Wednesday, December 30, 2009

pinkpineapplesugar is dead.

It is. My old account has now been deleted.
Where did you get that e-mail you ask?? Well....







Ok, so not duh. 7th grade me and Jules sat in her office (that I was so jealous of) with our feet up on the desk. IM (instant messenger) was way cool then and so we needed something edgy, something awesome, and different to have as our hotmail names.

- "Jules?"
- "Yah?"
- "Let's make up some new e-mail addresses."
- "Kay."
- "Well, you're wordy. And think of it."
- "Kay."
*clickyity clack clicker clack clack*
- "Hold on, let me finish talking to [fill in boy name here]."
*applies chapstick* *slurps ramen* *turns up the soundtrack to Pirates of Penzance*
- "Well, like, you're Hawaiian and stuff. And you like pink????"

Three hours later the most random e-mail addresses, and were born that fit our styles pretty well.

That email address stayed and raised hell everytime I had to say it out loud or write it down.

"Wait, what was it again?" I would be asked... followed by an "alright" and a chuckle since I was 20 and still using it.

But, that account has been through it all: flirty high school e-mails, missionary letters, blogger comments, gold's gym sign-ups, teacher emails, college applications....the works. And now it is done. Closed, forever.

There is a little twinge of sadness as I sign out. Guess it really means I'm all growed up. ...


Julie said...

Hahahahaha I love this so very dearly. We were little crazies. Thank you for writing this.

Christy Gibson said...

haha! Congrats! mine used to be AG1Princess! hahahhaha... middle school email addresses!

Ashley Gibson said...

woops! i was signed onto my moms account! you can follow her now! there's her link!

Alexis! said...

Aww, I loved it! I always love hearing people's younger web tags :)