Monday, October 13, 2008

Loud whisper-ers, paper eaters, stupid tests, surgery, the flu, etc.

This week was so dumb can I just tell you? Really, really dumb. Let me explain why things just bugged me. Things were annoying and it was the funny/annoying things that just really topped it off. Some things are funny, some are just stupid.

1. Loud Whisper-ers. At the fireside (which was so great), there were loud whisper-ers behind me. Don't those people just bug you?! The ones that seriously when they whisper it is louder than their actual speaking voice. I just wanted to turn around and say, "Hey you two! We know everything you're saying the singer!". Try writing a note, it is more effective and unfortunately for you, you have an EXTREMELY loud whisper-er voice and you are embarrassing yourself.

2. Paper eaters. Not even kidding there is a girl in one of my classes that EATS paper. I kid you not. Cam brought it up one day and I thought she maybe just had it wrong,...but NO. She does...she eats it. We are sitting there and I noticed her chewing after Cam said something and I watched her chew. It wasn't like a normal gum chewing was like...not sticky. Everything you imagine if a person were chewing paper (which she was). All during class today was the first time I really noticed and heard the "whishp!" of the paper ripping, her proceeding to crumple, and then stick it in her mouth...and eat it....and she did it all during class. WHAT THE JUDD? That is weird...not gonna lie.

3. Getting sick after getting the flu shot. Dear Linnea gave me my flu shot at the apartment (which was perfect. Thank you linnea!), and for some reason my immune system is really crappy and it made me feel flu-like all weekend. Isn't that why I got the shot?? So I wouldn't feel that way.

4. Getting a not "up to par" grade when you studied your bum cheeks off. Can I just say I studied all...judding....weekend. Let's just say I did not do as well on my tests as I wanted to. Ughhhhhhh....

5. Having the doctor tell you you probably need surgery for the third time at Christmas. This just really chaps my khakis. I am not a happy camper when I think of this possibility. Let's hope it doesn't happen.

6. Feeling like you know the head, neck, and arm muscles like a champ and having them throw in "what nerve intervates" kind of crap. Who does that?! I knew that stuff in my sleep...I tell you I did! Then they add in those bogus questions that I had no idea about...and now looking back knowing I probably could have figured it out.

...On a more positive note, I found out I can apply for the nursing program in March. Wahoo! I love life.


Anna said...

Hey chelsea, I am so so sorry that you had all this bad luck but just keep thinking of the good and it will be ok I promise ha ha your amazing at everything you do. I wanted to ask you thou were you get your layout's for the blog because I would love to change mine but any were I look it brings up error messeges and your's are really really cute so I just wanted to ask let me know my blog is if you can let me know ok thanks hun love ya

Michelle said...

Ok. Loud whisperer's are definitely hate that esp. when their breath smells like 3000 Russians ran through their mouth in their stocking feet or warm milk. YICK! I also hate nose whistlers and heavy breathers. I could however suggest the paper chewing over your very own LIP!!! I love you! You are doing great SHELTZ! Just enjoy it!! Come what may and love it! I also hate word verifications that you can't read or duplicate!!!!

Love mama