Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ok, so I feel like I have not blogged in a while, so here are some updates:

1. School started and I feel a little crazy, but I am taking 19 credits. I think I will be fine, at least that is how it is feeling the first week, but it is a lot! I am excited about my classes and one good thing is that they all build on each other which helps. I just think though that physiology is gonna whip my bum cheeks. Other than that I am crossing my fingers that I will do just great.

2. I don't think I ever updated that I didn't have to have surgery for a 4th time! I was so relieved,  and grateful because I did not think that I could do another semester on crutches. As for now I just need to do lots and lots of strengthening of my quads. Because I haven't used them in SO long the doctor said they are pretty much nonexistent. With that comes lots and lots of working out and I love it!  Finally I can really GO to the gym again.And well, I have to admit with the Gym I have been also doing tons of WII fit. LOVE it....even if it does tell me I am over weight haha. 
Another confession with the Wii is that I love this game:
This is on Wii play (the shooting game), and I don't very competitive in too many things, but man, I get so mad if I lose in this game. Cami even beat me and I seriously was the most upset I have been in a while. And when I mean upset, I mean UPSET.

3. I moved down to my new apartment and I have loved it. However, I have NOT loved that I have these stupid things ALL over in my closet.Yup, Ants. SIck, creepy crawly, big masses of disgusting stupid ants. They were EVERYWHERE in my closet, and I am so confused as to what they want. It's not like I have food stashed in there or something, but I have been living on the couch again because I have so much judd everywhere away from my closet. Sick.

4. Last funny thing is that one night last week we were making cupcakes and all of the sudden our door swings open and someone threw this little guy in:

A real live duck! It was so funny. Too bad he was pooping and peeing everywhere. Dani and Quin drove him back to the pond, but I felt bad for the guy even if  I do hate birds.

Whew, that's everything. Nothing super exciting, but just some funny updates in the life of Cheltz.


The Payne's said...

Wow, a very eventful week Chels! I'm so glad you didn't have to have surgery again. That's always a nice relief. Sounds like school is going to be very busy for you this semester so good luck!!

Kizzy said...

Chelsea I'm so glad you don't have to have surgery again. You are so tough though and you really can handle anything (even your crazy school schedule). Good luck with everything. I love reading your blog. This is Kara if you didn't already know.

aly said...

to get them back... feed a duck night quil soaked bread, and then it will pass out and you can sneak in the apartment you are "getting back at" and hide the duck inside, and then it will wake up and they will all be freaked out-- pretty much it is a brilliant plan.

a little cruel to animals, but brilliant.

Cami said...

Yes, it is true-I did beat you in the shooting game...but I will be the first to admit I don't think it will ever happen again! I just love your guts! You are the best....but we all know who the ultimate champion is...haha