Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I would rather have an axe to my head....

Hey Everyone!

I hope your Christmas was so merry and wonderful! Christmas is a wonderful season and what better than to remember it as a missionary. I have felt the love of my Savior more than ever on a mission and I can't tell you the love I feel for him and his sacrifice for us. I am so glad that I really get to share that with others because of the blessing of what the Savior has done for my life.

I have still been struggling with an on going migrane and so they are running some tests sooo... Sister M is out working hard in our area with Sister Garcia. I have had some wonderful promises in my blessing and Heavenly Father sure knows what he is doing. Sorry this email is short but my head doesn't like reading/writing. Know that the work is wonderful and that I love my mission more now than ever, despite any and all challenges. Miracles are happening left and right and so I am being completely submissive and watching it all unravel. 

I love you all and hope you have a Happy New Year!!

Love Sister Sheltz
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yay! Staying in Lancaster!!!

Birthday Package from Alisa!!
Aileena's baptismal day!!
The Elders saw we had no decorations for our tree, so they decorated it for us! Best ZL's ever!!
Exchanges with Sister Biornstad! Love Her
Hello everyone, Hello!!
I can't believe yet another transfer has gone by. It is going so fast!! It is so crazy I swear it was just week one of transfer 3. Anyway, things are really great and I am staying here in Lancaster. Sister M and I were so relieved to stay here because we have had a really great time. The Elders tried to trick us and tell me that I was getting Sister Mackley up here and Sister M was going back to Mission Hills...I could have killed them. A. because I have already had Mack Attack and we all love change, and B if anyone was leaving we thought it would be me. Anyway, It was crazy and they really had us going. For the most part our district is staying the same which is great news, but we lost a few that we love. We really do love our Elders and they always help us to remember to have a good time while we work hard also.
1) This week we had exchanges and I got to go with Sister Biornstad. It was really great! She is in her last transfer and is just so tired. It was good to see how another SIster teaches even though she is in Spanish and could not think of a lot of words. It was so funny. Good times though! We laughed a lot and I really admire her. She also has been sick a lot on her mission and it made me feel better that someone else who wants to work really hard sometimes can't, because all of my companions have immune systems of gold, and sometimes I just don't get that! Sister M came back from exchanges a whole energized person and has shown me a GREAT example of how to work hard and how to be an awesome missionary. We set some new goals and she showed me a talk she got from the Sisters in Mission Hills and it really gave me a whole new attitude on my mission. I was a good missionary and I was working hard but I can't say I was putting EVERYTHING on the line. I don't think my heart was fully invested. I was more 95% in it rather than 100%. She gave me a talk about being a consecrated missionary, here are some quotes:
"A consecrated missionary is willing to lay everything on the altar of sacrifice and to hold nothing back... They put on the table of sacrifice every once of their energy, every hour of day..for a consecrated missionary there is nothing more to give at the end of the day... When consecrated missionaries are exhausted and nothing is left, they rely upon their faith, and the reserve tanks of energy somehow carry them through the day...
You young missionaries came out here to change the world, to change lives, but there is a cost. It costs everything you have on the altar of sacrifice--your fears, your pride, your laziness, your disobedience, your weaknesses; we cannot hold anything back...
Whatever the weakness may be that holds us back from becoming a consecrated missionary, the Lord has promised that if we have faith in him, and humble ourselves before him, that he will make weak things become strong unto us...I do not believe there is one missionary whose weaknesses are greater than the potential strengths within him. Why? --because each of us is a son and daughter of God, with His divine nature and divine potential woven into the very fabric of our souls.... May we not be content with being a good, even a great missionary, when we have the capacity to be great missionaries."
Man! It was just killer!!! I just loved it so much and I can't tell you the improvements we have seen as we have really dedicated and become more consecrated missionaries.
2) This week we have taught back up to our norm of 16 lessons, we went from 2 investigators to over 12, we are finding like crazy!! We set 2 baptismal dates with Shalaun and a new girl Kayla, we had 3 investigators at church, and have a lot of potentials. It is just so amazing to watch things really move forward. We are being blessed and helped in our work as we really sacrifice and work harder.
3) Aileena got baptized this week!! IT was seriously the craziest baptism ever. I seriously thought I was going to die. First of all they were just weird about everything for some reason. We don't know to be honest if the Mom is all the way there. They were supposed to come to the baptism at 11:45 and it started at one. They asked me to do Aileena's hair. Well, we waited, and waited, and waited. They got there at 12:57.........ya. Then the baptism was just scattered. She also asked me to sing which was a disaster because of my poor accompniast. Then, Elder Anthony waited in the water for literally 5 min for her to walk out. I didn't know if she was going to do it! The whole baptism was just awkward. The next day when she was supposed to be confirmed and her little brother was getting blessed...well, she didn't show up until AFTER the sacrament and AFTER they had called her name 10 times. Sister M and I were sweating bullets. Then she brought the baby in a hoodie and it was just CRAZY....I dread sundays on a mission. We had a family there, Shalaun, Jered (new investigator), and then a family that only spoke spanish walked off the street. It was so hard to remember my Spanish.......all I could think of ASL. Anyway, no rest on the Sabbath...BUT GREAT! The ordinances happened and that is the only thing that matters.
4) We taught a girl named Kayla this week who is a family in the ward's future Sister in Law. We taught her the first lesson and she was GOLDEN. She kept saying things like, "I know God has a plan for me," and "I think Joseph Smith really speaks to me and his story because I have a lot of questions," I mean really....then she prayed at the end and asked if it was true and couldn't even finish her prayer because she was so emotional. She said she knew it was true and so we invited her to be baptized! She was awesome, the spirit was so strong, and it was great. She totally accepted and we were just on cloud nine. Well, bummer deal she called us and said she was really overwhelmed and said that she was moving too fast. It's fine, we are going to ust teach her again and help her to understand that this is not about us and we will love her no matter what. We teach her on friday so just keep her in your prayers that she can know how much we love her.
5) I have too many stories to say, but right now we are teaching: Arcenio, Elise, Leona, Shaluan, Kayla, Hugo, Rick and Sharon, Jered, Aileena, annnnd, I can't remember all of them! But we are doing so great.
6) Funny contacting story: We were knocking doors (actually my favorite thing to do now) and we ran into this lady. We start talking and she goes, "Oh hun, I am a Jehovah's witness so you don't want to talk to me" and starts to slam the door. Sister M goes, "Ok, well! Merry Christmas! WAIT! OOps! I mean, they don't celebrate that!!" Me...DYING laughing.
Also funny story:
Me: "I am just livid about their choices! I hate people's agency it makes me so mad!"
Sister M: "Ok, You and Satan! You are right up there!"
Anyway, good times. I love this time of year even though it doesn't really feel like Christmas. It was FREEZING and now all of the sudden it is warm so it is crazy. Sister M and I are going to do some really fun stuff though to make it more about the season. I just love this gospel so much and I am really enjoying my mission more than ever now. I just love all of you so much and pray for you always. During this time of year always remember the Savior. I have learned to love the Savior more than ever and this week I read in the New Testament and in Jesus the Christ about the crucifixion and the Garden of Gethsemane. It killls me of what the Savior did and I just love him and our Heavenly Father SO much and I appreciate him more than ever this year. Keep reading and praying! This gospel is true and that is the BEST NEWS EVER!!
Love Sister Sheltz!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Transfer? Or no transfer? That is the question?? We find out Friday!

Hey everyone!

This week has been AMAZING!! I seriously can't believe the miracles we
have seen this week!! We literally have like doubled our investigator
pool and we are doing really great, especially considering I was told
that I could not leave my bed for a few days and so we didn't work til
Wednesday and we still had a ton of lessons.

