Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making a positive name for Mormons

We are  going to try putting together another musical fireside about the savior! Sister Griffiths said it was amazingly successfull and I was soooooooo bummed I missed it. It was a lot of hard work and I wished I would have gotten to see it. Speaking of Sister Punkin aka Griffiths, I miss her LOTS and LOTS! She goes home at the end of this transfer...bum deal.Conference was amazing!!!! WOW!!! I was so excited to listen and I learned so much. One of my favorite parts was that I wrote out a whole bunch of questions that I had....gospel related, missionary related, schooling, family, all kinds of questions! All of them were answered either by the speakers or through the spirit that was there. It was SO cool and I know that the Lord answered them for me! I challenge everyone to do that next conference. It is so great! Annnd I have to say Elder Holland, Eyring, Uchtdorf, and Monson's talks were my fave. Good times!
  One of my questions I had was how can I make missionary work more effective for this area? Well, the answer that I got is giving service and making a positive name for Mormons in the community. I actually hate that people call us Mormons because it takes Jesus Christ's name out of it and I REALLY dislike when people don't think we are Christian. Actually, few things make me more mad. Hahaha. Except maybe that even at gas stations there is anti-mormon literature and that people will read ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about why the church is not true, but won't even try...not even give it a second thought to just trying to read ONE VERSE of the Book of Mormon. Really. really RIDICULOUS. Annnnyyway, we are going to try going service tracting these next few days in like normal clothes and tell people that we are not there to talk about religion but that we are just there to see if we can even help them around the house. Many times over people will ask questions later, and if nothing else they can see that we are more than just convincing people of religion. We are also going to try serving at the homeless shelters and doing a weekly activity night with the elderly :) My favorite! And also singing hymns to them. I really felt inspired to try things this way for a little bit because contacting 4 to 6 hours a day has done nothingThank you for ALL of the letters last week! I cannot tell you how much I needed them and how much they came at the exact perfect time. I had an overwhelmingly amount of kind words sent to me and I love all of you so much! Hope to hear from you soon and I am writing everyone back today.
Well, I love and miss all of you with all my heart! Know that I am out here giving every bit of me that I can and that the Lord is guiding us and protecting us in all we do. Thanks for all of the encouragement and everything that all of you have done to impact my life. This gospel is true! Christ lives, and he loves each one of us so much. Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ. He didn't go to start his own church, but to reorganize the same church that existed when he was on the earth. This is his work and his gospel. I love it so much!
Love Sister Sheltz :)