Thursday, November 26, 2009

Must blog.

Now that I have started blogging, every time something funny, sad, exciting, or random happens I find myself (and so do my friends) exclaim, "that is definitely a blog moment." Well, I saw this movie:

and I found myself thinking, "Wow. That was freakin' blog-worthy."
I bawlled through 90 percent of it....not because it was "sad" or that his circumstances were rough, but that i just wanted to jump and squeeze his big teddy-bear self and love him like she did.

For some reason I have always had this burning desire to take in those children who have potential, and are hurting, and don't have a chance because of choices of their parents. So, dear readers, I'll tell you....I'm going to adopt. Not just one, but a few. Seriously. Here is one little boy I would do anything to be able to take him in if was possible....

This is Mwang from Kenyai:

He is slightly disabled and I picked him out the first few days I was there and knew I would love him dearly. So naturally, because I adored him, I would meet and play with his sweet little self every morning. He would sit on my lab, his little eyes would cross in and out, laugh, and then give me the most genuine big hug ever. I still think of him daily and was surprised when I got an e-mail from Kenya a few months ago and they told me he still waits for me in the same spot every day....5 years later. I wish I had him with me and that I could take care of him and love him (considering he has no family) and listen to his cute little laugh, and help him be able to have a good life with people to care for him. I hate thinking of him all alone on the streets of the slums of Kenya, confused and no one to hold him.

So when I can, I hope to visit that sweet boy again, and later to adopt a few in his same situation. Oh and also, I would like a multi-cultural family please. I'll take some from here, from Asia, Africa, doesn't matter. I have enough room in my heart for all of them.

So, dear Mr. Future Husband- man. Be ready...ready to adopt, and adopt plenty.

ANYWAY, back to my original must go see the movie. And when you do, think of me. I'm no Sandra Bullock and certainly don't look like her (she looks dang skippy in that movie. please give me her legs one day. please.), and I am definitely not that up front with people, but I love her (or the lady she plays rather) and the way she loves that boy.

Here are the real people.

Definitely blog worthy.