Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best birthday ever.

I did, I really did. First off, my good friends:

took me out to dinner at Iggy's. Got my FAVORITE coconut shrimp...YUM!

Then they surprised me with a huge "club" (since I have always wanted to go clubbin, and I am 21 now, they brought one to me...big surprise...I had no idea). It had red and black lights, "drinking" (virgin margarita shots...since none of us ACTUALLY drink), a bouncer who asked me for my I.D., and plenty of rap. Here is a picture of my first "drink" and getting cheered on:

Then they had an ice cream cake, we had a big dinner, and WII today. it was so fun! Oh yeah, and Real Salt Lake won to top off my bpday.

Thanks to all my friends for making a hilarious, genuine, mormon 21st b-day. I had a blast


Alexis! said...

Great, clean birthday :)