Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, I definitely should be working on one of my four papers that are due, but for some reason I feel this guilt that doesn't really need to be there because I haven't blogged in so long. Who knows who even reads this! But I feel inclined to bare with me here:

1. My mission call is coming this week. That's right, it's coming. This week. I can't handle waiting any more! It has been a whole month since I turned those papers in. I'll let you know!

2. School is cramping me BIG time. I don't think I have ever not cared about school as much as I don't care about it right now. I am taking BS classes (litterally....Bull Shnikey and also Bachelor's classes...funny right? I am getting a kick out of it). Humanities, Public Speaking, Chem, and Co-Op. Probably my easiest semester by far, but probably doing not as good as I could because I don't really care too much. Bad idea. And I am ready to just leave on my mission...that makes me care that much less. This is what I have looked like for the past two weeks:

3. I am exhausted. Worn out. Kaput. Mainly of work and school and student gov. 
Every day I wake up at 6:30 to see a patient at 7 and I think...why? 
Why is it that I get up this early every day and don't get
home until so late the night before. I am tired. 
Somehow I end up loving it by the end of the day because 
I adore those people so much.

4. 51 days til we leave for our humanitarian trip to Thailand! 

5. D week was last week and it was phenomenal. I seriously love, 
LOVE Dixie State....I am so sad to leave. Today we had our last 
executive council meeting for student government and I was so sad. 
This really has been THE year. 
We worked our butts off to change so much 
and we were called the Dream Team. 
I feel like we really did live 
up to that. I feel so proud of us!

D week is a long standing tradition at Dixie and 
this year it was huge! 

Let me recap:
Monday: Our big kick off with pancakes on the diagonal. Yum!

Tuesday: An awesome Root Down out-door concert. And of course paint D' Road. Love it.

Wednesday: D Queen Pageant! I was actually the D Queen last year and I couldn't be more excited to 
crown one of my best friends in this whole world! She did so great 
and she looked so beautiful! 
You would have thought I won, and I really do think I was more 
excited when she won.
My mom and sister came down too and it was so fun!

Thursday: We officially broke the Guiness Book of World Record for the world's longest massage train!
Seriously so fun, and so funny.
Friday: The carnival and the Great Race! I LOVE the Great Race.

And finally, Saturday: The lighting of the D, White-washing the D, and the D week dance.

It was great!
More later.