Thursday, May 1, 2014

A (Mended) Grateful Heart.

My little heart is just so happy tonight.

Looking back I just can't believe how far I have come and how life's most difficult moments have woven together into one big amazing miracle.

I can scarcely believe or have the words to describe how many promised miracles have come to fruition. All I know is that many forces guiding my life have created opportunities through (what seemed to be) impossible and devastating situations to be stronger and and still succeed.

I got my grades back today and looked at my graduation map online to see and have an idea of how close I am to graduation. It's such an overwhelming feeling to see that I have been able to do well in school and see the finish line of a huge goal I will accomplish despite these overwhelming health problems. I could have never done that on my own and I am so grateful to a loving Father in Heaven, amazing family and friends, and (somehow) a will power to not give up. It has taken me a while, but I am actually going to make it and I am just so happy and full of gratitude. 

I also went to Dr. Hwang recently and he gave me an enthusiastic bill of health! I think he was just as relieved as I was to see how far I have come, and pretty happy with himself because of the interesting case I was. I walked out with my head held high and happiness in my mended heart because of how well I feel. I haven't gone this long without having a single issue in I (literally) can't remember how long. I appreciate this body and every day I wake up feeling better more than I can describe. 

And finally, I can't believe how incredibly perfect this internship in Malawi has worked out. I am just....speechless really. Tears really can't be stopped because of the gratitude I feel. My passion and dreams of traveling to work in development kind of feels like when you watch those shows and people making it through on American Idol...haha. That's the only way I can describe getting this internship, the scholarship money to go, let alone working in Africa (where I love so much) and being healthy enough to do it. 

There are no words.

Those who have been through thick and thin with me and watched the process unfold have a sense of what a miracle it is to see where I am at today.

Life has a way of just really working itself out when you stick to your goals, stay faithful, and never give up. Doesn't mean it is easy and it usually takes way too long...but it really does work out.

The internet is supposed to work sometimes, and my internship requires emails and updates - so I'll post  what's going on for the next 3 months while I'm gone. You know if you read, it will always be interesting if I'm around...I always get in the funniest situations.

Also this is Macie, my research partner in Malawi.
I just can't tell you how blessed I am to go with her. 
She is so amazing and we work so well together!
Like I said, things just work out :).
10 DAYS!!!


Michelle Gould said...

Yahoo for my amazing girlie!!! Gonna miss you so much! I know angels will be there to protect you while you are gone! So proud of how well you gave done in school despite all the obstacles! Many would have given up long ago! I sure love you!!

Romance-Man said...
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Julie said...

Crying tears! I love you.