Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"The future will be better tomorrow" - Dan Quaylek

Why will it be better?

Well, the heart surgery is tomorrow. And kids, I have every ounce of faith in the world that I can muster that this is the answer we have been led to. This is what is going to help me get better, and I am no longer going to have the problems I have so long been plagued with: migraines, seizures, mini strokes and fatigue. I just know it.

I know angels will be with me when I have the operation and everything is going to be ok. So I am just so excited to have it done and feel better!

I go in tomorrow at 9 and the surgery is 10 at St. Marks hospital. After the surgery they said I would have to lay flat for 2 hours which does not sound fun to me...but hey there could be worse things. Also they said sometimes you can have a really bad migraine after, but what else is new?

Then they will keep me over night, and in the morning they will do another echo and send me on my merry way! Not too hard right? They said sometimes for like a month after migraines get worse before they get better, but then you can emerge into a new human being. YES. I am not too nervous...the only things I was nervous about are:

1) The fact that it is heart surgery. It isn't a BIG heart surgery or anything, but it is still MY heart and it is very vital to me. I am gonna need that thing in the future, just sayin'.

2) They put you out with conscious sedation. This kind of freaks me out. In some ways I would just like to be knocked out cold and intubated....I don't want to know anything that is going on thank you very much. But hey, they definitely know what they are doing so I will just not worry about it.

3) The nurse still made me worry that because the size of the hole is a 4 out of 5 there is a chance that they can't the device in. I know they have to tell me that, but I wish they wouldn't have because I know they are going to get it in but now I have to go in worrying anyway. The doc seemed super confident and I know that through blessings that everything is going to be fine...she just still had to plant that amount of worry in my head. Snitch.

Last things last, it will take about 6 months for my little broken heart to heal haha. That means I will be on Asprin, Coumadin, and Plavex for this time and will have to be careful about lifting anything over 25 lbs for 3 months and 50 lbs for 6. Also no wakboarding this Summer which really bums me out! But hey, I am so excited to get better and I have so much trust in this doctor, Dr. Sherman Sorensen. I was looking on his website and you should see how many times this guy has been published! SHEESH!

For those who were curious I will post a link about the surgery and also a video about how it works, and for any of those who want to send up some extra prayers for me, I totally wouldn't object :) See ya on the other side!

Here is what my surgery will be like:

Info on Sorensen Medical Group and PFO closures HERE

Check out my doc's background. No big deal. HERE
If you are ever thinking of getting checked out I would seriously recommend HIM. For reals.


Jewls said...

Girl your amazing!! My prayers are Def. with you. You'll do great.

Liz said...

Good luck! I'll pray for you.


The Browns said...

Luv you tonz Chelz. It was so good to see you, I have been thinking about and praying for you since we left. YEA tomorrow!!!

-m- said...

oh chels i just love you! I will be praying for you- you are such an amazing, strong woman. You can do it! good luck!

mom/grandma debbi said...

I had conscience sedation with my heart procedure, pacemaker insert, & replacement, colonoscopy, & endoscopy & I don't remember ANYTHING about any of them...just that I said some off the wall things when I was waking up!!! :-0 Our prayers are with you! Love you!