Monday, October 19, 2009

Pageant Girl

K so, because it has been so crazy I never got to post funny stories about the pageant! So here is story number 1:

So basically I HATE swimsuit portion. So much. So much in fact that I seriously considered NOT walking out when I heard the words of death...."Next is contestant number 8, Chelsea Gould." Those words still haunt me. Anyway, at the rehearsal the night before, my swimsuit walk could not of been worse. I had wedgie of the nation and had to keep pulling it down in the back. Not to mention being compared to all these girls with SIX packs and legs like birds. Hi, I am anything but that size. I will say I lost 15 pounds for this dang pageant and was proud of it, I just still had 15 to 20 more to lose before I would have said that I was starting to even DIP into the waters of being comfortable with exposing myself like that.

Anyway, so after the horror of the night before me and mom knew that we needed adhesive, and we needed it quick. So naturally we found fabric adhesive at 2:00 in the morning the night before and we had to try it and make sure it worked. Well, we sprayed it on the cheeks and slapped that swimsuit down and it did wonders! We were both feeling great after figuring out how to duct tape the girls and getting a spray down tan in the shower. I hurried and slipped in the jamies, washed off the sticky spray, and put a little baby powder to make sure nothing was gonna stick.

I was out like a light finally and ready for the busy day of the competition the next day.

6:00AM rolls around and I turn to my side and in a panic realize that my jamies and undies are GLUED to my butt. Not like, hi that's a little sticky I am gonna have to take that off with some goo gone fabric is ADHERED to my BUTT. Well a good half hour later I finally got my pants off, which took plenty of skin with it. I wanted to kill myself, and now still wonder WHY IN THE JUDD I GOT MYSELF INTO THIS MESS?!!?

Oh it was a good experience. And I am very glad it is over. Here are some pictures:


Angie Williams said...

Chels, you looked beautiful! I love reading your blog because you are not afraid to say it how it is! I'm glad you are feeling better; despite the skin healing on your butt! Good luck with that, haha!

Michelle said...

wowzah! chels you are gorgeous! so beautiful!