Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quality nanny moment of the Day...

Ok so today me and Nate were doing our numbers game, and all of the sudden he turns to me in and our conversation went a little like this:

Nate: "Hey, hey Telsea?"

Me: "Ya sweet heart?"

Nate: "Duess what? I love you clear to Probo! (Provo)"

Me: - Now feeling like my heart is all squishy- "Oh nate! You are so cute! I love you clear to the SKY!"

Nate: "Well, I love you clear to the HAIR PLANE!"

Me: "Holy Shmeegers! The 'HAIR PLANE'??! Whoa man. Well, I love you clear to....the MOON!"

Nate: "I love you clear to the GUEST HOUSE!" Which is like 20 feet away hahah

This went on for a good 10 minutes, everything from the trees, to the north pole and beyond. I love those days when he loves me clear to the "HAIR PLANE". It makes me feel so good about life...and that maybe one day I really do want kids. Some days I wonder... as I watch 5 all day every becomes semi like birth control some days...and others like I really want my own kids right now...but not really. Ha! That makes no sense.


obkebe said...

CUTE!!! I LOVE LITTLE KIDS! i just got called in my home ward to be the Senior Primary Chorister, so so fun! :) hope everything is going well.

Michelle said...

Chelsea i love you clear to the hair plane too

Meg said...

I think you should right a book!! I lub dat!