Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cardboard Cabanas

Well, it was a crazy, crazy last week. We had the first annual Dixie Poverty Awareness Week! It went so well I don't even know what to do! Just a quick recap of what happened:

All week we had a food drive for our new student pantry (there are a lot of students starving on campus so we started a no questions asked pantry this year). We got over 8,000 cans! Wahoo! Went great.

We had 8th graders on campus Tuesday who cut fleece blankets for us and we made over 45 for the homeless.

Wednesday was our campus to community and we put Christmas lights up at Tuahcan Theater.

Thursday was a John Schmidt benefit concert to put H1N1 emergency classroom kits in Washington County School District and we had 900 people there.

Friday was our big Cardboard Campout! This was my favorite part of the week....we had about 157 students there who came and camped out in cardboard boxes for 5 bucks and all the money is going to the homeless. We also did a balloon launch with a hope, prayer, or a wish and that was sweet too! Here are some great pictures:

It went really well until about 4 in the morning when for the first time in 500 years it decided to POUR rain. It was so loud on our boxes and never have so many bad words gone through my head at once. People weren't too happy with me when I yelled out, "Well, I guess you all know what it is REALLY like to be homeless now!" hahaha.

We had to be off the field at 8:00 AM and I didn't know if we could get it done because most of the people left, everything was wet, and it was freezing. Here is the mess...ewww!'s almost my birthday! Wahoo, sunday I will be 21 which feels so weird to me. I never thought I would get that old. However, I got a gift certificate for Best Buy so I got myself a little gift that I have wanted for a long, long time. I couldn't be more happy with the calendar, notes, and awesome apps that are on this sweet little piece of machinery.

I also got a HILARIOUS book from Lia dear a little early. It is such a good one, especially since little kids helped write it. I guess maybe since I am a girl in Utah who will be 21 and not married....I should get on it....just kidding but seriously.

WELP! That's about all the updates I've got! More later...


Craig Barlow B. said...

If I am ever in need of someone to save the world, I'm coming to you first, Chelsea.

Also, with two years of 21 behind me, I can confidently tell you, it is everything you ever dreamed it is. On Sunday, all your dreams come true.