Friday, November 6, 2009

Udderly fantastic.

Yesterday we had our Second Annual "COW PIES FOR KENYA" fundraiser with the Ambassadors. It was an extremely long day babysitting "Socks" the cow for 11 hours, but a real good time. I had this crazy to keep me entertained while we sat there all day:

And we sure did have a few good laughs...espcially when the cow got loose (3 times).

If you don't know how it works, this fundraiser's is a great one. You can buy a ticket to the carnival which is also a square. The field is then gridded off 25 x 25 yards and that day we let the cow go. That night wherever that cow poops, the person's square wins an iPod. Pretty sweet right?? We raised money to put water wells in Kenya (which I love.) and did great this year with over $1,000 big ones.

We played games like Udder Destruction (darts), Pin the Udder on the Cow, Cow Pie Eating Contest, Cow Pie Your Professor, Cow Pie Walk...etc.

It was intense when the cow decided to jump the fence AT the event. Bout scared the poop outta me, and then we would have gotten double the prize I'm afraid. I thought for sure it was going to gauge someone and I would be responsible. I seem to have that kind of awesome luck.

The other intense part was when we had to be OFF the field at 7:00 for intramurals, and the cow still had not pooed at 6:50. Well, we scared the poop right outta her by chasing her around. She pooed at about 6:55. Right on time Socks!

Good times, good times.

Please enjoy this smattering of pictures:

This is my "I am stressed about an event" face:

Josh I think is who kept me sane the whole night by acting like a dork all of the time:

Thanks to Angie on the right, this whole thing went as well as it did. She has to be the most organized, smart, and go get em' kind of girl that I know. Also thanks to Crystal (on the left) for ropin' the dang thing when it got loose.

And well, this takes no explaining at all for how funny it is:

Phew. I'm pooped out. No pun intended. Ok, it really was intended and I hope you laugh, because I did.