Monday, March 22, 2010

No me gusta.

Man, I am so grumpy the last few days. I just feel....blah. Aka, sluggish, tired, worn down, sore throat, too busy, and stressed. It is one of those times when just everything feels like it goes wrong in a day. Know what I am talking about???

Like today: I picked up two extra patients (against my better judgement) and so I was running late for class.  Of course I pull into a packed parking lot and with one car in front of me going .067 mph who then has another car pull out right in front of them. They take the ONE parking spot left in all of Saint George. I finally get to class 10 minutes late and 10 minutes later, he ends. Don't get me wrong! I love it when class ends early....just not when I drove around for 5 days to find a parking spot I was gonna be in for 10 minutes. Today was also one of those days I have a zit right in the middle of my forehead that is the size of europe and I didn't have time to do my hair...waking up at 6 every morning makes it so that definitely comes last. Meetings today again, which then in turned into the scheduling of MORE meetings. One upper girl was at it again and they scheduled me another patient when I specifically have it off.

                                                    Oh ya, and the Health Care Bill passed.

Funny how people who are super uneducated about the whole thing try and argue about it, mostly on Obama's side because he is more of celebrity than a president...that's the "cool" thing to do is be on his side because so is T-Pain.

Whew. Do I sound grumps? On a normal day I could handle all of this and anything else you wanna throw at me. Lately I just don't have tolerance.

ON a better note: some of my bestest best friends came down to St. George and stayed with me this weekend! We had so fun! We went caving and had a bar-b-que, and it was fun just to have some of my northern friends down here where I love. We also had the chalk dance this weekend! So are some pictures:

It was so fun! It was a lot like the Hari Krishna festival of colors. Well, sorry for the rating and raving! Hope tomorrow is looking up!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I have a gift...

  I'm not gonna lie, one thing I am really good at is noticing things. Things like: mannerisms, quirks, habits, and routines. I don't know why I picked up on this, but if I am around you for more than 20 minutes I have probably noticed the way you bite your lip, shift your eyes, say your "o's" funny, or tug on your shirt.

For example (and if I were in front of you I could act these out better than explain them):

Julie: Always undoes her chaptick with one hand, vigorously slathers it on, blinks quickly and then rubs them together.

Dewey: Always gives you the deer in the headlight look, clasps his hands anytime we are in a meeting, and always pulls his shirt down even when it is already down.

Ash: Every time she says something sarcastic or brutally honest she does an uncomfortable giggle, she always pops her knuckles and plays with the ring she wears on her thumb, and now that she has bangs she constantly fixes them.

Stef: Always says "Really?" after everything, looks up and slightly to the right especially when she is telling you a story, also fixes her bangs a lot, and will change her clothes 8 billion times.

Devan: Always smacks you in the arm after he says stuff as if to say, "you get it?" or an "oh I'm just kidding you" hit, puts all his weight on one leg and folds his arms when he is talking, and always swings his keys around... especially when he is uncomfortable.

Lindsey: Almost always has her arms folded, especially when we are in a group situation, always says what she is going to do before she does it like, "ok well, I am just gonna go ahead and shut this door!", and always opens her eyes really wide when she is listening to a story you are telling her. 

Cam: Nods her head and says, "Uh huh, uh huh" when you are telling her a story, always has her water bottle and drinks it constantly...always just a few sips, more than likely has her green purse around her and her keys hooked on whenever you see her, and when she laughs she always adds and extra bounce.

Well, I could go on forever, and I don't really know WHY I decided to tell you that... I just think it is funny the things I pick up on. Most people don't know this about me, so you better be careful what you do or say around me, I may just imitate you! Next time you see me, ask me what yours are - chances are I have picked on at least one or two. I love to do it! You can tell a lot by body language....

More later!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Holy Hannah.

I think that THIS might be the funniest/craziest/cutest/greatest video I have ever seen.

And pretty sure this is a close's maybe not cute, but it sure is funny!!

Hope these make you laugh today. Happy Saturday!

One uppers.

I can't stand one uppers. What's a one upper you might ask? Well, they are the people that it doesn't matter what you say or what you do... they have done it better...or worse. Bah. For instance, one girl I know, we'll call her lester, Lester has this problem to the extreme. The other day I just rattled off some side comment like, "man, I sure have one killer of a headache this morning." Like an animal ready to attack, lester cuts me off  and says in a very loud voice HER breaking news, "OH. MY. GOSH. My head last night was so bad. I had a total and complete migrane all night, so I couldn't sleep, which meant I was late to class because I slept in! Ah it's so terrible, you're lucky you only had a small one! Mine was so bad, and you won't believe it but I STILL have a headache!"

Wow. Really? Was that necessary? I mean come on. This is not the only example, I could tell you stories beyond stories of the things  I have been one-uped about that don't make sense to me. I.e. I don't know why you would want to one up me on a HEADACHE because no one wants one. So here is one of the funnies SNL clips that shows my frustration to a T. Please watch and laugh with me. 

This is a perfect way to describe lester.

More later. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's official....

I'm putting in my mission papers for my church!

I am so excited and can't believe it is really happening.
Bring on the calf length skirts, nylons, name tags, and ugly shoes.

Want to learn more about what a mission for the LDS church is?
Learn here.

Where do you think I'll go??
Comment with your guess and whoever get's the closest I will send you a surprise!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mmmmm Hmmm, muy bien.

Well, I am not even going to mention that snitchy Jake. I can't even handle the Vienna Sausage choice....blerk. All I can say is that if I ever hear the song, "On the Wings of Love" again, I might punch someone. The controller almost went down my throat to gag myself when they started dancing to it...for reals. Whatever dude, whatever. On a better note, I have been meaning to post this forever. It is AMAZING and actually makes me respect Pink as a performer. Anyone that can sing upside down and wet is pretty stinking good in my book...and Oprah's. Alright, enjoy! And hope your day is fan-freakin'-tastic.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The words won't come...

I apologize. I haven't been the best at writing, that is for sure. Nothing funny or exciting has happened. It's just day in, day out. Don't you hate those slumpy times? I mean I can't even update my facebook status because that is just how boring it is. My days seem to go like this:

6 AM wake up, see patients until 12.
12-4 Classes.
4-7 Student Gov meetings

Do it again.

A few things on my mind:
I love this picture.

One day when I actually find a decent man and decide to tie the knot, I really love these ideas, they are beautiful:

I think this show is hilarious:

Thailand can't come quick enough:

I wish my bronchitis and flu would go away and so I could stop coughing:

If Jake picks this crazy tonight, I am going to have a B.F....literally.

Elections for Student Body Pres and VP are right now and they are stressing me out more than if I was running.

Hates when I have a, nightmare...about ex-boyfriends.

Welp, that's all for now. I will keep looking for something exciting! Hope you have a good one.