Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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Well, I am not feeling super creative tonight (hence the lack of a title) due to one massive migraine I have been sporting all day.

I seriously hate those things! I honestly cannot believe I lived with these pretty much every day for 6 months...actually, it blows my mind. Because when I do get one, it just lays me out. Now I know why I spent those months doing a lot of TV watching and laying very still. However, I am SO grateful for how good I am doing and will happily take one a month over one every day.

So just a quick post of what has been going on this past week....

With permission from her family, me and my friend Brooke took this darling lady to the Lehi Round-up Rodeo! She was so sweet and I just had a blast watching her enjoy it so much and spending time with her. She is always talking about the cows and the chickens and the pigs she has to feed, and it was no different at the rodeo. First, we took her to dinner ane asked her, "if you could eat anything in the whole world what would you have?" She replied, "Ohhhhh...just commonary food!" I don't even know if that is a word or what exactly she meant by it...but eventually we got out that she just wanted a big cheeseburger. That is what she got and she sure was happy about it! We only had a few mis-haps...the people selling me back row tickets, having trouble parking the giant bus, and people being super inconsiderate while we pushed a wheel chair through gravel. Ha! Other than that we had such a blast and I am so happy we were able to do it :).

We got some other exciting news today! This girl:

is going to be the assistant activities director at my job! How fun to get to work with my very own sister every day. She is so good with the elderly and I know she will do an incredible job.

Speaking of my sis, her and her friend found this crazy bird that had fallen from a tree, broken out of its shell, and hatched from its egg prematurely on the sidewalk. So naturally, she brought it home to raise it and nurse back to health. It is definitely not very cute yet, but it has grown on me and has become our challenge to make sure we get this thing to live and set it free.

We called the wildlife people and have researched on the internet on how to help it live and everyone said it would never make it past a day. Well, guess what? Not at the Gould house! We are at day 5 and he is getting so strong, his little feathers are growing in, and can now lift his head. Pretty cool to watch.

Here is day alien like.

Here is a picture of day 5.
I don't know if you can tell, but he has grown a ton.
Look at those crazy little feathers!
Poor thing, still isn't very cute.

And this is a picture of good ol' mom who set up our "neonatal unit". 
It is made of a heating pad, lamp, and tissues to lay in.
We have to feed him mashed soggy dog food about every 20 mins with tweezers (nasty right?) and in order to get him to open his beak to feed you actually have to whistle....really, you do. 
It is just the craziest experience.

And one other little funny story...

This is Evelyn:

She is from Uganda and is here going to BYU.

I seriouslyLOVE her. She is just experiencing so much of America, trying new things, and loving it! One of the things she wanted to try while here was sushi. So, we went with a group to an all you can eat and figured she could try all kinds of rolls without spending too much. Well....she loved it. However, for the first time I don't know if I loved it. I was with a bunch of sushi lovers who got a little overly excited about the all you can eat and ordered about 16 rolls for FIVE of us. They just didn't understand that you actually get charged for what you don't eat. If you go, please remember that because I have never been so sick and was in a sushi coma afterwards. Never again....never, ever again!

Finally, here are a couple of things I got a kick out of this week:

This was sitting in front of me at the Real Salt Lake game. No joke...and not photo shopped. 
Bless her heart.
 Yes you read right, it was a she. 

Hahaha...hope at least one of these made your day.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July. Ignite responsibly. Please, no more fires!


Bark said...

That butt is impossible. Whoa.

quin & dani said...

Chels!! I'm so glad you're blogging again. I love reading about your awesome happenings. That bird breaks my heart! I hope it lives and grows up to be a healthy little bird. If it happens to not make it, warn me first before I read about it because I don't want to know! Anyways, love your face. I miss you tons! It's been way too long. If you ever make it back down to st. george let me know!!

Oh and PS. if you know of any awesome international volunteer opportunities for nurses, hit me up. I want to start looking into doing something like that!!