Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 was just fine....

Here is my year in a nutshell:

Started out recovering from my third...YES third knee surgery. Joyous.

Got my phlebotomist license:

Decided to try a pageant and got lucky enough to win and take home a sweet scholarship:

Learned how to do acrylic nails and was teased relentlessly because I look Asian.

Handed in my Ambassador tag for a tag of Vice President of Service on Student Government.

Had a summer of working as a CNA with old folks at Bel Aire and a Phlebotomist/Med Assistant at a women's clinic. And enjoyed plenty of boating, taking Tom Fishin, and being with the fam:

Started school with a bang and lots of awesome plans for Service Council. Also started my fabulous job with Home Care and Hospice as a CNA:

Got Swine Flu...bad:

Had a crazy homecoming week and decided to try another pageant (crazy right?). This time maybe not quite as lucky to take home the scholarship, but had a good experience all in all. Two was plenty enough for me.

Met President Holland with my homecoming date:

Got Swine Flu again (or it never went away) really bad. Landed a luxurious hospital stay for a week in my 5 star suite (haha ya right, that's what you pay for it) and was treated like a big fat germ.

Ash and Danster came for a visit with me in Orem...very fun:

Had the first annual "Cardboard Campout" to raise money for the homeless. Quite a success despite the freezing rain at four in the morning. Don't worry that it is the only time it has rained in St. George in the last 50 billion years.

Discovered my love of pranks:

Had the funniest/fun 21st birthday party complete with my own "fake club" and "fake first drink". What a blast:

Found my baby Lilly, and then had to give her to her owners....sad day.

Had a "vacation" with some of my besties to Pine Valley to sled:

And have been to enough bridal showers/weddings/missionary somethings to last me a lifetime.

Happy New Years everyone! Hope 2010 brings you all the best...


Ashley Gibson said...

oh how i love your blog! you really did have a great year! I am just so happy for you :)and I get to finally see you this weekend! I MISS MY SHELTZ

Lachele said...

Your date to homecoming was hott :) haha We don't have boys like that in Canada(cute at all) h haha