Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pinkpineapplesugar is dead.

It is. My old account has now been deleted.
Where did you get that e-mail you ask?? Well....







Ok, so not duh. 7th grade me and Jules sat in her office (that I was so jealous of) with our feet up on the desk. IM (instant messenger) was way cool then and so we needed something edgy, something awesome, and different to have as our hotmail names.

- "Jules?"
- "Yah?"
- "Let's make up some new e-mail addresses."
- "Kay."
- "Well, you're wordy. And think of it."
- "Kay."
*clickyity clack clicker clack clack*
- "Hold on, let me finish talking to [fill in boy name here]."
*applies chapstick* *slurps ramen* *turns up the soundtrack to Pirates of Penzance*
- "Well, like, you're Hawaiian and stuff. And you like pink????"

Three hours later the most random e-mail addresses, and were born that fit our styles pretty well.

That email address stayed and raised hell everytime I had to say it out loud or write it down.

"Wait, what was it again?" I would be asked... followed by an "alright" and a chuckle since I was 20 and still using it.

But, that account has been through it all: flirty high school e-mails, missionary letters, blogger comments, gold's gym sign-ups, teacher emails, college applications....the works. And now it is done. Closed, forever.

There is a little twinge of sadness as I sign out. Guess it really means I'm all growed up. ...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 was just fine....

Here is my year in a nutshell:

Started out recovering from my third...YES third knee surgery. Joyous.

Got my phlebotomist license:

Decided to try a pageant and got lucky enough to win and take home a sweet scholarship:

Learned how to do acrylic nails and was teased relentlessly because I look Asian.

Handed in my Ambassador tag for a tag of Vice President of Service on Student Government.

Had a summer of working as a CNA with old folks at Bel Aire and a Phlebotomist/Med Assistant at a women's clinic. And enjoyed plenty of boating, taking Tom Fishin, and being with the fam:

Started school with a bang and lots of awesome plans for Service Council. Also started my fabulous job with Home Care and Hospice as a CNA:

Got Swine Flu...bad:

Had a crazy homecoming week and decided to try another pageant (crazy right?). This time maybe not quite as lucky to take home the scholarship, but had a good experience all in all. Two was plenty enough for me.

Met President Holland with my homecoming date:

Got Swine Flu again (or it never went away) really bad. Landed a luxurious hospital stay for a week in my 5 star suite (haha ya right, that's what you pay for it) and was treated like a big fat germ.

Ash and Danster came for a visit with me in Orem...very fun:

Had the first annual "Cardboard Campout" to raise money for the homeless. Quite a success despite the freezing rain at four in the morning. Don't worry that it is the only time it has rained in St. George in the last 50 billion years.

Discovered my love of pranks:

Had the funniest/fun 21st birthday party complete with my own "fake club" and "fake first drink". What a blast:

Found my baby Lilly, and then had to give her to her owners....sad day.

Had a "vacation" with some of my besties to Pine Valley to sled:

And have been to enough bridal showers/weddings/missionary somethings to last me a lifetime.

Happy New Years everyone! Hope 2010 brings you all the best...
Monday, December 28, 2009


So after popular demand - or maybe just Ash - I will tell some more of my funny little girl stories.

So...this one time I lied. It's true. And well, one thing you learn with my dad really quick is that you don't lie. Ever. So after I got caught in my lie that fateful day I knew I was in deep.

Now my parents weren't exactly what I call "the spanking" kind necessarily. I had a few swats with a spatula here and there, but nothing really hard or traumatic.

Well, clear as day I remember after that lie my dad saying, "Well, little Chelsers, for lying you are gonna get a bare bum spankin."

Also clear as day I remember SHREAKING in horror. "Please dad! No! I pro-hom-ise I won't ever, never tell a lie again!!!"

Now I have what we like to call "puff eyes" as well. Slghtly Asian with really squishy eyelids. This makes for EXTREME crying. When I would cry, I would squeeze those puffs together so tight that the mom said the tears would propel like little torpedos and shoot straight out. This was definitely one of those times.

Welp down went the pants and over his knee I went screaming the entire way.

All I heard was "Slap! Slap! Slap!" With every slap came a shriek or scream more dramatic than the first.

Then all of the sudden! I realized, dad wasn't spanking me at all! He was hitting his own dang leg. That's right...never touched me once. My mom, who thought I was being beaten to death, came running to see us both laughing instead. I got not a single bare bum spankin for that lie, just years of hearing the story over and over again.

Gosh, I was so dramatic.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Alright, so I have a new show I am loving a lot. It's called gLee....heard of it?
If not you should definitely watch. I don't know why for sure I love it so it because I miss singing and performing a lot and am too scared to start up again so I live vicariously through this?? Or possibly is it because it reminds me of the crazy drama kids I grew up with like Jules?? Or is it because it is insanely funny?? Or possibly because this man is super attractive and kind of looks a little like childhood crush and Nsync idol poster I kissed every night before I went to bed?

Anyway, if you can't catch it on actual TV, watch it at Promise you will like it...or at least I think you will! I did. Here is a preview
Friday, December 25, 2009

There is nothing better....

than watching your grandparents play the Wii.

That is what this afternoon consisted of after we ate our hearty Christmas meal. Trying to teach them how to play tennis, the difference between the "B" button and the "A" button, not to throw the controller through the screen, and get competitive was just the icing on a wonderful Christmas cake.

Papa Gould is really good at playing the Wii however, because at the old folks home where he lives they have competitions. Good way for them to work out and get those bones movin'. I believe that this one will probably be a tradish at the Gould house.

