Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go ahead baby, one up me.

I am almost positive I have blogged about this before, but it is just necessary to blog about it again.

There is a certain someone in my life that is the definition of a one upper.

What's a one-upper? Look in the dictionary, this certain someone's face it there.

But seriously, a one upper is someone that no matter what you say....ANYTHING you say, they have done something more awesome, worse, more painful, more colorful, better, cooler, GREATer, more fabulous, harder, tougher, more scary, more daring....WHATEVER, they have done it.....or at least the pathological liar in them has. When one upping occurs, psychologically this is what is happening to you:

Yes that is right, they just stomped on your face.

i.e. Here are some conversations that have occurred in the last few weeks....and no I am not joking.

Person 1: Oh my gosh! My finger hurts so bad! I cut the dang thing with a 3 blade razor. 
Person 2: Oh that is NOTHING, you should have seen it I cut myself with a 4 blade razor.

Really? Yes, really.

Person 1: Oh man! The Utah quarter! I need this for my quarter collection!
Person 2: Oh, I already have all of those.

Do you? Do you REALLY? I bet George Washington signed all of them too.
Oh and I bet you got them at the bottom of the ocean.
From Johnny Depp
Cuz you guys are friends.
Ya, you have him on speed dial.
Oh ya you were totally in that movie  too huh?

Person 1: Gosh, I have a headache today...wish it would go away.
Person 2: Oh man I have one so much worse. I have had a migrane all week because I went to bed at    like 4 last night and I had to work all day yesterday. It is seriously SO bad, I took like 4 Excedrine and it is not even TOUCHING it.

Sweet. I am glad you are in pain?

Person 1 (who was joking): My ear is ringing just like in the days of my hearin' aid!
Person 2: Oh my gosh didn't I tell you guys I am deaf in one ear.

No you are not, that is one big lie.

Me (After knee surgery): WOW, I am sick of walking around campus on crutches.
Person 2: Oh I totally know. Mine still hurts. My surgery was so bad, like I was in surgery for hours and it was so much worse than they thought and I Had to be on crutches for 2 weeks.

Talking to the wrong person, you can come complain to me after you have had 3 surgeries on your knee.

Oh there are so many stories! I could go on for hours.

To sum up all of my feelings with humor infused, please enjoy the following clips:

Now that I have vented...I can finish my final paper. Almost done....breathe. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Alright the call came, and the opening party was so fun! Thanks to all my friendlies and family who have been so supportive! Sure love ya!

 SOOO! The call came......and I am going to
English Speaking 
(but my mission is bi-lingual and many people on the mission said you learn espanol)
I report JULY 21st!

I can't believe it I am so dang excited!
My mission goes from Nevada clear down to West Hollywood and it is the biggest mission in California!

Here are some pictures of the beautiful valley:

And if you wanna hear something great, my mom found this for me:

Pictures of opening night:

And I go through this beautiful place saturday:

Wondering what a temple or a mission is?
Visit HERE to find out about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's here!!

Yes, it is. That DANG mission call I have been waiting so anxiously to get.

Let you know where I am going after I open it tonight at nine!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time Out.

So I used to be a nanny. I loved that job SO much. And well, let me tell you....old people and kids, don't say too many things far off from each other. All are note-worthy.

This is little Natey-Naterson that I love dearly:

He is HILARIOUS, and we spent a lot of quality time together.

 One day Nate out of the blue smacked me. Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: *Gasps!* Oh Nate! We don't hit. Time out 5 minutes
Nate: Fine. (sits down on the floor with a thud)

Five minutes on the dot passes.

Me: Alright Nate, can you tell me why I put you in time out?
Nate: Because. I dus hit. And dass makes Jesus berry sad.

Good answer Nate. Good answer. 

And from then on that was his automatic answer. Every time he did something, it was definitely because it made Jesus sad. 

So funny!
More later.

P.S. Sorry my font has been all screwed up. I don't know what the deal is. Oh well. 

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, I definitely should be working on one of my four papers that are due, but for some reason I feel this guilt that doesn't really need to be there because I haven't blogged in so long. Who knows who even reads this! But I feel inclined to bare with me here:

1. My mission call is coming this week. That's right, it's coming. This week. I can't handle waiting any more! It has been a whole month since I turned those papers in. I'll let you know!

2. School is cramping me BIG time. I don't think I have ever not cared about school as much as I don't care about it right now. I am taking BS classes (litterally....Bull Shnikey and also Bachelor's classes...funny right? I am getting a kick out of it). Humanities, Public Speaking, Chem, and Co-Op. Probably my easiest semester by far, but probably doing not as good as I could because I don't really care too much. Bad idea. And I am ready to just leave on my mission...that makes me care that much less. This is what I have looked like for the past two weeks:

3. I am exhausted. Worn out. Kaput. Mainly of work and school and student gov. 
Every day I wake up at 6:30 to see a patient at 7 and I think...why? 
Why is it that I get up this early every day and don't get
home until so late the night before. I am tired. 
Somehow I end up loving it by the end of the day because 
I adore those people so much.

4. 51 days til we leave for our humanitarian trip to Thailand! 

5. D week was last week and it was phenomenal. I seriously love, 
LOVE Dixie State....I am so sad to leave. Today we had our last 
executive council meeting for student government and I was so sad. 
This really has been THE year. 
We worked our butts off to change so much 
and we were called the Dream Team. 
I feel like we really did live 
up to that. I feel so proud of us!

D week is a long standing tradition at Dixie and 
this year it was huge! 

Let me recap:
Monday: Our big kick off with pancakes on the diagonal. Yum!

Tuesday: An awesome Root Down out-door concert. And of course paint D' Road. Love it.

Wednesday: D Queen Pageant! I was actually the D Queen last year and I couldn't be more excited to 
crown one of my best friends in this whole world! She did so great 
and she looked so beautiful! 
You would have thought I won, and I really do think I was more 
excited when she won.
My mom and sister came down too and it was so fun!

Thursday: We officially broke the Guiness Book of World Record for the world's longest massage train!
Seriously so fun, and so funny.
Friday: The carnival and the Great Race! I LOVE the Great Race.

And finally, Saturday: The lighting of the D, White-washing the D, and the D week dance.

It was great!
More later. 
Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm sorry.

I have been WAY incognito. Living in my own little world if you will! I have just been working so, so much, getting ready for this mission, finishing up school, and making a whole lot of life altering decisions. It's been a little frustrating and a lot overwhelming. Oh well, that's life!

So I am sorry, the blog once again took a definite back burner in my life!

Have you heard Colbie Caillat's new CD? I LOVE it, very much. Check it out here: here.

Some sound a little alike but I still enjoy it.

I am sad to say I didn't do one single April Fool's Joke! I know right? I love pranks! But my favorite lady at Dixie in the Career Center did a pretty funny one....

She left a big sign outside the career center that said, "Come in for a free Brownie!".

Well, when you went in, there was a platter with a whole bunch of cut out brown "E's" on a platter.

Pretty funny if I do say so myself....she got SO many people.

More later!