Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Definitely Blog-Worthy

So the other night, me and my dear roommate Lindsey were still moving her in and we decided we were going to fit in my little twin bed (it's been done many times). Sleeping like babies, 4:00 Am rolls around and *crash!* *smash!* *slide!*....slides off my bricks and the bed frame breaks in half. No joke. I am glad we didn't die and it was close. This woke me up from a most fabulous sleep and I was sure ticked. Linds was ticked as well, but after we had our anger moment we sure had a good laugh. I can't tell you how funny it must have looked as we slid off that little bed that was much too high.

Also I am FINALLY home. So good to be with my fam, favorite decorated tree, scuddles, smells of cinnamon and orange, caramels, Mom laughing so hard her nostrils flare and her eyes water....and she can't get out what the heck she is laughing about...then I laugh so hard my nostrils flare and my eyes water and we look like a bunch of crazies who don't know what we are laughing about, Dad putting in his 2 cents about everything you say...every friend, and every friend's relationship, the comf couch, snow (which when I left St. George it was a blazin 60 degrees...not exactly Christmas weather), lights (St. George also lacks decent ones), stayin up with Gooster watching stupid Youtube vids and laughing while OUR Asian (not really) puff eyes and nostrils flare (Hannah's are much bigger than mine and she loves to show them off in every picture), homemade gifts, and lots of good times and loves.

Hope you have the Merriest Christmas of all.

P.S. I get to work with all the crazy old folks at my favorite nursing home in the whole world tomorrow on the Eve of Christmas. Can't wait to see Imogene and the Gang.


Ashley Gibson said...

oh man chels!!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU 2 CRAZIES BROKE YOUR BED! hahahhahahahaha. well i guess this just means that im the best to sleep with, if you know what i mean! I'm still laughing about this and probably will be for the next few days! love you, see ya soon! p.s. thanks for blogging! i missed you!