1) We got a member referral this week of a couple named Sharon and
Rick Rios. It was really cool because it said on our text to go talk
about families are forever ASAP. We figured it was pretty important so
we got over there. When we got there it was awesome because his
daughter from SLC was there and is a member and we got to watch
Together Forever with them. Sharon is on Hospice and just from working
in that field a lot she doesn't have very long...she is choking on
everything and her lungs sound terrible. Rick is awesome and is from
Mexico and was really attentive. He said he felt a lot of peace and
had had a blessing many years ago when he was sick and was healed from
the blessing and so he asked if Sharon could have one. We came back
the next day with Elders Emery and Anthony and they gave both of them
good blessings. Rick said he would call us if he needed anything but
that he wanted us to teach the Plan of Salvation...that's awesome!

2) Shalaun is doing really great, came to church, the Relief Society
activity, AND the ward party. She couldn't come to church yesterday
because she wa sick but she loves the church. I think we are going to
challenge her next week. She is SO funny and has the THICKEST southern
accent, is really loud, and is very opinionated. She is making friends
just fine in the ward and is one of those investigators we don't have
to worry about taking around and introducing at all...she just talks
to anyone and everyone and is acclamating just fine.

3) We have a baptism this week of a 9 year old named Aileena. She is
such a special little girl and knows so much about the gospel. She has
wanted to be baptized for a while but her mom has been really funny
about all of it. She is really intelligent and was going to Relief
Society every week because primary to her was too easy and she was
answering questions even in Relief Society. We eventually had to tell
her that she needs to be in primary and so she has been going and
enjoying it. Her kitty died this week and she was beyond distraught
and said she wasn't happy enough to be baptized this week....oh dear.
So we got her a blessing and hopefully all things will go
smoothly....saturday at 1 is the baptism so hopefully we can keep it!

4) We have found so many people lately and contacting has gone really,
really well. I am pretty surprised at this area that people for the
most part are super nice. We have only had one guy who was really
angry. We found a girl named Sabrina who talked to us for a while and
also a few more. Good times!

5) Yesterday we went to dinner at a member's house who just got
engaged and ate with her and her finance. She has been inviting her
soon to be sister in law to a lot of activities and she showed up
right as we were going to share our message with the family. We asked
her what she thought and she just started crying and saying that she
really wanted to get back into church because she misses her church in
Virginia. It was so awesome, we got to talk about the Boook of Mormon
and she said she wanted to take the lessons! Her name is Kayla and we
are so excited to meet with her.

6) I read a TON this week and could give a million insights, but I
will tell you my favorite. I read about the Garden of Gethsemane in
Jesus the Christ and it was amazing. Also I read the parable of the
talents in Matt 25 and I loved applying it to the mission actually. It
was really powerful.

Talmage says these things:

"In that of entrusted talents, the servants receive different amounts,
'every man according to his serveral ability' and equal in diligence
though shown in one instance by great gain and in another by small but
proportionate increase is equally rewarded. Unfaithfulness and
negligence are condemned and punished in both..."

"The men were servants, literally bondsman; they as well as those
possessions held by them in trust were his. Those servants had no
actual ownership, nor title of permanent proprietorship in the
treasure committed to their care; all they had, the time and
opportunity to use their talents and they themselves belonged to the

"....they were conscious as they were of having at least given it
their best...the honest, diligent, faithful servants saw and
reveranced their Lord the perfection of the good qualities which they
possessed in measured degree; the lazy unprofitable serf, afflicted by
distorted vision, professed to see in the master his own base
defects...relating to human acts and tendancies, is physioloically
true; in a peculiar sense men are prone to conceive of the attributes
of God as comprizing in augmented degree the dominant traits of their
own nature. Both the servant who had been entrusted wuth 5 talents and
he who had received but 2 were equally commended, and as far as we are
told, were equally recompensed. The talents bestowed upon each were
the gift of his Lod, who knew well whether that servant was capable of
using better advantage one, two, or five. Let no one conclude that
good work of a relatively smller scope is less necessary or acceptable
than like service in a wider range."

I just thought it was so good in relating to missionary work.
Sometimes we don't see outward results, but all we have we owe to the
Lord. He has entrusted us with the people in this area, and as long as
we are working hard we are good servants.

Well, everyone I just love all of you and hope everyone is doing
great! I will find out on friday for sure or not if I am getting
transferred. I doubt it, but we will see.

I love the gospel so much and I am loving my mission more everyday.
Don't get me wrong, it is not easy, and there are many discouraging
and trying days...but I have grown so much! I can't believe the growth
that occurs so quickly in such a short time on a mission.

This gospel is true and I love it so much! It is the BEST news EVER!

Love Sister Sheltz
Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey Everyone!

I can't believe this transfer has gone by so fast. Next week is
transfers and it will be interesting to see what happens! It is alwaysfun to see what happens at transfer time.

Well, I wish I had more to say this week but I came down with the
dreaded gombu and have been sick again. Such a pain in the bum to be
sick on the mission. I had a sinus infection that kind of spread down
to my lungs and stuff and so I am hoping to get back in the swing of
things. Poor Sister M is stuck with me too and that is the other hard
thing about being sick on a makes your companion stay in
too! I feel horrible and wish more than anything to just get out there
and work. I can't wait for the resurrection!!

1) We finally got to see Elise this week and she is doing so good! She
had a really cool experience where she prayed and she felt comfort and
peace. We watched the Testaments with her and her baby was going all
crazy. He finally layed down and I started to kind of rock his feet
and i could see him getting sleepy. Sister M and I prayed so hard taht
he would go down for a nap and he did! It wasn't his usual time to
sleep either but she was able to watch the movie and she felt the
spirit so strong. She is going to come to church next week but was in
Cancun this week. It was really great to have such a good lesson with

2) Thanksgiving was really great and Sister Rees' house was full of
family. I sure missed my family but it was so nice of her to open her
home to us. I just wished I had felt better on that day because I felt
out of it a little.

3) Aileena is a 9 year old who is darling and wants to get baptized so
bad. Her mom has been kind of funny about but and keeps trying to make
up excuses. We tried to get to the bottom of it but she really had no
explanation. We prayed about a baptismal date and we felt really good
about Dec 11 and actually felt really strongly. We tried to explain to
her mom that Aileena knows more than most of our investigators when
they get baptized, she has a testimony, and desires to get baptized.
We had her and her mom pray about the date and they both felt really
good about it! ANYWAY, we are really excited about it.

4) Sister M was able to find a few girls from the single's ward, one
to stay with me and one to be her companion so she could go to church
because Shalaun was there! Yay! And she loved it! Leona wanted to come
but she was sick and they even called US to know when church was...we
didn't even have to call them. So good. I think they will be baptized
next transfer if things keep going the way they are. They are so
amazing! We hope Cheryl will be the same.

Anyway, that is about it! Sorry I don't have more for everyone this
week. It has just been kind of slow because of my health and because
of the holidays. I love you all so much and care for you each deeply.
Know you are always in my prayers and I am thinking of you always!!!

The gospel is true! Christ Lives! This is HIS church restored. That is

Loves and Merry Christmas!

Love SIster Sheltz
Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birthday Week "22" on 22/2010!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry my email is so late today, they were spraying the building where
the family history library is so we are all here late trying to get
our emails out. But I have THE craziest week to write about so here we

1) THANK YOU EVERYONE!! For all the birthday love, cards and packages!
It sure was a birthday to remember! Thanks Alisa, Family, and the
grandma's for being so thoughtful and all the sweet emails and letters
and cards! Today was a wonderful birthday and Sister M did so much for
me along with my district to make it so great! She woke me up with
GREAT renditions of birthday songs including primary, the original,
and "Go shawty, it's ya birthday", it was great! Then she wrote me the
nicest card ever that made me cry, cleaned the apartment, took me to
breakfast, made me a crown and sign that embarrassed the heck outta
me, gave me a present at EXACTLY 11/22 which was stuffed Scuddles so I
can snuggle him at night, we played TONS of games at one of our
awesome member's house (who bought tons of snacks for all of us in the
district), and then called the member who we had dinner with that
night and asked them to make cherry chip cake (my fave)! She was so
sweet and all the Elder's wrote me a card and it was just too great. I
just love her so much and we pray every night that we can stay
together for AT LEAST 2 more transfers. We are having a great time!
Thanks again everyone!

