazing people transfer into our culture and way of life a little easier.

Here are some cute pictures of the day.
HOWEVER, I have to apologize, they are kind of grainy because I couldn't find the right setting, and well, I am not the most attractive bare with me here.

The cute Thai/Burmese girls I played with most of the time:

This picture says it all about the boys....hahah they learned how to splash really quick!
They also learned that splashing girls=girls screaming.

The cute group!
I want to munch on their cute faces!

My BFFs:

Love these kind of programs.
Props to Ellie.
More later. 
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Must you really?

Alright, I have just about HAD IT (I use that because that is the line my mom used in a really angry tone to let us know she was REALLY mad). Driving makes me grumpy most of the time, and especially today for some reason. I was extremely fussy today and I can't really put my finger on it...I about lost it driving home in traffic from Salt Lake. Here are some reasons:

1. If you are going slower than everyone else and you are in the fast lane, get out of there! Freak! Do we not understand that. People that go 65 on the dot or under in the fast lane should be punched in the loins and kinked in the windpipe. Just move, because my cruise control is on as are the 5 other people's set strategically at 74 so please just get over so I don't have to tap my brake.

2. USE your dang blinker. That is what it is there for. Really, I will let you in...I always do. But when you don't use your blinker and cut me off I get real fussy and ticked off. So do the other people behind me at me when I have to slam on my brakes making them slam on theirs. It's not that hard, just click it on.

3. You know how much I love old people...adore them. However, most should not be driving. When someone is going 35 on the freeway, that is LITERALLY scary. You look away for one second and you have almost hit into them because they are going SO slow and you come up on them too fast. Enough to scare the pants off you. Sheesh.

4. People who speed up to pass you and then slow down as soon as they get in front of you. Really?? Really. There are four lanes open next to you....and you wanted to just show me that you can go faster. Awesome. You are really cool.

5. Last but not least....when I go 85 in a 65 don't tail gate me when I can't get over. I am going 20 over....seriously, I am not one of the sixty fivers in the fast lane, I can't get over and we are going 20 over...what more do you want?

Whew. Thank you for letting me rant.
I physically feel better.
More later. 
Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bitter sweet.

I got to go back and work at my very most favorite old folks home in the whole world. It was so fun to go back and see so many cute wrinkly faces that I adore so much. Some remember me, most don't, but as time went on today they started to remember...some.

 It is amazing how close your heart feels to someone when you really care for someone and do something that they can no longer do for themselves. I love being an aide. I love going above and beyond to help the elderly.

Freak, after living 80 plus years and putting in a full life of hard work, devotion to a family, and to others I think that that is just a given that you get that kind of care. I mean, it's not all fun. I don't love changing briefs, dealing with throw up, and many other various bodily fluids...but I know how much I want my mom to be there to hold back my hair when I have to throw up. It's not fun, and it sucks, and no one should have to go through many of the mean and vicious ailments that are basically inevitable.

Anyway, I loved it so much tonight, but I got pretty teary and had a super hard time as I walked down the halls to see so many name plates that have since been removed. It makes me heart hurt to go back and see who is there and who is not.

My last week of work at Southern Utah was torture. Never have good-byes been so hard when I know that in a year in a half most of them won't be there. How do you say goodbye to someone like that? If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them, because I have said too many of those goodbyes.

I love those people. 
Adore them.
With all of me.
I hate saying goodbye.
I guess that is why I am glad there is an afterlife...
I will wait til then to see all those sweet little hearts. 

More later.
Friday, May 21, 2010

Scuddles the human.

I know.  I realize I blog about my dog, Sonny AKA (known by most) Scuddles many times over. But that is because A) He is so blog worthy and hilarious. And B) He is like my child. And when I say child, I mean an actual human, and really that is pretty much how I treat he is human. I talk to him like he is my child, sing to him, take him in the care like he is my know...the ush.

I gave him a bath yesterday and he seriously looks like a crazy. So fluffy and funny lookin. He needs a haircut. Notice picture A:

He looks dirty still! Because he is so out of control.

