Thursday, January 22, 2009

My good news minute.

Sooo...I realized that my blog can sometimes be mildly horrifying experiences and/or sarcastic slash negative. So tonight I am going to have, like in relief society, my good news minute...or minutes depending on how long it takes you to read this.

1. Tonight in phlebotomy it went wonderful. I got a "that was an excellent stick Chelsea" comment and I felt much better compared to my not so wonderful experience last time. It helps  when they don't jump.

2. I have lost 10 pounds! I still feel like I can't tell tons, but I know it is coming off. It also helps when you can ACTUALLY exercise and move your legs. I think I am going to start on a better program next week however that I think really is going to speed it up. Hopefully now I am down from "chunky- chunkerson" to just chunk. I REALLY need that chunk to be skinny by summer....I say a good 15 more pounds and I will be lookin like....really nice.

3. Love my roommates. Hard to leave my last ones, but I have so enjoyed living here! It has been great.
4. I got a 90% on my math test. WHEW. That always just makes life more wonderful when I ACTUALLY understand math. Please bless my wonderful professor for making me do the problems 8000 million times like a Hitler of math.
5. The nursing program is SEMI in reach. It is coming up so close to applying and I want it SO bad. Everyone pray I do super great in physiology and write a kick trash essay (with the help of my grandma) that I can memorize and write in the testing center. Oh and please bless I do good on my TEAS test. 

So life is going pretty smooth right now, and I would SO love to keep it that way. Getting an A on my phys test on saturday would really continue this pattern


Natalie said...

You are so dang cute, my cuz. You are so fun to read. Love you!