Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Demme Nice" and a confessional

Ok so funny story....if you know me! You know I use weird words, such as "Demme nice". If you don't know what that means, ask me later and I will give you the very LONG, random story of my first dog Buddy, and my mom's weird creativity. If you do know! Get a freakin' kick out of this:
P.S. He said this without me telling him to. He just came up and said it. SO funny. Laughed my pants right off.

UGGHHHHH IT WON'T LOAD IT. Sorry no video. Just know it was funny.

Next is a horrible confession. Don't look down if you get grossed out (I warned you this time. Sorry about the first time.). I have studied so crapping much that all during conference and when I try and listen to people I either A) Can see right through them, see only their muscles moving, different parts working, or B) can picture them dead or as a cadaver. Not gonna lie some people would make REALLY great cadavers. Wouldn't that be a good line to say to someone?? "Hey you! Have you ever considered being a cadaver?! Because you really would be a quality cadaver." Promise I am not as morbid as it seems. This is all for medical purposes.

Does this look like a big fat mess to anyone else? I have a test on A LOT of judd tomorrow. Pray for a good grade for Cheltz. All prayers would be EXTREMELY appreciated.


Michelle said...

You are gonna ACE your tests Chelsers I just know it!!!! You have worked sooo hard to study and you will remember the things you need to. You will be blessed and I will pray so hard on you. I love ya SHELTZ!!!!

The Payne's said...

Oh man, how freaking fun!! If you need any help, give me a call. Muscles are the best!