2) Tuesday was a really spiritual experience for me personally as we
got to watch this couple go through a temple class in Sign Language.
Brother Harnish has leukemia and also Hepatitis and is not doing well
and they don't know how long he has. They have been preparing for a
while to go to the temple to be sealed, but are now just getting ready
to go and are taking an accelerated temple prep class. They had 4
lessons in 4 days and so it was just really amazing to watch them.
Sister Rees taught and the spirit was so strong, and what a comfort as
his life comes to a close that they will be sealed forever! I just
loved it so much and cried the whole time. I also really understood
the sign language which was so exciting to me! With languages I have
realized that I am pretty good at picking up when people are speaking,
but when I try to speak I have a much harder time....same thing in
Espanol. I will get there!

3) Wednesday we had a referral from a member in a different ward for
this family he met at the grocery store. I had a nervous feeling going
over there and I didn't know why but I sure found out later. They had
another guy who was there also and none of their kids were
there...they go to a church here and are born again Christians. Well,
we taught the Restoration and it went really well, and we taught all
out of the Bible. Well, the other guy that was there, Ron, had already
taken the lessons before and started going off on some really deep
doctrine. That was really hard to bring back because we wanted to
answer his questions but with the other people there we didn't want to
get that far is like meat before milk. Well, then I look
over and notice that he has a tape recorder! Bah...nat good. Even
though we hadn't said anything we wouldn't have wanted to it just was
really uncomfortable. They started questioning everything and our
member got really, REALLY defensive and wouldn't even let us talk....I
was just dying. We were trying to get out of there but it just kept
getting worse and worse and worse and escalating higher and higher.
Our lesson went from 7:30 to 10 as we tried to get out of there. We
had to go back and apologize for our member and we promised them
another visit, but seperately because we wanted to answer Ron's
questions while still trying to help the others get the basics. We set
up an appointment with Ron at the Bishop's house so he could also help
answer some questions...we had it all set up that half of the lesson
we would teach Ron a lesson and then the other half he could answer
the other questions he had. We prayed really hard and came up with a
great lesson on revelation and we were all set to go....well, he
totally set us up. Here came the other guy who sat in the lesson AND
his Pastor. We taught the lesson and we asked what their intentions
were and I inquired about the tape recorder....well, Rick told me it
was a glasses case, BUT Rick doesn't even wear glasses. Fishy. I also
think the Pastor recorded us on his phone the whole time. After we
were done the Pastor wouldn't even TOUCH a Book of Mormon and said it
was directly written from the Devil, I said obviously he hadn't read
it then or opened it because there is no way that could be. He said he
didn't want to open himself to be deceived. He pulled out a sheet of
all Anti-Mormon and just went off and by this time it really got
heated. Sister M and I watched as the Bishop and the Pastor boxed it
out. It was so frustrating because it was all just a set up to just
try and tear us down, when not once did we tear down his faith, we
just built his up. Oh well, you live and you learn and the beautiful
thing to be is that at this point in my life it was nice to be torn
apart but still have my testimony not be the slightest shaken. That is
a great feeling.

4) Cheryl is doing SO great! We got to teach her and it was so
wonderful! She felt the spirit really strong as we taught the Plan of
Salvation. We are so happy and she wants us to come back again.

5) Last night we FINALLY got to see Shalaun. A lot of our
investigators are kind of surfacey because they are so new, but when
we got to see her it went really well. The best part of all is that
her Aunt Leona sat in and I could feel her spirit so strong. We
watched the Restoration and talked about the Book of Mormon and they
both accepted it and knew that it happened. They keep asking when
church is and are both so excited to go....uhm OK! Awesome.

6) Our area is really picking up and we hit some of our goals this
week. We are working really hard to keep improving everyday!

7) This family in our ward the Carman's are so awesome and had an
early Turkey day and invited so many people over from the ward
including us. So many of our 15 were there and even one of our
investigators who I saw come out of her shell so much! IT was such a
blast and I loved it so much.

Well, I have to run, it is getting late and we can't miss curfew! I
love you all so much and am so grateful for all being such a huge part
of my life!

Papa and CuCu, PLEASE get feeling better. No more falls or icky
sicknesses. I pray for you so much everyday!

Uncle Shay! Happy birthday! I love you so much! Also that girl Kenya
that talked to you on FaceBook, I see good things. You should add her!
COOLEST girl ever...just even to be friends. I love her so much!

Linds! Thanks for your sweet email. I dus love you!

The gospel is true! Christ lives! That is the BEST news EVER!

Love Sister Sheltz
Friday, November 19, 2010

Learning Spanish AND Signing! Can she Sign in Spanish???

Fireside way AMAZING!!!

Hi Family and Friends!

I don't have tons of time this week to write but I just wanted to give
a few updates. The work is going so great and I am so, so happy! The
Lord has blessed us so much and we are really able to see alot more
success in this area.

1) The fireside yesterday went AMAZING!! We had 20 investigators there
at least that I was aware of and packed chapel and overflow. I
couldn't believe it! Everything went so smoothly and I am just so
grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing us with a successful evening.
The ward said the same thing that Sister Griffiths said they did in
mission hills where they said, "Well, if we would have known it was
going to be that good we would have brought someone with us!". Now
they want to do it in Feb. again and I think we have really brought
the confidence level up in the ward and have increased the missionary

2) Unfortuantely we had a lot of cancellations on us this week and
with new investigators sometimes they are surfacey, we haven't gotten
to teach them enough to really hook them. We contacted a lot this week
and invited a lot of people to the fireside and had a good time as
always. I wish I had another good story this week about contacting,
but nothing too entertaining.

3) We had a wonderful 8 hour training (crazy huh?) on thursday. It was
really, really great and President taught us a lot of really wonderful
things. We also have some great AP's who trained us also and we got a
lot of great ideas for contacting and how to teach people and not
lessons. I love the Preach My Gospel way of teaching because it is all
about utilizing the spirit and and really teaching people to their
needs and not a rote discussion. I can't tell you how wonderful that
program is and how much I have learned about teaching the gospel. One
of my favorite scriptures about this is in Alma 34: This is where
Korihor (or as Hannah Goo would say Korihorrible) is really telling
Alma that he is stupid for believing the things that he does and
preaching it also. It says :"And he did rise up in great swelling
words before Alma...accusing them of leading away the people after the
silly traditions of their fathers, for the sake of glutting on the
labors of the people." (Alma 30:31)  Alma's response: "And now, if we
do not receive anything for our labors in the church, what doth it
profit us to labor in the church save it were to declare the truth,
that we may have rejoicings in the joy of our brethren?" (Alma 30:34)
I had a dream about this and about me contacting. I love in contacting
to tell people that we are not there to sell them anything, that we
don't receive anything for what we do, and in fact we sacrifice a lot
to be there. I mean how crazy is that? Why would someone in their
rightmind give up something to try and tell people about this message
that we have? Because as alma says, "what doth it profit us to labor
in the church save it were to declare the truth, that we may have
rejoicings in the joy of our brethren..." I can't tell you the joy of
seeing someone gain a witness of the truth. That is why we do it! That
is why I do it. Nothing is so great as this gospel and to see the
change that happens when someone realizes that it really is true. That
we get nothing out of them changing except joy. That we are not there
to drag people to baptism for a number, or for membership...but purely
because it is Christ's church.

