Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Totally and completely, 100 percent miserable.

Well, my blog certainly has been low on the priority list over the last few weeks. It has been crazy with the pageant, homecoming week, and oh almost forgot that little thing called school! Anyway, here I lay now in the hospital with H1N1 AGAIN. Didn't I just have it? Weird. It came back with avenges however and I feel like I am going to croak.

The doctor has me on oxygen because I can't breathe and I am on some pretty serious anti-biotics. Because I had a wicked fever of 104.2 last night they also have me on fever reducing meds.

To sum it up I am stuck in the hospital for the next 3 days at least. Never assume that swine flu isn't that big of a deal like I did, or I promise you will end up like me. Here is a picture to sum up the joy I feel right now:

I'll keep you updated.


Angie Williams said...

Oh no! You and I were just talking about how the hype of swine flu was so dumb! I must be next! Get feeling better Chels! Sorry you're sick again :(

The Payne Family said...

Oh man... I am so sorry. If I were your nurse, I would treat you extra special :)

kayla & tyler said...

You poor thing!!! I am so sorry! I hope you get better really quickly!!

The Button's said...

I'm so sorry! That is no fun at all. I hope you get well soon :) hugs and loves!

Matthew said...

SO SORRY TO HEAR THIS!!! I'll keep ya in my thoughts. Get better soon!