Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I dislike...

doing laundry very much.

Don't get me wrong, when I have my own
washer and dryer, like at my dear house in Orem, I don't
mind so much -- as long as it is just mine and not the Brother's,
Sister's, Mom's, Dad's, and sheets...and towels...and placemats,
and random judd.
I just like mine to be all by itself so I don't get my socks mixed up.

And I really hate when I can't just pull out MY stuff only and
it gets all kerbobled with everyone else's stuff.

I like putting an extra dryer sheet in.
I am also very picky with clean clothes smells.
They have to smell just right.
In fact I am quite fond of Downy Lavender Simple Pleasures. drives me CRAZY that it is $1.25 for just one load
in a small washer at my apartment complex.
Not only that, but it is $0.75 for one dry in a dryer that doesn't completely
dry your load all of the way.
So, my clothes sit for way too long until I decide to go home
where I can wash them in my own little Orem house.

Today I caved, and did 3 loads.
6 bucks later I finally have clean clothes.

Bah. I hate that.

And I am missing a sock.


Kristin Louise said...

Oh Chelsea, I hear ya!

Cami said...

I think I have an extra random sock as you want it so you can have a complete pair? :)

Craig Barlow B. said...

Chelsea, coin-operated laundry machines have been my nemesis for many, many horrifying years. Every quarter lost to a laundry machine is a tragedy. I once tried to work out a way to trick the machine into letting me keep my quarter by wrapping it in a nylon. It didn't work. And that was yet another tragedy.

Anyway, you live in Orem? Are you no longer at Dixie?

The Button's said...

I completely 100% agree! I HATE LAUNDRY! And I don't even have to worry about the coin-operated ones. It's not so much the washing and drying that is so very much annoying, but the dreaded FOLDING! I let it sit there until it stares me down and I cave in. I love clean clothes, don't get me wrong. I just wish I could be like the wizard on sword in the stone and cast a spell to fold all the clothes:)

Matthew said...

My clean laundry is still sitting on my bed, waiting to be folded... from a wash over 14 hours ago.

I hate doing laundry.