Saturday, April 16, 2011

And the surgery went a little somethin' like this....

Well, it is finished! I had the surgery I am so happy it is done. It all went down in a place that looks just exactly like this, the cath lab:

Looks kind of sci-fi and freaky huh? That's because it kind of was...well, when you are awake for the whole procedure it is. I am going to do my best to explain all of it to those who have been so sweet to even take an interest in and love me. Once again, please excuse any and all grammar mistakes, I am on pain killers and am sporting one very large migraine at the moment.

So I do LOVE any and all medical junk and I think generally would jump at the chance to watch any and ALL surgical procedures. However, I guess being awake during my own heart surgery I was not jumping at! They did video tape it and I was totally psyched to watch it AFTER...listen when I say I was not really anxious at all about having this procedure done which can sometimes reject the meds. But my body for SOME dumb reason does take a lot of meds to knock me out....A LOT and we all know I have a history of this. 8 doses of Versed and they could not do it! So I watched the entire procedure and commented as well. Obviously if I was a drinker I would be a heavy weight.

They got a kick out of me and would say things like:

"Hey Chels....we are beginning to think the whole goody Mormon mission thing was a cover. We think you are pusher because we just gave you enough drugs to kill a horse. So why don't you come clean with us huh?"

Also at one point Dr. Sorenson said, "Well team, let's take a vote here. What size of device do you think we should use??" I then said, "Well hey, don't I get a vote?" They forgot I was awake and thought that was pretty funny.

I didn't mind being awake for most of it and I thought that it was pretty cool except for when they gave me the 6 shots in my groin...ya, that was not so cool...that hurt really, really, bad and I thought I should get a prize for being brave and for not punching someone. Also when they decided to go ahead and yank on the device pretty dang hard to make sure it was in there good...massive, massive chest pains. Didn't love that either. 

They also had to go in twice with a catheder because I guess I had a pocket in my heart that was holding clots of blood which is not so good. Good thing we found it! I am so incredibly blessed and really this whole thing has been so amazing and such a miracle. He covered the pocket with the device  and the hole and also punctured through part of the septum making room for part of the device...hopefully I am explaining this all right. 

Regardless, we got it fixed! Because they had to jab me twice in the groin I am pretty dang sore and bruised which I totally and completely did not expect at all. The doctor said because he jabbed me twice and and because I am on a lot of blood thinners to expect to have a bit of a recovery. Amazingly enough I am much more sore with this than when I had an ovarian cyst removal and I did not expect that at all! 

I also had kind of a rough night at the hospital when my blood pressure went really low to 82/51. This really freaked me out and I had a crappy best friends are nurses.... and I get the worst nurse ever. What's up with that? Anyway, in the end it just because I was dehydrated and on pain killer and blood thinners.

Anyway I am going to have a rough month ahead they warned me, but I am just so blessed that they got the device in and that they caught that pocket which means no strokes for me! I really have good feelings that after I get through this recovery that the migraines will GO AWAY and leave me alone as well, I am just going to have be a little patient a little longer. Like they said in conference that is why we are called patients! 

Once again as I have said on facebook, thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to just send me a note of concern or love, or a phone call or anything. I can't tell you what it means to have support and love during this time of trial. 

More later!

P.S. This is the actual device they decided to use on me! Sweet action huh? When I actually feel up to it I will scan in the picture of my echo with the device in because it looks really cool...I am kind of nerdy like that. HA! They said without insurance that thing costs like as much as a I am worth a lot now-a days.  I guess I am like a 10 cow wife now....JKBS. Ha. 


rebecca said...

I'm glad that it went well. I've been hoping for you, even if you didn't know I was reading along.

Chelsea Michelle said...

rebecca@ I am so glad you do read! Means so much to have your support especially as I hEAL! So thank you so much :)

Bee Bee said...

Chelsea, I heard you were having this done, and I am soooo glad! You have been through so very much,and you deserve to finally feel better! You are not only beautiful, but strong and brave, and smart, and spiritual, and friendly - and just the nicest person anyone could ever meet!

I can't believe you're blogging and Facebooking already. Isn't modern technology just amazing? You're amazing! Love ya girl!

Zane and Cami said...

Most definitely a 10 cow woman!!! Ohhhhh I miss my Asian half. Can we get together soon??? You should come recover here in New Mexico:) Zane will be out of town next week-it would be a party! Love your guts!! So glad it went so well:)

Gladys Borup said...

You are totally amazing to handle everything you've had so very well!
Love you and praying for your complete recovery, life can be coming on good!!!! Gladys A Borup