4) Thank you so much Grandma for the package! You are so sweet! Be
watching in the mail for something of your own :) Sure love you! Thank
you also to everyone for the early birthday wishes!! You are all so
kind to support and love me on my mission and for my birthday. It will
be fun to have my golden birthday! 22 on the 22nd! :) Also, people
have been getting my address wrong and so some stuff I have had to
pick up at the post office so I just wanted to clarify my address

Sister Chelsea Gould
44030 25th West St #7
Lancaster, CA

Anyway, I just love all of you and miss you all so much! I love this
gospel with all my heart. Christ lives! I love this analogy:
Our Heavenly Father sends us to Earth to go to college.
Christ pays all of the tuition...he doesn't do the work, but he
already paid everything.
The Holy Ghost is the ultimate professor.
The Prophet is the T.A.
And we are the students.

Don't ever forget that the Lord already paid everything for us. Don't
let that go and push that gift aside, but work hard every day to live
up to that gift!

I LOVE YOU! This gospel is true and that is the BEST news ever.

Love always,
Sister Sheltz
Sunday, November 14, 2010

#1. This was her prior district
#2. Their recent convert Rafaela. Funniest person ever and very eccentric!
#3. Loves her new district
#4. At the Painted Turtle where we make beds! So Fun!

Hello Family and Friends!!

I was so excited to hear from so many of you!!! What a great, SO great! The work has picked up so much and a lot of
really funny things happened this week.

1) The fireside is coming along really great and we could use all the
prayers possible to make sure it goes well! It is this Sunday and we
have a GREAT program lined up. It ended up making it to the stake
level so I think we should have a great turnout. People are really
excited and a guy yesterday bore his testimony on how he took our
challenge to find someone to bring the Lord put someone in his path
that he could share the gospel with. I don't know if he will bring
them, but it was a great thing to see people take our challenge. I am
getting ready to sing in it also and I think it will be good to try
and sing again. It has been a while and I am excited to do it.

2) We found A LOT of new potentials this week. I have really enjoyed
contacting for once and I love doing it with Sister Madubueze. It
feels comfortable for the both of us and we usually have really funny
experiences doing it. I have a few favorites of the week:

- We went to visit one of our referrals and there was a kid named
Chris outside. This is how our conversation went:

Chris: Oh missionaries! I know you guys.
Us: Oh great! So you have met with missionaries before?
Chris: Oh ya! I heard all of your stuff. I even got baptized.
Us: Oh really?! That is great! So you go to church and stuff?
Chris: Well, no, there are just some things I don't really agree with
in your church.
Us: Oh ya? Like what?
Chris: Well, I don't understand that if I picked up this grass right
here and decided to smoke it no one would say anything, but if I smoke
weed, everyone says I am doing something bad. I mean weed is the tree
of life!
Us: Hmmm....
Chris: Like my Grandma is a Mormon and she is like full blown. Like
she does the whole thing.
Us: Oh, so she goes to church every sunday and stuff??
Chris: Well, no. But she takes Vicadin and I tell her that that stuff
is really bad for her.
Us: Well, she probably has a prescription and stuff..
Chris: Ya, but some people when they can't afford it and stuff they
come to mean dealers and get it off the street...
Us: Wow....
Chris: Ya and I just tell her she could just smoke away the pain with
weed. Weed is the CURE all. I mean, then she wouldn't be taking
prescriptions and eating away her stomach.
Us: Interesting....
Chris: Ya, (he sits down on the ground now so he can get really into
the conversation) I mean, if the government wouldn't be so stupid and
just sell weed like at Walmart this economy would be SO much better.
It really would fix everything. It would put some of us out of
business, but everyone has a price.
Us: Really? Hmmm....
Chris: Ya and I just can't be like God, God, God, God, all the time.
Everything about God. LIke I know there is a higher power but I am not
going to think before I make a decision, 'I wonder what he would think
if I would do this right now' I don't really care.
Us: Got it.
Chris: But I like how you guys care about families a lot!
Us: Sweet, well, thanks for us your opinion! It was
really...great to hear. Have a great day!

That was the best. So funny and I was biting my lip the whole time so
I wouldn't laugh.

- Situation number 2:
* Knock, Knock, Knock.....
Us: Hi! We're missionaries from the Chur...
Lady: Oh listen hun, I don't want to waste your time but I am a
Southern Baptist and have been since the days I was born. But you
sweethearts are doing just exactly what you are supposed to keep
Us: Oh well, thanks so much for the encouragement! Here is a card for
a free DVD about Christ that you can order though and if you ever have
questions give us a call.
Lady: Oh perfect! Then I can pass it on! Have a blessed day!

I just love nice people. We really don't try and push people at all
and I much like that way of contacting and leaving a good taste in
people's mouth. We have a good time and meet the craziest people.

3) We found a lot of new investigators like I said, Shaluan a 19 year
old single mom who is looking for a church. Good times! Love when they
say that and we have an appointment on tuesday. Also Cheryl is a new
one who is super nice and is really interested in the church. Steve, a
referral named Melissa, Alisa and Kirk, Hoepfully Arcenio's mom and
grandma, and we are working a lot with our focus on 15! We also got a
million referrals and I know the Lord is really blessing us with
success. He really is in charge! Funny how that works.

4) I also did a really dumb thing this week because we went to go
visit Arcenio (who is a hairstylist) and I had seen his work and he
said he could do my eyebrows for free. I didn't really understand that
he uses CLIPPERS and well, I raised my eyebrow and he shaved off a
huge chunk. BAHHHHH bad idea! So I have just been drawing it on. It
was PRETTY classic. I about died.

5) I am still studying in the New Testament right now and I just love
it so, so much. I love Jesus the Christ and I have come so much closer
to understanding the Savior than I ever have. I just love studying on
the mission. Some cool insights I got this week was in Matthew 10 when
he sends his disciples out to preach the gospel. He says, " I send you
forth as a sheep in the midst of wolves." That is definitely how it
feels to be on a mission. You really are in scary situations and
especially as women it is not always the safest thing. But he promises
us safety and I always feel a protection with the Lord with us. He is
so aware of us and I love in 30 when it says, "that the very hairs on
your head are all numbered." Last night we taught a lesson to a kid
named Artie who has been through a lot and was baptized at 8 but
didn't know what he was doing. It has been amazing to teach him the
restoration and last night we watched the Joseph Smith movie which is
always so powerful. After I challenged him to ask specific questions
to the Lord, because when we ask specific questions we get specific
answers. A time came to my mind when I was about 6 or 7 years old and
I had always heard that Heavenly Father loved me, but I remember
kneeling down and asking if he was there and if he loved me and I had
the most overwhelming feeling of love. That really carried me through
my life in gaining a testimony. As I bore witness of that I couldn't
help but get emotional and thought about this verse...."that the very
hairs on your head are all numbered." I keep gaining a witness of that
more and more as I watch the work pick up and how he is in the very
fabric of our lives. Also in vs 37-39 it talks about sacrificing all
you have, including your family to be disciples of the Lord. On a
mission that has been the hardest thing for me ever, missing my family
and thinking about them so much, but it brought comfort that I am
doing what I need to and that by doig this and sacrificing those
things is how we can become true disciples of Christ. And the last
thing I love is in verse 32 when it says "whosoever will confess me
before men, him will I confess before the Father." As we bear our
testimonies of the Savior we have this great promise that he will
confess us before him. I love that promise!!

Thank you so much for all the support! Also, I got a few letters that
were sent to the mission home and I just wanted to let everyone know
to send them directly to the apartment because the Elders NEVER go
down to the office because we are in boony land. So just send them to
the apartment.

I promise you with all my heart that this gospel is true. I love
thinking that even by some crazy chance that it wasn't true, I know
that by living the standards and teachings of the gospel would make us
right with any God. It is the way to happiness. It is the way we can
be safe in this world of so much doubt and confusion. God is our
Father. He loves us SO much and just wants nothing for the best for
us. He is standing there ready to give us all great gifts, we just
have to ask. Know how much I love you and how much I pray for each of
you and hope everyone is doing well! Keep us and the work in your
prayers. We always need it!

Love you oh SO much!

Love Sister Sheltz
Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Hey Everyone!

