Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old people make me happy.

I have this patient that I ESPECIALLY love. She is hilarious. She is little and sweet and will love you until you are so full of love that you will never be lonely again.

She wears a bright yellow shower cap to shower in and makes little grunts ever step she takes.
About every two minutes she will smother you with kisses on your cheeks, rub you face gently and repeat over and over again, "you sweet little darlin'! I love your sweet little darlin' punkin China-doll face sa-darn much! You are Heavenly Father's child."

So I reply, "I love your guts so much!"
- "You love my what?"
- "Your guts!"
- "Well, what does that mean!?"
- "It means that I love you so much that it goes clear to your guts!"
- "Well! Is there song for that?"
- "I don't have one yet..."

So there she sat buck naked with her hot pink lipstick and bright yellow shower cap as she sang her own, "Love your guts, love your guts!"

Gosh I love her. She is so sweet..and funny. Can't help but chuckle with her!

On my way home on wednesday for a much a needed break! Not only that but I get to work at my other old folks home in American Fork this break with Tom, Imogene, and all the rest of the crazy clan. I will have good stories I am sure! More soon.