Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Go ahead baby, one up me.

I am almost positive I have blogged about this before, but it is just necessary to blog about it again.

There is a certain someone in my life that is the definition of a one upper.

What's a one-upper? Look in the dictionary, this certain someone's face it there.

But seriously, a one upper is someone that no matter what you say....ANYTHING you say, they have done something more awesome, worse, more painful, more colorful, better, cooler, GREATer, more fabulous, harder, tougher, more scary, more daring....WHATEVER, they have done it.....or at least the pathological liar in them has. When one upping occurs, psychologically this is what is happening to you:

Yes that is right, they just stomped on your face.

i.e. Here are some conversations that have occurred in the last few weeks....and no I am not joking.

Person 1: Oh my gosh! My finger hurts so bad! I cut the dang thing with a 3 blade razor. 
Person 2: Oh that is NOTHING, you should have seen it I cut myself with a 4 blade razor.

Really? Yes, really.

Person 1: Oh man! The Utah quarter! I need this for my quarter collection!
Person 2: Oh, I already have all of those.

Do you? Do you REALLY? I bet George Washington signed all of them too.
Oh and I bet you got them at the bottom of the ocean.
From Johnny Depp
Cuz you guys are friends.
Ya, you have him on speed dial.
Oh ya you were totally in that movie  too huh?

Person 1: Gosh, I have a headache today...wish it would go away.
Person 2: Oh man I have one so much worse. I have had a migrane all week because I went to bed at    like 4 last night and I had to work all day yesterday. It is seriously SO bad, I took like 4 Excedrine and it is not even TOUCHING it.

Sweet. I am glad you are in pain?

Person 1 (who was joking): My ear is ringing just like in the days of my hearin' aid!
Person 2: Oh my gosh didn't I tell you guys I am deaf in one ear.

No you are not, that is one big lie.

Me (After knee surgery): WOW, I am sick of walking around campus on crutches.
Person 2: Oh I totally know. Mine still hurts. My surgery was so bad, like I was in surgery for hours and it was so much worse than they thought and I Had to be on crutches for 2 weeks.

Talking to the wrong person, you can come complain to me after you have had 3 surgeries on your knee.

Oh there are so many stories! I could go on for hours.

To sum up all of my feelings with humor infused, please enjoy the following clips:

Now that I have vented...I can finish my final paper. Almost done....breathe. 


Laura said...

Ugh. I very much dislike people like that. I can be like that sometimes, but its not an attempt to one-up someone, its an attempt to empathize and show I know what they're going through.

But it makes me wonder if others see me as a one-upper.

Thanks. I need to watch myself now to make sure I don't end up being like this. :)

Kathryn Sabria said...
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Kathryn Sabria said...

Ok, I just came across your blog. I know exactly how you feel! It's the worst thing. Loved the links, and this post!