Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quality nanny moment of the Day...

Ok so today me and Nate were doing our numbers game, and all of the sudden he turns to me in and our conversation went a little like this:

Nate: "Hey, hey Telsea?"

Me: "Ya sweet heart?"

Nate: "Duess what? I love you clear to Probo! (Provo)"

Me: - Now feeling like my heart is all squishy- "Oh nate! You are so cute! I love you clear to the SKY!"

Nate: "Well, I love you clear to the HAIR PLANE!"

Me: "Holy Shmeegers! The 'HAIR PLANE'??! Whoa man. Well, I love you clear to....the MOON!"

Nate: "I love you clear to the GUEST HOUSE!" Which is like 20 feet away hahah

This went on for a good 10 minutes, everything from the trees, to the north pole and beyond. I love those days when he loves me clear to the "HAIR PLANE". It makes me feel so good about life...and that maybe one day I really do want kids. Some days I wonder... as I watch 5 all day every becomes semi like birth control some days...and others like I really want my own kids right now...but not really. Ha! That makes no sense.

Recent going-ons I have been a very bad blogger. It has been a crazy last week and a half. Here is what's up:

Over the weekend I went to Frightmares at Lagoon! It is kind of a tradish for me to go each year and I love it so much. I know, I know! It's not six flags, and you may call it "lame" but I seriously loooove it. And my cell phone fell of the top of Wicked and it still. Works. I know right?! We had sooo much fun! Here are some pictures:

Then I have just been nannying my bum off, and studying even more. I finally will get everything over with tomorrow I am so happy because I had a test or a paper every day this week...two more tomorrow and then I am done!

Sleeping lots...i sound like JUDD. I have been sick, and I lost my voice. It is a little comical.

That's about it! Nothing really too exciting but I thought I would at least post.
Sunday, October 19, 2008

Top Ten

Lake Powell was a kick in the pants fun! I seriously loved it and I got to get some really really great R and R...which was needed. And so ladies and gents...I give you my top ten favorite things about Lake Powell this year:

1. Fishing. I seriously LOVE it. Call me mountain woman if you must, it seriously was the most relaxing thing ever. I really think I have picked up a great and mom out-fished everyone too which was fab....Dad caught the biggest.

2. Playing the WII boxing and tennis and my arms getting sore. Does anyone else LOVE the WII? I admit it was my first time playing and I loved it....even if my brother makes fun of me the WHOLE time I play because he says I use my "hips" too much. The hula dancer in me I guess....

3. Not studying as much as I should. This felt really good...and I think I can study better now after a break

4. Watching Tyler wakeboard. He is so dang good...I don't understand. So this is always fun especially when the tricks get bigger and better and the falling gets harder and more entertaining.

5. Laughing with the fam. I promise my family has the WEIRDEST...and sometimes could the humor could be considered...well never mind. Regardless we laugh really hard.

6. The Dam Bar and Grill. Seriously the BEST place to eat ever. I promise I think it is my favorite. Ahh....I got the shrip scampi that was to die for.

7. Not staying on my diet. This was another thing I should have done but felt so good not to do. I will start again tomorrow (don't laugh Jules. Even though since 8th grade I would start diets by saying, "oh I will just start tomorrow.")

8. Having my hair look like crazy woman hair every day. I seriously looked like a psycho because my hair has officially gone SO curly. I think this is due to my hormones being so whacked. Regardless, I looked insane every where I went.

9. The rocks. It is SO beautiful as I am sure everyone knows, but when you are just driving with the wind (which was FREEZING might I add) in your hair and watching all the scenery it is breathtaking. My favorite is still Navajo Canyon. It is gar-geous.

10. Getting lost on my way back for a second year in a row in Zion's canyon and having to pay 25 dang bucks to drive through. I don't know why I always do this but the sign does say "TO ST. GEORGE" and so I turn to go west instead of going north. So confusing. It is right, it just takes fifty years longer, is scary, and I always get lost.
Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off to Powell...

Wahoo! Off to Powell with the fam for a MUCH needed break. Could be freezing...still so beautiful and so great to be with the fam. Updates when I get home.
Monday, October 13, 2008

Loud whisper-ers, paper eaters, stupid tests, surgery, the flu, etc.

This week was so dumb can I just tell you? Really, really dumb. Let me explain why things just bugged me. Things were annoying and it was the funny/annoying things that just really topped it off. Some things are funny, some are just stupid.