Another tradition that just gets me is when every year on Christmas Eve we ALWAYS sing karaoke. Don't ask me why....we just do. Who gets into it more than the dad? No one. Who is the best singer?? Not dad. Love him, but not dad. He loves to do Earth Wind and Fire in his highest vibrato voice....always a good time. Not only that but he will sing down there for an hour after we have all gone to bed enjoying the night down on the couch croonin' the night away.

Anyway, I loved Christmas and being home. It was so fun, and I have been dying to give my presents to my family! Loved it. Hope yours was quality also!

I should have more little girl stories starting tomorrow....I have some good ones left I think you may like.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Definitely Blog-Worthy

So the other night, me and my dear roommate Lindsey were still moving her in and we decided we were going to fit in my little twin bed (it's been done many times). Sleeping like babies, 4:00 Am rolls around and *crash!* *smash!* *slide!*....slides off my bricks and the bed frame breaks in half. No joke. I am glad we didn't die and it was close. This woke me up from a most fabulous sleep and I was sure ticked. Linds was ticked as well, but after we had our anger moment we sure had a good laugh. I can't tell you how funny it must have looked as we slid off that little bed that was much too high.

Also I am FINALLY home. So good to be with my fam, favorite decorated tree, scuddles, smells of cinnamon and orange, caramels, Mom laughing so hard her nostrils flare and her eyes water....and she can't get out what the heck she is laughing about...then I laugh so hard my nostrils flare and my eyes water and we look like a bunch of crazies who don't know what we are laughing about, Dad putting in his 2 cents about everything you say...every friend, and every friend's relationship, the comf couch, snow (which when I left St. George it was a blazin 60 degrees...not exactly Christmas weather), lights (St. George also lacks decent ones), stayin up with Gooster watching stupid Youtube vids and laughing while OUR Asian (not really) puff eyes and nostrils flare (Hannah's are much bigger than mine and she loves to show them off in every picture), homemade gifts, and lots of good times and loves.

Hope you have the Merriest Christmas of all.

P.S. I get to work with all the crazy old folks at my favorite nursing home in the whole world tomorrow on the Eve of Christmas. Can't wait to see Imogene and the Gang.
Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old people make me happy.

I have this patient that I ESPECIALLY love. She is hilarious. She is little and sweet and will love you until you are so full of love that you will never be lonely again.

She wears a bright yellow shower cap to shower in and makes little grunts ever step she takes.
About every two minutes she will smother you with kisses on your cheeks, rub you face gently and repeat over and over again, "you sweet little darlin'! I love your sweet little darlin' punkin China-doll face sa-darn much! You are Heavenly Father's child."

So I reply, "I love your guts so much!"
- "You love my what?"
- "Your guts!"
- "Well, what does that mean!?"
- "It means that I love you so much that it goes clear to your guts!"
- "Well! Is there song for that?"
- "I don't have one yet..."

So there she sat buck naked with her hot pink lipstick and bright yellow shower cap as she sang her own, "Love your guts, love your guts!"

Gosh I love her. She is so sweet..and funny. Can't help but chuckle with her!

On my way home on wednesday for a much a needed break! Not only that but I get to work at my other old folks home in American Fork this break with Tom, Imogene, and all the rest of the crazy clan. I will have good stories I am sure! More soon.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Some sound advice from Nel Talley...

Today was our monthly Visit the Elderly with Service Council.
LOVE them.

I met another really great Virgininan....remember this lady from my other old folks home?

Well, she was also fiesty and from Virginia and I love her also.

Today Nel Talley told me never to sleep with a man before I am married. She gave me what she called the best advice she could ever give a young person (because she was married 3 times...never divorced. They all keeled over she said.) Ready for it??

"If they'll do it with ya, they'll do it to ya."

Whatever the judd that means. I guess I'll take it. You can bet I am going to visit her a whole lot more. I can't help but fall in love with an oldie, guess that's why I think I'll always be a geriatric nurse.

More later.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

End of the semester grumpies.

I hate them. Hate them with all of me. I feel like this:

Here are a few of the reasons why I want to punch everyone during this time of anger:

1. Everyone else has the end of semester grumpies too and so we all want to punch everyone else.

2. I generally have the tireds and zero drive to do anything, yet so much to get done.

3. Work always somehow needs you more when your classes are more intense.

4. Finals. Enough said.

5. Everyone in student government is sitting on pins and needles trying to finish out our last big events and is also very grumpster.

6. I just want to play. And so does Lily but I can't. This drives me crazy.

7. People (i,e, Cam, Kass, Todd, Jess, and everyone else in the world) get married at this time and it cramps me to watch them go.

8. I get really on edge because I am not 100 percent sure on where my grades stand.

9. Time to start on a nursing application. Enough said.

10. I always run out of groceries at this time and don't want to buy more because I am going home. This means rationing out crap food and eating out too much.

Boooo finals. Boooo classes. Boooo trying figure out where in the judd life is going. Two weeks...I can do anything for two weeks.
Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have a baby now.

I really do! I picked up this sweetheart was meant to be.

I was driving down River Road today (which is one of the busier, if not the busiest streets in town) on my way to see a patient. Cars all around me started slamming on their brakes, swirving, and tooting their horns. I look in the street and see this little black mop of a puppy running circles in the middle of the street. I figure I will just pull over, get her, and then take her to her owner. I called the cute little pup over to my car and she hopped her shaky little body onto my lap and licked my face. Well, I look, and no collar. I ran to my patient's house and decided, welp, she is never going to the pound so I am gonna keep her. Don't worry people, I called the pound and told them if anyone called for her to call me. I am secretly hoping they won't. I am in love. Love, love, love. Yay!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009