So when I was laughing to myself as I blow-dryed him (yes I totally did...I told you he is my child), I realized I really wanted to take pictures of how funny he looked.

AND THEN as I started taking pictures I realized...I know why I treat him like a child slash human! It is because he acts like one.

Scuddles sits on the couch politely like a human.
I sit in the chair across and talk to him like one too.

You frequently see Scuddles also sitting in the chair people watching the neighbors like a human.

Rests his arms on the chair like a human.

Eats plenty of human food ( I give that to him all the time! That is why he likes me the most I know it!)

Scuddles chews gum. (Ok this totally was by accident, but so funny)

 Scuddles loves flowers.

Scuddles wears party hats and has birthday parties.

Scuddles wears life jackets.

And finally, Scuddles loves fishing. LOVES IT. 
Took him today and he was on cloud nine. 
Gets so excited when a fish comes in...wish I had pictures to show.

But all in all....I mean, he really is like a child.
My child.
I love him.

More later. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random thoughts of me....

 I really don't have anything too exciting to write about....just random thoughts 
and random things that happened today.

1. I went on a bike ride with my mom and Hannah that was fab.
2. My bum is not used to that seat.
3. I am definitely out of shape.
4. Bike riding down the river woods brought back so many fun child memories
5. My wrists hurt from typing so much at internship. 
6. Salt Lake 5:00 traffic cramps me big time.
7. I am more ticklish than I mom never lets me forget too long though!
8. I actually really enjoy cleaning the kitchen...alot! Don't tell my parents.
9. I can't wait to go to Thailand....and even more can't wait to go on the mission!
10. Glee, more specifically Sue Sylvester is FA-reaking funny. 
11. Best line by Sue Sylvester "Oh I will bring it, William. You know what else I'm gonna to bring? I'm gonna bring some Asian cookery to rub your head with, because right now you've got enough product in your hair to season a wok."

Oh what  a weird, but fulfilling day! Hope yours was too...more later. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Big Man.

Today I saw my first Temple Sealing here:

Of THIS couple, Dani and Quin:

Oh....and don't worry....for my first time, I just saw the BIG MAN
perform the sealing. Who is the Big Man?
Oh just Thomas S.

Don't be TOO jealous that it was AMAZING.
Poor little guy repeated his funny stories 3 times.
I've never seen that side of him!
Loved it.

Aside from the amazingness of the prophet of the Lord sealing a couple...
the actual sealing is amazing.
Dani looked incredible.
I am so happy for them!

Oh ya, and all the hype about temple marriages...
they really are everything they are cracked up to be and more.

More later!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Changes, BIG changes.

It is so funny how life never goes as planned.

I mean NOTHING in my life has gone according to plan.

One of my favorite quotes is, "God laughs the hardest when his children are making plans."

So true. I am ok with plans not working out, because it always ends up better...even if you have to go through a bunch of judd to get there.

First things first. I graduated from Dixie! So great, and so sad.

I was pretty emotional the day of graduation because:
 1) I am sad to leave everyone.
 2) Dixie has been my home for the last 3 years.
 3) I can't believe I graduated.

I mostly can't believe I graduated because of all of the health issues I have faced. Pretty remarkable that I actually made it through! And I never failed a single class. Crazy It has been an extremely challenging 3 years and I can't believe all I was able to overcome all of the seizures and knee surgeries and mono and etc.  And well, it may have taken me a year longer because of having to withdraw BUT I made it though!

In other news, I have OFFICIALLY changed my major.

Goodbye nursing, hello to:
BS in Business
Emphasis in Organizational Management/Human Relations
Minor: Non Profit Management.

Annnnnnd I am doing this where? Somewhere I never thought I would go:

BYU kids. B friggin Y U.
After the mish of course.
Hopefully I can work for a large non profit organization like Op Smile, LDS Church, 
or the American Heart Association.

That is the plan, but we know how MY plans go.

More later.
Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wonderful day!

Today I went through the Mt Timpanogos Temple.

It was the best day ever!! 
I can't wait to go back and back again.

Love the church.
Love the temple.
Love my family.
Love my mission.