Monday, January 26, 2009

What. The. Judd.

Welp, Dixie officially has a mascot again. Unfortunately it is LA-ame. We are the Dixie "Red Storms"....but the mascot is a bull named "Ragin' Red". Lucky for us we had no say in our horribly designed logo. It honestly looks like a tornado and a bull mated, and this is what we got:

I miss the rebels. Although politically incorrect, I say if Utah gets to be "Utes", rebels can't be THAT bad. Or they could have changed it to just the bulls...or scorpions....or red devils....but no. We got the big ugly.

My dad loving called me after it was announced on the news and said "Hi my little dust storm!" Ouch. Just enough to kick me where it counts when the school I love has just been murdered.

The good news: we beat Notre Dame tonight.
Thursday, January 22, 2009

My good news minute.

Sooo...I realized that my blog can sometimes be mildly horrifying experiences and/or sarcastic slash negative. So tonight I am going to have, like in relief society, my good news minute...or minutes depending on how long it takes you to read this.

1. Tonight in phlebotomy it went wonderful. I got a "that was an excellent stick Chelsea" comment and I felt much better compared to my not so wonderful experience last time. It helps  when they don't jump.

2. I have lost 10 pounds! I still feel like I can't tell tons, but I know it is coming off. It also helps when you can ACTUALLY exercise and move your legs. I think I am going to start on a better program next week however that I think really is going to speed it up. Hopefully now I am down from "chunky- chunkerson" to just chunk. I REALLY need that chunk to be skinny by summer....I say a good 15 more pounds and I will be lookin like....really nice.

3. Love my roommates. Hard to leave my last ones, but I have so enjoyed living here! It has been great.
4. I got a 90% on my math test. WHEW. That always just makes life more wonderful when I ACTUALLY understand math. Please bless my wonderful professor for making me do the problems 8000 million times like a Hitler of math.
5. The nursing program is SEMI in reach. It is coming up so close to applying and I want it SO bad. Everyone pray I do super great in physiology and write a kick trash essay (with the help of my grandma) that I can memorize and write in the testing center. Oh and please bless I do good on my TEAS test. 

So life is going pretty smooth right now, and I would SO love to keep it that way. Getting an A on my phys test on saturday would really continue this pattern
Sunday, January 18, 2009

The brother.

This weekend has been so fun! My brother came down with one of my great friends Zac who was here to run a marathon. We had such a great time and have been doing everything from watching a whole lot of movies, going to dinner, and playing lots and lots. I will be sad to see them leave! More later.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today was our first day of sticking in phlebotomy...I wish I would have done better! I hit the vein, but the snitch that I was poking thought it would be hilarious to jump and startle me. So I poked him, and not on purpose. Then, since everyone was watcing and freaking out, when I REALLY poked him I accidently switched hands when I was picking up my tube because I was flustered...and we don't do that. You are never supposed to switch hands. time I will get it. At least I got a whole tube of blood!

Tick tock, tick tock.

I have had insomnia for a long time...but for some reason it has been so bad lately.
Each minute that passes on my alarm clock is one less minute of sleep I am getting when I have to get up at 6:30.
Falling asleep between 3-5 is not working for me, and good ol' ambien I hate taking, even though no one else minds because of the awesome things I say/do on it. I have tried:

Working out really early so I am tired at night
Brain sync guided sleep waves (you listen to it)
Natural sleep aids
Taking a hot bath before bed
Reading til I fall asleep
watching TV

hmmmm....any other ideas? It's not that I am not tired, I just can't fall asleep! So dumb.
Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ok, so I feel like I have not blogged in a while, so here are some updates:

1. School started and I feel a little crazy, but I am taking 19 credits. I think I will be fine, at least that is how it is feeling the first week, but it is a lot! I am excited about my classes and one good thing is that they all build on each other which helps. I just think though that physiology is gonna whip my bum cheeks. Other than that I am crossing my fingers that I will do just great.

2. I don't think I ever updated that I didn't have to have surgery for a 4th time! I was so relieved,  and grateful because I did not think that I could do another semester on crutches. As for now I just need to do lots and lots of strengthening of my quads. Because I haven't used them in SO long the doctor said they are pretty much nonexistent. With that comes lots and lots of working out and I love it!  Finally I can really GO to the gym again.And well, I have to admit with the Gym I have been also doing tons of WII fit. LOVE it....even if it does tell me I am over weight haha. 
Another confession with the Wii is that I love this game:
This is on Wii play (the shooting game), and I don't very competitive in too many things, but man, I get so mad if I lose in this game. Cami even beat me and I seriously was the most upset I have been in a while. And when I mean upset, I mean UPSET.

3. I moved down to my new apartment and I have loved it. However, I have NOT loved that I have these stupid things ALL over in my closet.Yup, Ants. SIck, creepy crawly, big masses of disgusting stupid ants. They were EVERYWHERE in my closet, and I am so confused as to what they want. It's not like I have food stashed in there or something, but I have been living on the couch again because I have so much judd everywhere away from my closet. Sick.

4. Last funny thing is that one night last week we were making cupcakes and all of the sudden our door swings open and someone threw this little guy in:

A real live duck! It was so funny. Too bad he was pooping and peeing everywhere. Dani and Quin drove him back to the pond, but I felt bad for the guy even if  I do hate birds.

Whew, that's everything. Nothing super exciting, but just some funny updates in the life of Cheltz.
Sunday, January 4, 2009

I love church, especially testimony meetings in a single's ward.

Today was so interesting in church and actually my whole week was. But just to paint the picture, a girl in sacrament meeting during her 20 minute testimony said thus phrase:

"Lazarus was, just that: a brother from another mother."

That was the point where church just got interesting and really hard to concentrate.

I have heard some really "different" things said in church, but this HAS to make top 5.

P.S. *A lot of other funny things happened this weekend and I will post about it later. So funny.