Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home from the Hopsital (you have to say it how it's spelled)

Finally! I got home from the hopsital. In my own twisted little head, however, I thought as soon as I left that place I would somehow feel all better! I was so wrong. I still have my icky cough and my achy body still aches. My fever is finally down which was what the reasoning was behind letting me come home. Anyway, the mom came and took care of me and cleaned too! I will miss having her here and so will all my friends since they love being around her so much.

As for now I will just keep smoking my peace pipe and hope that my lungs will keep gettin' better! Thanks for all the prayers in my behalf...they sure worked!

Here is my peace pipe aka nebulizer. Wish you could see the smoke better cuz it sure does look funny, and makes my lungs feel lots better.