Friday, May 21, 2010

Scuddles the human.

I know.  I realize I blog about my dog, Sonny AKA (known by most) Scuddles many times over. But that is because A) He is so blog worthy and hilarious. And B) He is like my child. And when I say child, I mean an actual human, and really that is pretty much how I treat he is human. I talk to him like he is my child, sing to him, take him in the care like he is my know...the ush.

I gave him a bath yesterday and he seriously looks like a crazy. So fluffy and funny lookin. He needs a haircut. Notice picture A:

He looks dirty still! Because he is so out of control.

So when I was laughing to myself as I blow-dryed him (yes I totally did...I told you he is my child), I realized I really wanted to take pictures of how funny he looked.

AND THEN as I started taking pictures I realized...I know why I treat him like a child slash human! It is because he acts like one.

Scuddles sits on the couch politely like a human.
I sit in the chair across and talk to him like one too.

You frequently see Scuddles also sitting in the chair people watching the neighbors like a human.

Rests his arms on the chair like a human.

Eats plenty of human food ( I give that to him all the time! That is why he likes me the most I know it!)

Scuddles chews gum. (Ok this totally was by accident, but so funny)

 Scuddles loves flowers.

Scuddles wears party hats and has birthday parties.

Scuddles wears life jackets.

And finally, Scuddles loves fishing. LOVES IT. 
Took him today and he was on cloud nine. 
Gets so excited when a fish comes in...wish I had pictures to show.

But all in all....I mean, he really is like a child.
My child.
I love him.

More later. 


kayla & tyler said...

hahahahahahahaHa, this whole post was too funny!! I loved all the pictures to go with it.

Ashley Gibson said...

oh i love that dog like he is your child! i want him to refer to me as aunt ash! haha! chels this is freakin funny!