Sunday, January 18, 2009

The brother.

This weekend has been so fun! My brother came down with one of my great friends Zac who was here to run a marathon. We had such a great time and have been doing everything from watching a whole lot of movies, going to dinner, and playing lots and lots. I will be sad to see them leave! More later.


Michelle said...

OH DAT SO MY NICE!!! I'm so glad you could have some brother sister time together! You look beautiful Chelse and I'll bet all those college girls were catching an eye for your cute "16" year old brother! I love your new glasses Sheltz! Can't wait til we can have a girls weekend! I miss you and love you!!
Love Maudge!

Cami said...

So I just realized that after I was so proud of finally updating my blog, that we put up all of the same pictures! hahaha-sorry-I just want to be like you in every way!

Kristin Louise said...

Your hair is so long and beautiful!! And I can't believe how old Tyler is....crazy. Love you girl! Hope life is wonderful!