Well, transfers were this week and Sister M and I are staying here in
Lancaster another transfer! That will be really good so we can redeem
ourselves from the rough one that we have had. I FINALLY passed my
kidney stone and so I am feeling much better. Still not eating much,
but 8 pounds lost I don't mind too much! Unfortunately it felt like
child birth and all I got was some crummy rock out of it. Heavenly
Father definitely tried my faith, patience, and endurance this

- Sister M and I set a lot of great goals and things are already
starting to pick up. We had some cool things happen, like finding a
new investigator name Shalaun! She is 19 and has a little boy named
Jeremiah Isiah....any more Biblical? Anyway, she said she really wants
to find a church and we thought, uhm yes, we can help with that! She
loved when we came over and we have a return appointment tomorrow.
Yay! Also, while contacting we found this guy named Ken and when we
contacted him he didn't seem interested at all. But we set up an
appointment but that was the day I was really sick. We weren't sure if
we wanted to call and cancel because that always gives them a way to
back out of things. With Sister Rees' help we decided to call which
was the way to go. That night had been a big storm and a lot of the
phones went out and that is where he works. When we called he said, "
Oh! I am so glad you called! I had to work late and was so worried
because I didn't have your number to tell you I couldn't make it! I
was going to run home and leave a note to let you know that I still
really want to meet and I wasn't standing you up!" We were floored,
and really excited. Hopefully he read the pamphlet we gave him.

- We had Elder Rasband here yesterday to reorganize the Lancaster
Stake. It was such an incredible meeting filled with the spirit. Just
glad I can't ever be called as a stake president....STRESSFUL!

- They reorganized our district and zones and so now we are in a new
one with probably 2 of the funniest Elders as Zone Leaders, and a
really cool district leader. We are the only sister's in the zone and
so it makes things interesting. We have a lot of fun with them and on
Saturday we had a transfer breakfast. It was good times and the Elders
always remind us to lighten up and not take things too seriously,
because they sure don't!

-I finished the Book of Mormon this last week with doing all of the
markings. My testimony grew so much of that book in the way that I
studied it! It came alive and I enjoyed it so much more than I ever
have. What has been really great is studying the New Testament and I
am going to read that next along with Jesus the Christ as a help. I
have learned some fascinating things and am growing so much. It is so
clear why this gospel is true as I continue reading that book. Talmage
man, he must have had a lot of help from the other side if not Christ
himself helping him with that book because it is so powerful. I really
can't get enough of studying and learning out here and I love that I
get to do that every day. The only problem is an hour isn't enough.

- I just wanted to share really quickly a few things that I learned
and really loved this week. When I was learning in Matthew 4 when the
Lord fasts for 40 days. I never realized the temptations that followed
the Savior during this time.
Sometimes we forget that the Savior even was capable of sin in
general. But he was - it is like an honest man wouldn't steal, but he
is capable of it. However Satan tempts him with many things and one
that really stuck out to me was when Satan continues to say, "IF youa
re the Son of god..." He says this a lot to him! He is trying to get
him to doubt his divinity. The Lord was still learning line upon line,
precept on precept that he truly was the Son of God. Satan does this a
lot to us, me especially to try and forget our divinity. As soon as he
can get us to doubt that, it is a lot easier to make mistakes. We must
remember who we are!!

I love this gospel so much. It is so hard to be on a mission some
days, but how quick I am to be able to forget those and just really
feel how great it is to be here! I love it so much and I can't believe
I am able to do this. It truly is the best decision I have ever made
and I learn so much each and every day. Keep me in you prayers as I am
always keeping all of you in mine. This gospel is true, it is the way
to eternal life and happiness! Don't ever lose sight of that! I love

Love Sister Sheltz!
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Hello everyone!

Thisweek has proved yet again to be an interesting one! This transferhas just been so odd! I have been really sick this week with a Kidney
infection that went crazy I guess you could say. They thought I was
passing a kidney stone, the apendicitis, and then back to infection
with possible kidney stone. No fun! We have been in the doctor's
office a lot this week and spending a lot of down time. Luckily I am
with Sister M so it hasn't been completely miserable and we got
permission to watch LDS movies. Well, after we went through THAT
entire library they gave us permission to watch G and PG
movies....soooooooooo basically! We are living every Elder's
dream...kidding, but seriously. I feel hardly like a missionary this
week, but have been forced to stay down.

We still have seen some really cool miracles  and we have a lot of
work waiting for us. I don't know what transfers will bring but I now
hope I stay here so we can keep things rolling. Our fireside is coming
up on Nov 14th so that has been good because we can work on all the
logistics for that while we have to stay home.

Well, sheesh, you would think my body would stop acting up on me
already! But we will keep moving forward.

This week is stake conference and they are gettin a new stake
president and so we have Elder Rasband coming, that should be

Well, keep me in your prayers and I always keep all of you in mine!
Hope everyone has a Happy Halloweeny!

Love Sister Sheltz
Friday, October 22, 2010

Learning to Sign and Road trip to the Temple!!

Hey Everyone!

I can definitely say that this week has been much better, yet still
hard at the same time. We are definitely in an overwhelming situation
because first of all, I don't know sign language, nor did I ever think
I would ever learn it...but I am learning as fast as my little hands
can! Also our area has been so dead this transfer that we are really
trying to work so hard to get it going. It feels great to actually BE
a missionary again. Can you believe before this week we only taught 8
investigator lessons....EIGHT! WHOA! I will kill someone. But already
it has picked up and we did some contacting and our first house we got
a potential....that was awesome and helped restore some of the faith I
lost because we contacted 9 hours in 3 days one week and got a big fat
zero even mere potentials.

1) We got a special trip to the temple this week thanks to President
and we were SO excited!! Don't worry that I drove clear to Anaheim
though....223 miles later we were where we needed to be. I got on the
5 and just kept driving when I was supposed to merge to the
405...California freeways are so get on the wrong one
and you are clear away from where you need to be. We also stopped in
Santa Clarita at BOOK CASTLE! Whoa...sounds exciting right?! It was.
It was like our little Beehive Books in Lancaster on steroids and we
were like kids in a candy store. It is no where near Deseret Book, but
it was still great for the mish. Then after a very LONG detour we made
it to the temple where we went to this AMAZING state of the art
visitors center. Wow, it was so cool. It is one of the first ones like
that and it had amazing displays: these huge screens with sliders
where you can put it over someone's face and it tells their story and
testamony (it looks a lot like the new, also a huge
humanitarian display (my fave), a big display on families (made me
bawl my head off), and one called Savior of the World which was so
cool. It was like Mormon Disneyland I tell ya! Also they have this
huge section for kids and places where you can email videos to your
friends and stuff. Any investigator that goes there, I know that would
be the clincher. You can feel the spirit so strong and many of the
computers answer questions about all of the weird things people hear
about Mormons. I saw one of my friends Elisa Tittle that I went to
high school with and she is there on a mission. I envy her because her
mission is LA and it half visitor's center half other
words, she can take her investigators there! IT would make our lives
so much easier...that is really why Sam Chee got baptized. Anyway,
then we did a session and some initiatories and it was really great!

2) I talked to Sister Griffiths last night and found out Sam Chee has
a calling and got the priesthood! How cool is that?! She said he was
going to wet his pants he was so excited hahah, I can just imagine. He
is ward choir director!  I died, because he did all the music at his
old church! Also they are teaching one of his friends. So great!

3) Delmy moved because she broke up with her boyfriend...I am so sad,
but I hope maybe this will be a good turning point for her.

4) Robyn, the lady we knocked into and couldn't get to come to church
went to conference and loved it, and then came to church and LOVED it.
I could kill her, we only tried 8 million times to get her to go!
Sister Griffiths said that they also taught her the Law of Chastity
which we were always nervous about and said she accepted and decided
to live it. I love hearing success from other areas even when we
haven't had it here.

5) Arcenio and Yolandra are my 2 favorite investigators we have right, so funny. They also have a dog named Chewey that looks like
a brown version of Scuddles so I couldn't be happier. The only problem
is we can't get them to come to church because their friends are
teasing them about going to a Mormon church and they don't like the
title. They also know that if they come, they will like it...and then
they will have to join...HA love that.