1. Loud Whisper-ers. At the fireside (which was so great), there were loud whisper-ers behind me. Don't those people just bug you?! The ones that seriously when they whisper it is louder than their actual speaking voice. I just wanted to turn around and say, "Hey you two! We know everything you're saying the singer!". Try writing a note, it is more effective and unfortunately for you, you have an EXTREMELY loud whisper-er voice and you are embarrassing yourself.

2. Paper eaters. Not even kidding there is a girl in one of my classes that EATS paper. I kid you not. Cam brought it up one day and I thought she maybe just had it wrong,...but NO. She does...she eats it. We are sitting there and I noticed her chewing after Cam said something and I watched her chew. It wasn't like a normal gum chewing was like...not sticky. Everything you imagine if a person were chewing paper (which she was). All during class today was the first time I really noticed and heard the "whishp!" of the paper ripping, her proceeding to crumple, and then stick it in her mouth...and eat it....and she did it all during class. WHAT THE JUDD? That is weird...not gonna lie.

3. Getting sick after getting the flu shot. Dear Linnea gave me my flu shot at the apartment (which was perfect. Thank you linnea!), and for some reason my immune system is really crappy and it made me feel flu-like all weekend. Isn't that why I got the shot?? So I wouldn't feel that way.

4. Getting a not "up to par" grade when you studied your bum cheeks off. Can I just say I studied all...judding....weekend. Let's just say I did not do as well on my tests as I wanted to. Ughhhhhhh....

5. Having the doctor tell you you probably need surgery for the third time at Christmas. This just really chaps my khakis. I am not a happy camper when I think of this possibility. Let's hope it doesn't happen.

6. Feeling like you know the head, neck, and arm muscles like a champ and having them throw in "what nerve intervates" kind of crap. Who does that?! I knew that stuff in my sleep...I tell you I did! Then they add in those bogus questions that I had no idea about...and now looking back knowing I probably could have figured it out.

...On a more positive note, I found out I can apply for the nursing program in March. Wahoo! I love life.
Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can we talk about this??

Ok let's talk about how GREAT this outfit is from Anthro. One of the many things I would kill for from there. Looks like this is not really gonna happen for a good long while/ever considering the adorable bag alone is $533. Yeah...I know.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Demme Nice" and a confessional

Ok so funny story....if you know me! You know I use weird words, such as "Demme nice". If you don't know what that means, ask me later and I will give you the very LONG, random story of my first dog Buddy, and my mom's weird creativity. If you do know! Get a freakin' kick out of this:
P.S. He said this without me telling him to. He just came up and said it. SO funny. Laughed my pants right off.

UGGHHHHH IT WON'T LOAD IT. Sorry no video. Just know it was funny.

Next is a horrible confession. Don't look down if you get grossed out (I warned you this time. Sorry about the first time.). I have studied so crapping much that all during conference and when I try and listen to people I either A) Can see right through them, see only their muscles moving, different parts working, or B) can picture them dead or as a cadaver. Not gonna lie some people would make REALLY great cadavers. Wouldn't that be a good line to say to someone?? "Hey you! Have you ever considered being a cadaver?! Because you really would be a quality cadaver." Promise I am not as morbid as it seems. This is all for medical purposes.

Does this look like a big fat mess to anyone else? I have a test on A LOT of judd tomorrow. Pray for a good grade for Cheltz. All prayers would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why do I feel the need to hold it?

Can I just tell you I held my pee from Nephi to St. George which is about 3 and half hours away, plus a REALLY bad traffic jam where they even made us exit and take a major detour. I really get annoyed when as soon as I hit I-15 my bladder seems to scream at me "hey Chels! You really need to empty me!". Ugghh. It drives me INSANE. So I really hate stopping especially when I am by myself at night which is most of the time. When I get home trust me it is a hundred meter dash up the stairs with the suitcase to the potty. My bladder really likes me when I relieve it.
Thursday, October 2, 2008

I adore...

This boy:

And I miss him horribly! But he is doing great on the mission and not too much longer left. Yahoo! Only about 9 more months. It's going so fast all of the sudden, but seems so far away at the same time. He is just my best friend in this whole world and I can hardly stand it any more. But no worries, HE is doing so great and working his little bum off. In his last letter he told me that he hopes by the end of his mission he will be so dead tired and completely worn out. That he only has 24 months to serve a mission and the lord has his whole heart right now. What a great guy.