Monday, July 23, 2012

What the future looks like for the ticker.

Well, we got my test results back and talked with the doctor today.

It is looking like open heart surgery is in the future. In fact, I am meeting with the cardio-thoracic surgeon on wednesday where we will discuss all of the options and hopefully get this thing taken care of quickly. If I had my rathers it would be the end of this week or beginning of next.

I am a little nervous because last time was no where NEAR open heart surgery. I mean, I have the smallest of scars on my leg. The biggest issue with this is the recovery time and that big giant is not going to be fun. 1-2 days in ICU, a week in the hospital, and 4-6 weeks before I can lift anything over 5 lbs or drive. Overall, about a 2 month recovery.

What a mess.

However, I m definitely not scared of dying or having major complications. They do these all the time and have been doing them successfully for 50 years. So, not worried about that. I just am mostly worried about how un-fun my recovery is going to be. I also feel so good about doing this over the other procedures because I think it will be much better and more effective in the long run. Less of a stroke risk and open heart would be 100% guaranteed to close that darn hole.

It looks like for now I am going to be having to take an incomplete in school for the time being, but that is ok considering I only have about a week and a half left and so I will just have 2 finals to make up. And have year to do it.

However, I signed a contract for housing and would really like to go to school in the fall. I am thinking this will be a possibly because I will have my brain back at least...I will just be really sore. And maybe have to have someone carry my books (a cute brown man? :) ha! jk, but seriously.) And maybe be driven to school....

But hey, I am getting ahead of myself and will find out more on wednesday. Looks like another trip to St. Mark's! I really should have a frequent buyer punch card. Definitely.

Well, I will be giving updates soon. Sorry I am rambling and getting all of my thoughts and feelings out. Thanks again for so many caring enough to call or text or write me kind notes. It means so incredibly much.

More later!


Kevin and Mindy Sagers said...

Good luck girly! You're in my prayers.

Carey Hooton said...

Oh Chels, I just saw you are going in for surgery today. Does it help to say for the thousandth time how amazing you are :)? I seriously just love you and all of your happiness even when life is hard. I will be praying for you, for the surgery and for your recovery. I am sorry. I will be in Utah soon and come and see you often! Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. Love you so much!