6) The Rees family (our relief society president that is like having
Grandma Gould with me all the time :)) is the best to us and takes
care of us like we were her children. She has helped us so much
through all of these rough times and so we spent a lot of time with
her this week and we went to Costco one day and she was buying up the
whole store. Anyway, we got to the saran wrap and tin foil and she
said "Oh! I definitely need some more of that, I am out!" So she
grabbed three things of the BIG rolls. We went off to go invite a less
active to take the lessons with her, and he hubby took all the
groceries to be unloaded. When we got home he was standing there with
THE funniest look on his face with STACKS of tin foil and saran wrap.
HAHAH, it was the funniest thing so I will send a picture with that
because it was definitely random, but our funny moment of the week.

7) We got it all approved to have our musical fireside on November
14th. Who knows if I will be here to see it through again, but I have
no idea what is going to happen. I think it would be best if either
this area was whitewashed, or if our companionship is split so that we
can both move on. We love each other a lot, but there is just too much
icky that comes with both our memories and so I duno we will see.

Well, kids! That's all for this week. Keep us in your prayers so that
we can get the work really going again here. It has been so dead for a
while and so the more we can get investigators and get teaching the
better we will be! We found a lot of formers in our area book that we
are going to try and a lot of old potentials that were never
re-contacted. I love that there are so many missionaries in this area
(not all LDS) and so when you go contacting people have on their
doors: No Soliciting! I have been saved already!! hahaha....good

I love all of you so much. I know with all my heart that this gospel
is true, Christ lives, and our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so
aware of each and every one of us.  I promise I am doing my best and
working as hard as I can to tell as many people about the love our
Heavenly Father has for them. Our savior not only died for our sins,
but he suffered our afflicitions, lonliness, heartache....all of it.
Not many people know that. When we lean on him in hard times, he will
lift us higher. He descended below all so that he can lift us up. I
love the restored gospel so much, and I love being a missionary, good
times and bad!! It is true, I promise.

All my loves and smooches and hugs!

Sister Sheltz
Monday, October 11, 2010

Sister Altman and Sister Walton Transferred! New Companion Sister MADUBUEZE

Sister Walton, my new companion when I moved to Lancaster

Things got shall we say a little CRAZY for a bit. Onward and upward!!

MY NEW COMP SISTER MADUBUEZE!!! Absolutely adore and love her!!!

Sister M and I get a special trip to the temple...I am literally leaping for joy because we don't get to go ever because it is out of our mission....and we are going to do like 4 sessions and initiatories...just kidding, BUT seriously. I have also had some really amazing spiritual experiences! 

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No more bikes! Pres. said this area wasn't safe for us to be out riding our bikes! 
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making a positive name for Mormons

We are  going to try putting together another musical fireside about the savior! Sister Griffiths said it was amazingly successfull and I was soooooooo bummed I missed it. It was a lot of hard work and I wished I would have gotten to see it. Speaking of Sister Punkin aka Griffiths, I miss her LOTS and LOTS! She goes home at the end of this transfer...bum deal.Conference was amazing!!!! WOW!!! I was so excited to listen and I learned so much. One of my favorite parts was that I wrote out a whole bunch of questions that I had....gospel related, missionary related, schooling, family, all kinds of questions! All of them were answered either by the speakers or through the spirit that was there. It was SO cool and I know that the Lord answered them for me! I challenge everyone to do that next conference. It is so great! Annnd I have to say Elder Holland, Eyring, Uchtdorf, and Monson's talks were my fave. Good times!
  One of my questions I had was how can I make missionary work more effective for this area? Well, the answer that I got is giving service and making a positive name for Mormons in the community. I actually hate that people call us Mormons because it takes Jesus Christ's name out of it and I REALLY dislike when people don't think we are Christian. Actually, few things make me more mad. Hahaha. Except maybe that even at gas stations there is anti-mormon literature and that people will read ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about why the church is not true, but won't even try...not even give it a second thought to just trying to read ONE VERSE of the Book of Mormon. Really. really RIDICULOUS. Annnnyyway, we are going to try going service tracting these next few days in like normal clothes and tell people that we are not there to talk about religion but that we are just there to see if we can even help them around the house. Many times over people will ask questions later, and if nothing else they can see that we are more than just convincing people of religion. We are also going to try serving at the homeless shelters and doing a weekly activity night with the elderly :) My favorite! And also singing hymns to them. I really felt inspired to try things this way for a little bit because contacting 4 to 6 hours a day has done nothingThank you for ALL of the letters last week! I cannot tell you how much I needed them and how much they came at the exact perfect time. I had an overwhelmingly amount of kind words sent to me and I love all of you so much! Hope to hear from you soon and I am writing everyone back today.
Well, I love and miss all of you with all my heart! Know that I am out here giving every bit of me that I can and that the Lord is guiding us and protecting us in all we do. Thanks for all of the encouragement and everything that all of you have done to impact my life. This gospel is true! Christ lives, and he loves each one of us so much. Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ. He didn't go to start his own church, but to reorganize the same church that existed when he was on the earth. This is his work and his gospel. I love it so much!
Love Sister Sheltz :)
Monday, September 27, 2010



Transfer Goals:
1. At least one baptism
2. 18 new investigators
3. Teach at least one family
4. Full schedules (20 lessons a week)
In order for these goals to happen we will:
1. Contact at least one hour a day.
2. Be on time to all pros. activities and missionary schedules
3. Teach one active family a week and challenge them for referrals
4. Ask for referals from everyone
5. Schedule a meeting with the Bishop so he can understand our goals and understand his expectations
6. Start a grattitude book where we recogize the Lord's hand in our work
What the Lord promises us:
1. Place people in our path who are prepared
2. create time where investigators schedules will open up
3. Inspire us where to knock
4. Give members missionary opportunities and courage to invite friends
5. Protect us from Illness and evil people
I know that the Lord will grant us these things if we do our part. Each night we return and report and already our schedule is more full than last week. So many appointments cancelled on us and I couldn't believe it...even our legit investigators didn't show up or come to church. My blessing was great last night also and I know that I can make it through this transfer and learn a lot in the process.
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transfer Update 09/22/10

