Monday, April 11, 2011

Hau'oli lā hānau, a whole lotta food, and other thoughts.

Hau'oli lā hānau means happy birthday in Hawaiian I found out today.

Happy 19th birthday to this boy:


I know, it doesn't even feel right coming out of my own mouth. This is my "little" bro Ty very little bro who could take me down in two seconds. He generally doesn't have a problem reminding me of that on the daily when he shows me with his giant bear hug that smothers me and cracks my bones. 

I just love this boy so much and I am so glad he is my brother. Trust me when I am say he is the funniest person alive, most amazing writer of music, is a killer wake boarder, good at everything he tries (which has secretly made me mad since he left the womb), so good at rock climbing, can take apart and put together anything and everything, and is the ultimate at the best thing of all...BEING my brudder :) dat my nice. 

Well, yesterday my mom made him the MOST amazing Hawaiian feast...EVER. Are you ready for the menu?? You may just die. She really out-did her elf:

- Teriyaki Chicken (the best ever...Gould style. Can never be beat)
- Poi
- Rice
- Mac Salad

Annnnd a giant Reese's cake (Reese's are his fave) that was a double layered chocolate cake with a Reese's peanut butter cream filling....kill me. It was soooo good!!

Look at these local boys faces. I am not sure who was happier, Tyler or Papa Gould!! 

Haha, nothing makes Papa happier than a good ol' plate lunch.
Well, Happy Birthday Ty Ty! We sure love you.

In other thoughts, I love when people come to visit me in my black hole of the basement. Brings me sure joy. Today some visitors from the mish trainer Sister Katelyn Griffiths (who actually comes other than today) and my friend Elder Chase Hessing!! LOVE THAT. 

Hessing made such a sacrifice to come when he got his car smashed in my cul-de-sac! Poor guy. So sorry Chase. Love you guys.
And my last thoughts of the day...I really love Saturday Night Live. I think that many of the sketches are just so funny and I have a few great gems for you that are my very favorite. The deal is I found out it is on Netflix, so I am sure in the near future I will be showing my funniest moments on here. Ple-hease watch them.. they are SO funny. Enjoy!


And this one isn't necessarily hilarious, but the impersonation of Denzel Washington is seriously AMAZING! I couldn't embed it so watch it HERE!

Have a great night :)