Friday, December 25, 2009

There is nothing better....

than watching your grandparents play the Wii.

That is what this afternoon consisted of after we ate our hearty Christmas meal. Trying to teach them how to play tennis, the difference between the "B" button and the "A" button, not to throw the controller through the screen, and get competitive was just the icing on a wonderful Christmas cake.

Papa Gould is really good at playing the Wii however, because at the old folks home where he lives they have competitions. Good way for them to work out and get those bones movin'. I believe that this one will probably be a tradish at the Gould house.

Another tradition that just gets me is when every year on Christmas Eve we ALWAYS sing karaoke. Don't ask me why....we just do. Who gets into it more than the dad? No one. Who is the best singer?? Not dad. Love him, but not dad. He loves to do Earth Wind and Fire in his highest vibrato voice....always a good time. Not only that but he will sing down there for an hour after we have all gone to bed enjoying the night down on the couch croonin' the night away.

Anyway, I loved Christmas and being home. It was so fun, and I have been dying to give my presents to my family! Loved it. Hope yours was quality also!

I should have more little girl stories starting tomorrow....I have some good ones left I think you may like.