If you are in Lancaster, California then you will be able to drive over a musical road that has been pock marked with special grooves that sing out a tune. However the residents want the road back in original tar because many drive past out of key. Made by Honda as part of an upcoming advertising campaign, the road plays "The William Tell Overture" (the theme from The Lone Ranger) and for best results the company advices you to drive over with a Honda Civic because the company says that the road was tuned specifically to the tires and wheelbase of a Civic.
(Listen for yourself kinda fun!) 
 Hello Everyone,
Thanks to my Mom's amazing Facebook skills (OH DAT MA NICE), I think everyone knows I got transferred to Lancaster to be on a bike. I was DEVASTATED to leave. I loved my companion, loved my area, even more loved my ward, loved my investigators, was working on a fireside we had put together all transfer, loved my zone and especially my district, and the work was really taking off. I know there is always more people to love, but I still REALLY didn't want to leave since I just felt like I had gotten started.
1. My new comp is Sister Walton, we are really different but really similar in a lot of ways. It is going to be interesting because I feel a sense of real urgency to change the way that the work has been going here. Really no one is utilizing the members and many areas have never been that is going to change, and change really fast.
2. I am actually in a pretty scary part of town hahaha...last night we went walking in the dark (also something that is going to change...Sister Walton is a little too trusting and it is definitely not safe. Lots of gangs, lots of drugs, and we are definitely in the Ghetto. For sure.) and there are not safe people out. There is Sister Walton out contacting them in her happy tone of voice with her flower in her hair from her safe part of Utah where she never knew alcohol and drugs existed. Good times...
3. You will never guess who I live with....ALTMAN. How I love sisters and all the issues that seem to come. Sister Madebueze and I get along really well so we will lean on each other.
4. I am loving missionary work still and just still trying to get used to everything. I finally feel pretty comfortable in what I am doing and how mission life goes. I still feel like I have been here forever and will be here for eternity. Sometimes I wonder, "And why the judd did I decide to submit myself to so many uncomfortable circumstances??" but then the Lord quickly reminds me of how wonderful the work really is. Give me 3 more transfers and I think I will be begging for time to slow down. As for now it could speed up just a little.
5. I wish I could tell you about any of the investigators we have here but I really didn't get to teach any. Yesterday was kind of a waste of a day and so we figured out a way to be more effective and today we have a full schedule again.Good thing because that is enough to give me a heart attack...having down time or no set appointments.
6. Some of my last investigators I had in my other area are doing really great! I set 3 more baptismal dates just before I left and was ready to set 2 more. It was sad to leave, but when they do get baptized I will go back down to see them! I seriously love mission hills ward and Sister Madebueze also had that area for her Greenie area and so we have agood time talking about all the old investigators.
7. Sister Griffiths got Sister Mackley (hahah) and a new greenie today. President laughed when he called and said, "Well, you have an interesting transfer ahead of you don't you sister griffiths!" She was like, "Of course you would. You would spread me as thin as you can, rip out my bestie companion, and try to pull a quick one on me for my last transfer!" She and I were both ready to hop on a plane to Scotland (where her parents are mission presidents and where she will be returning). We were bummed.
8. We went to say bye to Delmy's family and her little boy is the epitome of a mexican cholo. He wears long shorts, talks like a homie and is three. He will always say, "Peace out homie! hahah Peace out homie! hahahah Peace out homie!" over and over again. He also pretends he is a gangster and will say the funniest things and as I left he says to us, "I luh you homie! I luh YOU homie! I luh you Sissy!" So funny. I got most of it on film and soon I will send a memory card home. It is so funny!
Hello Everyone,
Thanks to my Mom's amazing Facebook skills, I think everyone knows I got transferred to Lancaster to be on a bike. I was DEVASTATED to leave. I loved my companion, loved my area, even more loved my ward, loved my investigators, was working on a fireside we had put together all transfer, loved my zone and especially my district, and the work was really taking off. I know there is always more people to love, but I still REALLY didn't want to leave since I just felt like I had gotten started.
1. My new comp is Sister Walton, we are really different but really similar in a lot of ways. It is going to be interesting because I feel a sense of real urgency to change the way that the work has been going here. Really no one is utilizing the members and many areas have never been that is going to change, and change really fast.
2. I am actually in a pretty scary part of town hahaha...last night we went walking in the dark (also something that is going to change...Sister Walton is a little too trusting and it is definitely not safe. Lots of gangs, lots of drugs, and we are definitely in the Ghetto. For sure.) and there are not safe people out. There is Sister Walton out contacting them in her happy tone of voice with her flower in her hair from her safe part of Utah where she never knew alcohol and drugs existed. Good times...
3. You will never guess who I live with....ALTMAN. She is back, I knew that it would happen I just knew it. I will just have to stay far away and do breathing exercises to get through that one. She also hates my companion for some reason and my companion hates her so there is definitely some uptight feelings and much back lashing. How I love sisters and all the issues that seem to come. Sister Madebueze and I get along really well so we will lean on each other.
4. I am loving missionary work still and just still trying to get used to everything. I finally feel pretty comfortable in what I am doing and how mission life goes. I still feel like I have been here forever and will be here for eternity. Sometimes I wonder, "And why the judd did I decide to submit myself to so many uncomfortable circumstances??" but then the Lord quickly reminds me of how wonderful the work really is. Give me 3 more transfers and I think I will be begging for time to slow down. As for now it could speed up just a little.
5. I wish I could tell you about any of the investigators we have here but I really didn't get to teach any. Yesterday was kind of a waste of a day and so we figured out a way to be more effective and today we have a full schedule again.Good thing because that is enough to give me a heart attack...having down time or no set appointments.
6. Some of my last investigators I had in my other area are doing really great! I set 3 more baptismal dates just before I left and was ready to set 2 more. It was sad to leave, but when they do get baptized I will go back down to see them! I seriously love mission hills ward and Sister Madebueze also had that area for her Greenie area and so we have agood time talking about all the old investigators.
7. Sister Griffiths got Sister Mackley (hahah) and a new greenie today. President laughed when he called and said, "Well, you have an interesting transfer ahead of you don't you sister griffiths!" She was like, "Of course you would. You would spread me as thin as you can, rip out my bestie companion, and try to pull a quick one on me for my last transfer!" She and I were both ready to hop on a plane to Scotland (where her parents are mission presidents and where she will be returning). We were bummed.
8. We went to say bye to Delmy's family and her little boy is the epitome of a mexican cholo. He wears long shorts, talks like a homie and is three. He will always say, "Peace out homie! hahah Peace out homie! hahahah Peace out homie!" over and over again. He also pretends he is a gangster and will say the funniest things and as I left he says to us, "I luh you homie! I luh YOU homie! I luh you Sissy!" So funny. I got most of it on film and soon I will send a memory card home. It is so funny! Grandma cried when I left and told me we can go stay there.
Well the work continues forward and my testimony grows stronger and stronger each day. I hope all is well with each of you and that you know that you are always in my prayers! I can't wait to hear from some of you! Know that i know that this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It amazes me how everytime I teach it how much stronger it becomes rooted in my heart. It is true, Christ lives, and Joseph Smith was a prophet. I love it! I promise.
Love Sister Sheltz

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sister Cheltz and Hermanna Griffiths her trainer. Sending Cheltz off!

Week 8 September 15th Letter from Sister Sheltz!

Daniel L. Johnson Sustained to the First Quorum of the Seventy April 1, 2006, at age 59. Former Area Seventy in the Mexico North Area, president of Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission, counselor to mission president and stake president, and bishop. Received bachelor degree in accounting and economics from BYU; former executive in international companies, as well as holding Church and family farming positions throughout the United States and Latin America. Born Dec. 15, 1946, in Colonia Juarez, Mexico, to LeRoy and Rita Skousen Johnson.. Wife, LeAnn Holman Johnson; parents of six children. 
Hello Everyone!!
Well, this week the mission has been much harder, but great none-the-less. I am just loving my mission, good times and bad times and love the people I am able to meet. I thought life was stressful before my mission with all I was involved in, but nothing like this. Anything that takes your whole spirit to do is usually pretty rough at times :)
1. This week we had mission conference and it was wonderful! Elder Johnson of the 70 came to speak and it was really great. I learned so much and it was fun to meet many of the other people on my missions. Luckily for me, there are not as many crazy sisters as I hard heard hahaha:) Transfers are coming up and Sister G and I are pretty sure that we will be together still since I am a greenie and this is her last transfer. If anything we think we might be trio training a greenie...hmmmm. Not sure how I feel about adding a 3rd. It was no fun teaching with 3 in the MTC. The only good thing is that it would add one more person to talk to and that is always fun! We will see what happens.
2. Progressing investigators have been far and few between this week because a) we have had so many meetings, B) we already baptized all of our progressing, C) we are trying to meet with all of the members about this fireside and so we have been mostly been doing member lessons, and D) Everyone was out of town for Labor day and school being out. Hopefully we will see more soon. We also had a rough day of contacting yesterday. Love when people tell me that I am going to Hell because I believe in the wrong Jesus. Good times, good times.
3. Monday for P-day we most definitely in fact went to the Zoo!! Way fun, there were like 20 missionaries that went and I am getting to know more and more of the missionaries and we had a blast. We have 2 of THE funniest elders in our district who made it pretty entertaining. Super hot, but way fun.
4. Grandma taught us how to dance this week and how to say, "Peace out homies" as an 86 year old. Sooooo funny I cannot describe...this is why she goes for the younger men because she is too hip. I have great videos of it that I will be sending home and Mom, you can post them for all to enjoy because they are much too good.
5. Delmy unfortunately I think we may have to drop. We think she loves having us over, the spirit that is there, and the fact that we are friends....but we are going to have to tell her that if she has no intentions of keeping her commitments or being baptized that we can't keep visiting her. There are too many people who are ready now, and this is our job. Most of the time dropping people is liberating when it is one of those eternal investigators...but this one is  going to be no fun.
6. We are meeting with Brennan tonight and we hope that we will keep his commitment as we extend to him the 7 day challenge to quit smoking and drinking. We think once he stops that he will definitely get his answer. It is going to be intense and I will let you know how it goes!
Everything else is pretty much just trying to find new investigators. HOPEFULLY after this fireside they will be coming out the woodwork, We are doing it stake wide and they announced it in stake conference and so we think we will see good results.
Thanks for any letters or emails that are sent! Can't tell you how much they mean the world for me.  Paigey! You can most definitely email. I love your little guts and wish I was there to take care of the old folks too some days. Bon! Tell jill Sawatdee Kah! and that I love Thai people and here.
To everyone else! This gospel is true! I love learning about Joseph Smith and I have learned so much about church history lately. I love that this church is the true church and that it really is the same church Christ set up himself. I love the scriptures and how much they teach us! PLEASE read them. I am so grateful that Christ died for me and for all so that his plan is possible but more importantly that he lives! And he is coming. We need to be preparing for the time that he does is coming fast.
I love this gospel so much and it is true, I promise!
I love you all and know that I continually pray for you each day...and that is A lot of prayers!
Love, Sister Sheltz
Saturday, September 4, 2010

