Thursday, October 15, 2009


Welp, last night was rough...I didn't fall asleep til 4:30 and as soon as I did fall asleep I got woken up to get jabbed for blood work and vitals. It was lovely. On a better note:

My lungs are starting to feel better after some really good breathing treatments and oxygen.
They said my chest X-ray looks better from the first one.
They have been able to keep my fever down.
The mom surprised me and came down! (Dat my nice!)
I have really nice friends who have come and visited me despite having to wear gloves, gowns, and masks.

The doctor came in and hopefully I will get out of here by saturday...we'll see!

Things I vow to try to not do as a nurse:

* Bang stuff into the bed constantly
* Put excessive and unneeded tape on EVERYTHING (meaning skin)
* Slam the door in the middle of the night
* Turn on the fluorescent brightest lights JUST to take a temp and blood pressure...the low lights will do, I promise.
* Walk the IV, tower faster than the patient so that it pulls on the IV
* Tell the person with Swine Flu that two 28 year olds died from it on the same floor in the last week
* Tell someone that it can't hurt "that bad".

Yes...these are all things that have happened...and you don't notice them until you are ACTUALLY a patient. Hopefully I can remember NOT to do them as a nurse.


The Payne Family said...

Oh Chels... again I'm so sorry. I love your list of things you won't do as a nurse. I am constantly telling myself the same things. And it only gets worse. Wait until you are doing clinicals... you will find a whole slew of things you tell yourself you won't do as a nurse that you see other nurses doing. I love your guts... get feeling better!

The Browns said...

Hey cheltz!
man girl you are amazing! So sorry to hear you are stuck in a hospital thats the worst! yOU officially have me freaked out now. I didnt think h1n1 was that big of a deal. Ahhh I think my kids have something!! Your list sounds great, will you be my nurse the next time I have a kid? anywho your pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope all goes well with the pagents and get feeling better. Love you tons-- coley

A Real Good Bet said...

One good thing about you being stuck in the hospital . . . at least you have more time to blog! haha.

Also, I don't know why I keep bringing you Gatorade . . . for some reason that is what I have in my head that sick people need. I just realized that I have brought you Gatorade every time I've come to visit!

Jewel said...

Chels! I'm so sorry you're sick! Love you, and get better soon!

The Button's said...

Chels! Glad to hear your chest is clearing up. HA! That could've sounded funny if you didn't know what we were talking about! You are such an amazing girl and I know you can conquer this stupid pig flu for the 2ND TIME! I love you tons, cuz and your in my prayers!

Kristin Louise said...

Girl, you're gonna make it. Remember that the Lord loves you and that through all this you're gaining some intense spiritual strength. I recently was reminded that there is opposition in all things. And that anything negative that happens, there HAS to be smothing positive that comes from it. So keep pushing forward! I love you!!