09/01/10 Scary Harry and Ron

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Hello Everyone!
I got word last week that we are able to write our main email to everyone, so everyone's email that put their name on the list I will be sending each week...sure love and miss everyone!!
1. This week has been INCREDIBLE!! We have had amazing things happen and also some scary things, and lots of funny things. I had my first baptism this week and I was so excited! We have been teaching Randy ever since I got here and he was just ready to jump in that font from the first lesson. He is 22 and is really great and his baptism was awesome. I bawlled like a baby knowing that I got to be an instrument for that. In fact, I witnessed 4 baptisms on Sunday. It was a great and draining day. Nothing like 10 hours at the church to do you in. We were exhausted and had a stressful time getting investigators to church. Remember when Sunday used to be a relaxing day?? Not so on the mission. Easily the most stressful, frustrating, and busy day fo the whole week. Nothing gets to you more than when you watch the door like a hawk for investigators who promised to be there and never show. So bummer.
2. Sam Chee's baptism is this week and he is so excited! He has taken a while to get comfortable with the idea of baptism, but after visiting the temple grounds and visitors center he was just so pumped. He passed his interview and he is ready. He stayed for all four baptisms this week and also agreed to a Priesthood Blessing. He is just so "scary" as he would say, instead of scared, of coming to church and of getting a blessing. I think he thought it would be really weird, but he felt the spirit so strongly and that solitified his excitement for a baptism! I love Thai people!
3. We had a really scary experience this week also...I am glad I am alive and not dead. Definitely the Lord protects his missionaries because I don't know how we got out of that apartment...also thank goodness for obedience that we took a male member with us. We went to go visit an Armenian man named Wahe (the one who is always in pain and is older). Well, his son answered the door and was very reluctant to let us in. But we sat down and started visiting with Wahe and then the son came out and asked, "Are you Jehovah's witnesses?" and we of course answered no. He started screaming at us to get out, Wahe, who is old slammed him against the wall and they started fighting in Armenian and he was trying to come after us as Wahe held us back. We kept trying to get out but of course they were blocking the door and he was just screaming at us and wanted to know how we had even gotten in the complex. We ran out as fast as we could and he was trying to chase after us as Wahe held him back . He is pretty tough for as old as he is. I know already from being out here when people are just mad or angry, and you can tell when they have intentions of acting on their anger....that was one of them and I don't know what he would have done to us if we had not had a man there because women are worth nothing in Armenia. Whew...scary.
4. Delmy is another investigator that is a toughy. We have (and they before me) have been trying to get her to come to church forever. She lives with her BF and they have 2 kids together and are working on getting married. They started listening to the lessons and really liked them and she feels the spirit, but Mario doesn't really want anything to do with organized religion. He supports her listening and really loves us to come over, but she doesn't want to take the kids and have to explain why Dad doesn't love God. Well, we had a lesson with her and everything was just going wrong. Every interruption you can imagine and it was super frustrating. Lastly, both of her dogs got out and had been gone for over an hour. Mario left to look for them and hadn't for 20 mins. She apologized that she was going to have to leave and asked us to help her look. Sis G and I went to go look and stopped and prayed. I asked the Lord if it would help her to get to church to please let us find the dang dogs. Both of us had the impression to look down this street, and what do you know, there they were. The animal control pulled up at the same time as we did and we were able to get them for her. Luckily this built her faith, and guess who came to church?! She loved it. She was taking notes, signed up for all the RS stuff, it was hilarious. We will meet with her today and I hope we can just commit her to baptism. The Law of Chastity thing may be an issue...but we know we are going to get her and all the kids. :)
5. Rueben (43) and his Girlfriend Grandma (86) continue to kill us with hilarity every day. Don't worry that Rueben ( I will send pictures to prove it and you will die) showed up wearing Khacki shorts with bball shorts hanging out underneath them, 2 belts, an american flag bandana tied around one belt loop, a compass hanging from the other, long black socks pulled up with black church shoes, and the tightest bright red surf shirt you can imagine. I don't know how to even tell you how funny he is and how much we get a kick out of how crazy he is. He also was using dryer sheets as napkins the other day....I know, I know. I don't get it either. It is completely ridiculous.
6.Awkward story number 2: We go over to teach Randy and his friend and we use a whole lot of object lessons out here, one with with 3 cups and 3 butter knives. We pulled them out and Randy's friend asks, "so what will you use those for?" and Randy answers, "so they can circumsize you." Bahhhh...way awkward.

7. Another awkward story. This guy named Ron comes every week to church without fail on his bike. Years ago he was in a bad motorcycle accident and has really bad brain damage. He of course comes in his T shirt and jeans and every week he gets a pop from the dollar store, brings it in during sacrament meeting and opens it as loudly as he can during the most spiritual of moments. He also afterwards burps as loud as he can. This is great when we bring investigators. He also really likes to clap...after everything. Investigators ALSO get the wrong idea of clapping and this makes for really funny moments. In Sunday School too he started telling everyone that Jesus was a polygamist and alot of other crazy stuff which also makes for a lot of explaining to investigators. Good times, good times. Flosi superhero man always says, "I am going to buy that man many uncarbonated beverages...many, many." Brother Flosi is SO funny and we have a way good relationship with him. Our ward is awesome at ward missionary stuff and the Bishop is helping us with so much! Love that I have a good ward and comp...Ron included.
8. We also have met many people, homeless men in fact, who believe they are Jesus. And also because we won't hug them (Sis Griffiths has a great story about this) then we don't love Jesus. We also saw a man talking to a blank sign and we are sure he believes he is Moses talking to the burning bush. Good times.
Well, the field is great!! I hope everyone else is doing great and loving life. I have had lots of good experiences and I just adore the mission. Is definitely not easy, and because we are literally representatives of Jesus Christ, often times we feel the feelings that he feels for others. That can be great and also hard because sometimes I feel such great sadness for those who are so lost and have so many trials. For the first time this week I lost it, and I felt such sadness for one investigator who just so distraught. Sad times, but also very happy times. This is the most joy and the most hardship I have ever faced. I just love it so much and I am so glad I get to be here doing the work! I am just one lucky girl. I love all of you dearly and pray for each of you so much!! I pray, lots, and lots and lots!! Hope to hear from you soon...I can get emails and I will handwrite you back. This gospel is true! I promise.
Love Always,
Sister Sheltz!